Stroke – dangerous complications of vascular malformations brain

Those who suffer from frequent headaches, signs of dizziness, need to go check because there may be vascular malformations of the brain – disease causing stroke very fast.

1. Disease, vascular malformations, brain

Malformations of cerebral vessels is a congenital disease, develop from the fourth week to the eighth week of pregnancy, causing the arteries more direct connection with vein through the capillary network intermediary, so the majority of vascular malformations brain can survive in the brain that less what are the symptoms.

2. Dangerous complications of vascular malformations brain

Malformations of cerebral vessels developed over time, exist without symptoms for many years and is discovered primarily in the age of 45 back down in 3 situations: bleeding brain (50-60%); headache, epilepsy (40-45%) or incidentally discovered (5-10%). Some patients are detected quite late (60-70 years old).

Estimate the proportion of people suffering from malformations of cerebral vessels is 18 in 100,000 people.

Complications vascular malformations of brain includes:

  • When not broken: Patients with manifest chronic headache, medical therapy do not help, are these seizures type epilepsy. The case size lesions deformity may cause pressure on the brain and cerebral ischemia, cause polio and hand, foot, and… However, the disease may have no symptoms, only to be discovered accidentally when tomography, magnetic resonance or angiography of the brain.
  • When broken: This is complications the most severe of the disease, it will cause stroke, brain bleeding brain, often bleeding in the brain tissue, can bleed intraventricular or a combination of, very rarely subarachnoid bleeding. Symptoms of sudden, acute with the degree of severity varies with the manifestations such as severe headache, vomiting, nausea, increased blood pressure, consciousness may be normal, or lethargy, even coma, palsy hemiparesis, difficult to speak or not to speak is…

About 2/3 of cases of this disease will suffer a stroke before the age of 40. Each year, approximately 4 out of 100 people who have vascular malformations brain will hemorrhage. When hemorrhage risk 15-20% risk of death or stroke, 30% have mental illness, 10% mortality.

3. What to do when the patient suffered a stroke and discovered broken blood vessel malformations, brain?

Each type of stroke the brain is diagnosed and treated in a different way. Patients whose expression is brain stroke should be taken immediately to hospitals on the nearest to be examined, handled the emergency, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular and CT brain emergency.

If there is bleeding in the brain, the doctor will determine the type of bleeding the brain and predict causes in order to handle properly and timely. If the bleeding parenchyma of the brain due to rupture of small vessels on patients with hypertension, stucco, fiber arteries it would not have to take blood vessels the brain.

Conversely, if the thought of bleeding due to diseases of the blood vessels of the brain, then the need to move patients on as soon as possible to take brain vessels (DSA) and interventional emergency treatment.

4. Treatments for vascular malformations, brain

The doctor will give the best treatment for you and this will be determined by the size of the malformation and position of it. There are 3 methods of treatment include:

Obstruction intravascular (Endovascular embolization)

In this technique, the doctor will insert a long thin tube into the leg artery and threaded through the blood vessels to the brain under the instruction of radiology images. The catheter is placed in one of the arteries nourishing to the blood vessels deformed and injection fluid embolism, such as small particles, substances like glue, microcoils or other materials, to block arteries and reduce blood flow in vascular malformations. Obstruction intravascular less invasive than traditional surgery. It can be done alone, but usually used before other treatments another surgery to make the procedure safer by reducing the size of the vascular malformations, or reduce the likelihood of bleeding.

The casual form larger and complex structures is usually combination therapy methods. With these cases, doctors often button circuit in advance to reduce the size deformity, then surgery open surgery or radiation.

Depending on the condition and vulnerability of each patient, method and treatment plan will be chosen the most appropriate way.

Radiation treatment

This way is also known as surgery, radiation or radiosurgery. An X-ray beam, a narrow focus on defects stars for high-dose targeting in arteriovenous malformation of the brain and the rest of the brain is much lower doses. This radiation makes malformation of brain vessels, brain, and closed at intervals of 2-3 years in 80% of patients. The risk of complications of this procedure low. Until vascular malformations brain is completely closed, then the risk of bleeding still.


This is the oldest method to treatment of vascular malformations of the brain. Defects is cut off in the surgery room by anesthesia. Opening the skull, clamping and cutting the blood vessels malformations. Often applied when the malformation rupture caused intracranial hematoma, or mass deformed to cause signs of neurological. The risks of surgery is usually high with respect to malformations of cerebral vessels located in the deep in the brain have important functions.

Besides, there is another option is to do nothing and just monitor the disease. Your doctor may recommend follow-up if they feel the treatment is not safe or detect the disease when you are older.

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