Things to do in the time detect cancer

When newly diagnosed cancer patients should ask the doctor and see for yourself how much time to take decision of choosing the treatment regimen and begins treating cancer.

1. Do when know I have cancer?

1.1. Talk to your doctor about the disease

In the majority of cases, patients with cancer need a little more time to search, consult and even discuss the treatment regimen of yourself to get the best decision.

Many people believe that talking with the doctor are often very difficult, due to the topic of cancer always contain much language expertise complex. Both patients and doctors are experiencing difficulty in the exchange of information illness, from which makes the process of communication becomes ineffective.

Dr. Ann O’mara – head of Research palliative care under the department of Cancer prevention of the National Cancer Institute of the United States (National Cancer Institute – NCI) said:

“The exchange in an open manner is always important key in the relationship between doctor and patient, just to help patients get more information useful help for doctors better understand the emotions the patients of his”.

1.2. Understand the symptoms of her illness

Cancer patients should record the symptoms of his into a book. Let’s lay out the questions and answers to test your knowledge about cancer are suffering:

  • The exact name of the cancer that you have is what? – Example: stomach cancer
  • Your cancer is in what stage? – For example, stage 3A.
  • We already know what about this disease to make treatment decisions how? – For example as the standard biological (biomarker) or

1.3. Know the risks of the therapy

Cancer patients need to find out the answer to the following questions:

  • Therapy has these side effects and how these effects this can prevent or control, how?
  • This therapy will be conducted how?
  • Duration of treatment how long?

1.4. Consult from the other experts

Every patient with cancer have the right to question and review, consult from the other experts. Doctor treatment also desired the patient to do so. Often, people often asked opinion from a doctor in the treatment centre or who have professional medical to search for multiple methods of care as well as more new information about cancer that they are suffering.

1.5. Go to the doctor with your friends or relatives

Relatives or friends can help cancer patients listen, to record the important things, ask the necessary questions and also help get more motivation to continue treatment. If there are people around the same, mentally also more comfortable when have to suffer alone.

Talk to friends and family about problems you encounter, they will help and support you overcome the difficult phase mentally. First need to talk with the best friend or family ago. Then, create a list of people that can be trusted to share.

1.6. Prepared financial to treat the disease long-term

Patients should refer to the staff advisory, financial or social to know about the bills, doctor visits, hospital fees, surgery cost, cost of cancer treatment and the drugs as well as care services, other support. Should consider the treatment site to achieve the highest efficiency with the cancer I have and fit the economic conditions of the family, as well as issues related to health insurance.

When the diagnosis is cancer, the patient will not fall into a state of depression if carried out the above tips. We all inevitably get sick at a certain time in life. So, the need to maintain a positive attitude combined with serious treatment to be able to recover quickly okay.

2. What to know relatives with cancer

2.1. Respect for patients

In the process of treatment, cancer can make the patient become emaciated, pale, hair, eyebrow hair loss… However, the family should not have proved too worry because now there are methods to help patients with cancer still fresh health by wearing a wig, lipstick, eyebrow pencil…

In addition, the family should not be changing diapers or their bed linens while there are many who come to visit. Although patients with cancer are experiencing the last days in a coma, but when want to talk about the disease state of patients suffering from cancer, the family should go out of the room, avoid standing at the bedside discussion, especially with the reproach, because did not pay attention to health of self.

2.2. Allow yourself to grieve

When the patient suffering from cancer to leave, accepting the absence as well as overcome the pain can be very difficult and never ending. Let yourself be expressing emotions, don’t try to endure because it will make yourself more tired. Each person has a way to heal his wounds in different ways. Time will help your family erase this pain, but need to slowly and gentle with yourself because in no way can help you overcome the pain quickly.

2.3. Don’t create false hope

Family not for patients with cancer know the results the diagnosis of cancer because of not wanting to grieving relatives, think despair… family lied and denied to relatives know the condition its true.

However, patients with cancer can will guess be sick when notice the unusual symptoms such as bleeding, pain, soreness… When you know the truth, patients with cancer will become more frustrated and taken the decision not to correct, for example, away from home, suicide… Instead of so, family, let’s cancer patients facing the illness and learn to accept the truth.

3. Address clinic psychological health for cancer patients

Clinic psychology – hospital international Vinmec officially went into operation from January 4/2019, with functions of examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and psychological health. With modern equipment, clinic, health Psychology Vinmec is collaborating with professors, experienced professionals:

  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 7 years experience working with the position is lecturer, department of psychiatry – Hanoi Medical University, psychiatrist at hospital Hanoi Medical University & hospital Geriatric Central, at the same time is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
  • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 5 years of experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental faculties, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: 6 years as lecturer, Department of psychiatry – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central, along with experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental illness as: emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

Along with the combined deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service of diagnosis and treatment, aiming to bring efficient patient care best.

Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.


This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

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