The level of burns

Phenomenon the surface of the skin hurt when exposed to hot temperature too cold, unusual as burns. At each different level of the disease to have the dangerous and unpredictable that not everyone understand.

1. The level of burns

Based on the lesions of the skin there will be 3 main levels of burns is:

  • Level 1: skin redness, no peeling skin
  • Level 2: the surface of the skin appear blisters, skin blistering
  • 3rd level: area blistered ass, turning white.

Often burns will just fall into level 3 on, however, a number of special cases, extreme danger will appear the entire symptoms degree burn 3 and also spread outside the surface of the skin into bone and tendon.

Specific at each level of burns:

Levels things 1

The light burns the most equivalent with the lesion at least, the burns are called by other names ultra burn, burning life, because this case burns only affect the epidermis the skin outermost.

Signs for level of burns first includes: the skin contact heat red swelling, mild pain, burning, swelling up, when healthy burns the skin it will dry and peeling skin. Degree burns 1 will usually heal quickly in just about 7-10 days, rarely leaving sequelae scarring.

If extensive burns in the skin areas such as knees, spine, elbows, arms or shoulders… you should still see your doctor avoid the risks not worth having after this.

At the level burns 1, patients can still be at home, self treatment, self-care by the simple method.

The 2nd level

Burns 2 degrees will be more serious than level 1, the skin lesions were no longer just layers of skin epidermis top. Upon this, the surface of the skin has become blistered, red, burning, soreness. Blisters will have the opportunity to grow on the surface of the skin. Gradually tissue the skin becomes thick, soft, look like scales, they’re called secretion of fibrinous. Burns on the skin is vulnerable, fragile, and should be clean, should be tape gauze properly protected, to avoid infections, at the same time the wound will also heal.

The appearance of acne, water many up, as shows the burns are worsening and long healed over. The case is particularly severe will be indicated doctor skin grafting.

Burns at 2 degrees usually take about 3 weeks to heal.

3rd level

3rd level is where to meet very severe burns and cause damage. Burns to this level is usually deep burns affect not only the surface or outer skin layer, that damage has already spread to the patients no longer feel pain. Burns this severe, there is risk of affecting the nerves.

The area of burn is important. Burns as wide, then the mortality rate as high. Burns above 15% in adults, 8% children considered as serious.

Burns level 3, the disease can be observed: ring exposed skin temperature becomes wax and turn white, have the skin area had been scorched dark brown. This case generally does not appear in the acne water and special need corrective surgery. Because of burn, 3rd degree burn is not treated and recovery end points will leave sequelae or cramping severe. However, in the area of severe burns or mild new conclusion is the recovery time.

With burns level 3 patients should not try to treat at home which need medical facility or doctor to properly treat, avoid any complications, sequelae can occur particularly at risk of causing fatalities when severe burns.

2. How to reduce the pain, burning sensation when burned

Burns at level 1

  • Hygiene wounds and soak lightly in pot of cool water, small should soak at least 5 minutes. Should only use cool water, not ice, stone or water stone, direct contact with ice can cause the wound to become worse.
  • Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed to reduce pain. Medication topical anesthetic cocaine, apply to burns a layer of lotion has a protective effect as combined gel or a combination of aloe cream to the skin lesions are mild.
  • Use ointments containing antibiotics applied directly to the burns and gauze liquid to protect the entire around.
  • Use ice compresses gently wrap loose around the burns. Can use more pain medication to feel better.

Burns at level 2

  • Hygiene wounds and soak lightly in pot of cool water, small should soak for at least 15 minutes. Can apply wet cloth dipped cold water on small burns 2-3 minutes per day.
  • Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed to reduce pain.
  • Use ointments containing antibiotics applied directly to burns and acne spots water.
  • Use tape dry gauze bandage burn wounds, change the bandage once a day. Note wash your hands before washing burns.
  • Check the burn daily see there appear signs such as swelling, pain, red more than not. Not peeling the skin from burns to avoid infection, no more scratching.
  • Use sunscreen before going outside because burns are very sensitive to the sun within 1 year.
  • Should to medical facility when burns are serious repercussions to other parts of the body.

Burns at level 3

  • Remove cloth, costume… adhesive in the area of burns, do not use embed burns into water or any medication applied to burns.
  • Lifting the device burns up higher than the heart, can ice ice cool, moist, clean.
  • Can skip step two and quickly bring the victim to hospital immediately.

Note: When electrical burns, chemical burns it is necessary to hospital as quickly as possible because can cause serious injury to the parts in the body.

3. To avoid burns at all levels

To be able to avoid the maximum risk of burns per people should be careful while working, at the same time stay away from places where there is risk of accidents and burns. Special home with small children – objects that easily burns most as need note more, as is often the case, occur burns often appear at home in common daily.

  • Young children need to get away from area, kitchen which contains gas, a thermos of water… the furniture easy to cause burns possible.
  • Always keep the extinguisher goods at the place near the stove
  • Recurring monthly check to ensure smoke detectors in the house is stable and works well
  • Bathe the baby should discharge cool down before and avoid for the exposed water before the water the right temperature
  • To the flammable and dangerous such as matches or lighters… keep out of the reach small children, in a safe place
  • Use the power outlet lid or have the foil insulation on the inside.
  • Should not be to long cord, protruded or loằng thing in the house, so check the wire top will always not open power.
  • Use gloves when exposed to chemical cleaners
  • Should use sunscreen, coat sunscreen when outside in summer, avoid the burning skin of hands, face…
  • For smokers, to ensure cigarette butts along the top filter when thrown away had extinguished the fire completely after smoking.

Adults in the family should also have basic knowledge about the prevention of burnsor first aid to meet any level of burn how at the same time should also have a plan ready to respond when that occurs the risk of burns in addition to.



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