Metastatic cancer means what?

Some people aware that it is difficult to cure metastatic cancer, and they considered the goal of treatment of their disease is to relieve pain, improve quality of life, cope with the side effects from the cancer or from the treatment and prolong life as long as possible.

1. Metastatic cancer is what?

Metastasis is a term often used in medicine to talk about the movement of cancer cells to other parts, other areas in the body. In general, the metastatic cancer has characteristics and properties nearly identical with cancer of the highlands development (the cancer has not metastasized, still located in the original position); however, the level of dispersal and dangerous of them a lot bigger.

Metastatic cancer has the same original name with cancer primitive. A specific example is that when cancer of the liver, the cancer cells spread and grow to the lungs will be called metastatic liver cancer or metastatic liver cancer to lung, not called lung cancer.

2. Metastatic cancer develop how?

Metastases develop when cancer cells detach from the primary tumour and invade the blood system, the lymphatic system or the surrounding tissues. These systems carry fluid around the body. Cancer cells can move away from the original tumor and form new tumors as they settled and developed in a other parts of the body. Right after a few years of existence and development, the new disease discovered she had metastatic cancer.

Most cancer cells are potentially metastatic. When the cancer cells migrate to the peritoneum or pleura may cause dangerous symptoms, such as effusion of the lungs, shortness of breath or bleeding respiratory. A number of positions metastasis include:

  • Breast cancer tends to spread to bones, liver, lungs, chest wall and brain
  • Lung cancer tends to spread to brain, bone, liver and adrenal glands
  • Prostate cancer tends to spread to bones
  • Cancer of the colon and rectum tend to spread to liver and lungs

3. A number of symptoms of metastatic cancer

In general, metastatic cancer often do not manifest clear symptoms in a distinct manner. The symptoms that occur when cancer metastases may depend on the location and size of the tumor that in the body. Here is synthesize a number of signs and common symptoms of patients with metastatic cancer:

  • Metastases in the bones: causing pain or fracture
  • Metastases in the brain: causes headaches, dizziness or seizures
  • Metastases in the liver: causes jaundice, swelling in abdomen
  • Metastases in the lungs: difficulty breathing or coughing up blood.

Perhaps pain is the first sign of cancer, but there are many patients without any symptoms of the condition metastasis. Because when a body is metastatic, they will start to shrink until the lymph nodes burst out or spread through the stool li.

4. Metastatic cancer is what stage?

Can say, determining the stage of cancer is of paramount importance, it expresses the evaluation of the process spread of the disease. Therefore, it is considered help physicians rely on it to given treatments suitable for patients as well as predict prognosis of the coming of the disease.

A system used to divide the stage of cancer is called the TNM system:

  • T (Tumour)- primary tumor: to indicate the size of the tumor and the distance it has spread into nearby tissue. T are numbered from 1 to 4, the index the greater the tumor size as big.
  • N ( Node)- lymph nodes: determine the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the surrounding or not and how far. N are numbered from 0-3, N0 i.e., has not spread to lymph nodes does N3 mean there were so many lymph nodes contain cancer cells.
  • M (Metastasis)- metastasis: assessment of disease cancer has spread to other parts of the body or not. M0 is cancer metastasis; M1 is the cancer has metastasized.

Based on the combination of indicators from the TNM system, a doctor will rule out each particular stage of the disease:

  • Stage I: is stage of metastasis, only the cancer is relatively small and only in the organ where it started.
  • Stage II: the tumor was larger but has not begun to spread into the surrounding tissue.
  • Stage III: cancer bigger and began to spread into the surrounding tissue, the cancer cells already in the lymph nodes nearby.
  • Stage IV: cancer has metastasized to other organs in the body.

5. Metastatic cancer is treated how?

Treatment of metastatic cancer depends on the type of cancer, the treatment options available and desired. It also depends on age, general health, what treatment you had done before and a few other factors. Treatments for metastatic cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, therapy for services, and radiation therapy.

6. Target cancer treatment what is metastatic?

For many people with cancer, the goal of treatment is trying to cure cancer, i.e. they want to get rid of cancer and wish cancer never come back again. However, to cure the metastatic cancer is a very difficult thing. Because when cancer cells metastasis has developed powerful in the body will be very difficult to control and mitigate the spread of them. Treatment of metastatic cancer depends on health status as well as disease status (type of cancer highlands development) of the disease.

When is suffering from metastatic cancer, should be identified that will have to live with it long term. Doctors often treat it as a chronic disease, like a number of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or multiple sclerosis. It is important to follow your treatment plan to control metastatic cancer in the best way possible.

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    ECMO (heart lung bypass) what is?

    ECMO is the method of oxidation through the membrane outside the body using a circulatory system to perform the process of exchange of oxygen outside of the body to support and maintain life functions in the patient with circulatory failure or severe respiratory failure.

    1.Circulation outside the body is what?

    Circulation outside the body is a technique to replace the temporary heart and lung function when needed to perform the surgery to repair or replace the structure, cardiovascular disease or large blood vessels in the body.

    Circulation outside the body (Cardiopulmonary bypass – CPB) is made possible thanks to the heart-lung bypass machine and must be made by the doctor and technicians specialized, there are professional.

    CPB is a system, half-closed, can completely replace the function of the heart and lungs of the patient thanks to the pumping system in collaboration with system gas exchange is connected to tank conduit, cannula, and the patient’s heart. This system will create change in the physiology in the body that this change be controlled are active as blood pressure, arterial blood pressure, venous system, venous pressure, lung, the composition of the blood, partial pressure of CO2, O2, N2 and temperature. From there leads to the response self-regulate and self-protect the body of the patient.

    Circulation outside the body can fully replace or support the active part of the system heart lungs, or can also be replaced completely, but put together at multiple cannula in various positions in conjunction with stop the circulation temporarily.

    ECMO is also one of the method support the exchange of oxygen through the circulatory system outside the body.

    2.Overview of ECMO

    2.1.ECMO is what?

    ECMO is the method of oxidation through the membrane outside the body using a circulatory system to perform the process of exchange of oxygen outside of the body to support and maintain life functions in the patient with circulatory failure or severe respiratory failure.

    Objects need to use ECMO as patients with severe pathologies, there is a risk of respiratory arrest or stop circulation, life-threatening.

    2.2 designation of ECMO

    • The lungs do not have enough ability to supply oxygen to the body even after for support breathing machine, oxygen for example, the case of severe pneumonia complications, respiratory insufficiency, or patients diagnosed with acute pulmonary edema accompanied by manifestations of respiratory failure heavy…
    • The lungs can not be discharged, except carbon dioxide even when there was support from a breathing machine.
    • The pumping action of the heart not enough blood supply to the body.
    • Or can specify apply for the case of pathology of the heart and the lungs are in the time waiting for organs to be transplanted.

    2.3 the Structure of a heart-lung bypass machine

    A circulatory system outside the body, ECMO include:

    • Tube, cannula, is the approach of blood vessels
    • Ducts blood are coated with heparin to avoid blood clotting during the operation ECMO.
    • Exchange membrane oxygenation: are composed by thousands of the hollow fiber allows the cells to go into and in close contact with circulating air.
    • Pump blood: may be the form of pump roller or centrifugal pump. The research has shown used centrifugal pump would be more appropriate for the circulatory system outside the body so it causes less torture, more blood pump rollers.
    • The heat exchange to keep warm blood as it travels through the circulatory system outside the body, avoid the phenomenon of heat loss when the flow of blood in addition to large body.

    2.4 the process of oxygen exchange across the outer membrane body

    System ECMO is connected to the patient’s body through the tubular cannula is placed in the artery, large veins in the legs, neck and chest.

    System ECMO takes blood from the patient’s body pumped through the membrane oxygen exchange system of the lungs artificially. Here, the dialysate running around membrane make up the difference in osmotic pressure and concentration conditions is to place the process of exchange translation and the dissolved substance, at the same time this process also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and helps excrete less carbon dioxide out. Then, by the use of a force pump with the contraction of the heart, ECMO to help give blood was through the exchange of gas and substances return to the circulatory system of the body.

    There are two configuration exchange of oxygen through the outer membrane body is vein-vein and vein-artery. Configure static circuits – dynamic circuits are used to ensure gas exchange and support hemodynamics. Also configured veins-veins mainly used to ensure the demand for oxygen and hypovolemia for the body.

    2.5 some risk of complications may occur in patients using ECMO

    Exchange of oxygen through the outer membrane body can lead to a number of complications including:

    • Hemorrhage can occur in different parts in the body such as the brain, lungs, and sometimes is bleeding at the catheter site. This happens due to the use of anticoagulants in the process of using ECMO. So need to visit the clinic, review experience thoroughly before proceeding to perform ECMO and monitoring of patients observation pale throughout the process of running the machine to ensure safe and timely detection of complications.
    • Infection: due to is system the exchange of oxygen outside the membrane body and is connected directly with the blood vessels in the body, so the risk of infection is very high and if not detected timely treatment will lead to the risk of sepsis affect the lives of patients.
    • href=””>kidney Failure occurs when the system ECMO does not provide enough blood to the kidneys, which are acute renal failure.
    • Stroke: due to occlusion or because the system does not provide and distribute enough blood for a number of brain areas.
    • ECMO can also cause lesions in the area put tube.

    Exchange of oxygen through the membrane outside the body, ECMO is the method of medicine require physicians and technicians must have higher professional can be carried out.

    Hospital international Vinmec Central Park has successfully applied this method to the treatment process, help save lives is very much the case of patients with respiratory failure and circulatory failure severe. The success rate of each ca are indicated using this method up to 85-90%.

    Surgery at Vinmec Central Park made by ThS.BS. Huge, Important Win – Head of the emergency department. With experience of 19 years in the healing and teaching about emergency resuscitation. Perform competently most of the techniques of emergency resuscitation, as well as have much experience about new techniques (breathing machine, dialysis, continuous liver artificial MARS, TPE, hemodynamic monitoring, intensive).

    Besides, the hospital has invested equipment, modern machinery, assist the doctor during surgery and resuscitation for the patient can be listed as: System heart lungs, artificial HR20’s Maquet, ventilator R860 of GE.

    Customers can directly to Vinmec Central Park to visit or contact hotline 0283 6221 166, 0283 6221 188 to be supported


    This article is written for the reader at Ho Chi Minh city.

      Some things to note during and after the abortion eggs

      Pregnancy is a pathology should be monitored long-term. Smoking pregnant eggs is a procedure can cause excessive bleeding, but in general, after smoking pregnancy, the uterus will contract to return to the original size.

      1. Smoking pregnant the egg is what?

      After the sperm combines with the ovum becomes fertilized ovum, development of fetus and appendages such as the placenta and amniotic sac. In some cases, the cells feed grow too fast while the organization link and the capillaries of the blood vessels of the navel in the fight, not grow up. As a consequence, lesbian each other is degeneration, edema, form of bags containing stick together like bunches of grapes, accounted for the majority in the chamber of the uterus. This phenomenon is called pregnancy.

      Smoking pregnant eggs is a trick put the suction tube into the uterine cavity under negative pressure suction held eggs, vegetables pregnancy in the uterus.

      Smoking pregnant eggs more dangerous than smoking pregnant are often because the uterus big and soft, so the risk of bleeding and perforation of the uterus, survival of eggs high.

      2. Smoking pregnant eggs does it hurt?

      Based on the ultrasound images directly, the doctor will insert a needle through the vagina and into the follicles, be very careful not to injure organs located between the vaginal wall and the ovary.

      The other end of the needle is attached to a suction device. When you see eggs, the doctor will gently aspirate follicles and eggs. Products will be sent to a technician in the laboratory IVF to test and quantify the eggs.

      Next, the doctor continues to attract more some cysts. Once the ovarian follicles have the full, the needle will be withdrawn and proceed to stop the bleeding on the outside. This procedure usually lasts 20-60 minutes.

      During the process of aspiration of eggs, the body will be given general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, feel no pain whatsoever. However, after wake up, can feel a little slight pain, like the pain during menstruation.

      3. What to do before anal suck eggs?

      Before the fisting suck eggs, so go to bed early, fully rested to get the best health.

      If you have to general anesthesia, should avoid eating or drinking within 8 to 10 hours before proceeding, fisting, suck eggs.

      Patients will be asked to remove contact lenses, jewelry and other related things. Then, you will give medicine or injections.

      Before, fisting, suck eggs, so try to relax, chat with a someone or do any activity gently does it to relieve stress such as: read books, listen to music,…

      4. After smoking pregnancy can occur complications ?

      For real, surgery would also have much less complications, private abortion eggs are the common complications following :


      If you’re smoking, then resuscitation and suction quick, grab all the eggs to the uterus contraction will reduce blood flow and dosing uterine contraction Oxytocin, Ergotamine, Misoprostol.

      Perforation of the uterus: emergency surgery

      • If the patient still wishes to have children: after opening the abdomen, holding the uterus in hand, other people continue to suck eggs under the hand of the surgeon, the suction of the uterus and stitched holes.
      • If the sick person does not want to have children again: cut the uterus completely, cut in 2 parts if older patients.

      Alive eggs

      Continue taking the antibiotics, uterine contraction and re-engaging hysteroscopy.

      5. After abortion the egg, then how long will it take before bleeding ?

      Pregnancy is a pathology should be monitored long-term. Smoking pregnant eggs is a procedure that can cause bleeding more…but after abortion generally, the uterus will contract to return to the original size. In theory, this time from 4-6 weeks and the bleeding vagina also changes on each woman.

      6. How to take care of your health after smoking, pregnancy how?

      After smoking pregnancy, should eat more foods containing protein such as: Meat (especially beef), fish, eggs, kinds of dairy, legumes, and animal liver,… to strengthen the immune system of the body and help recreate the amount of air lost when performing abortion.

      Additional water and vitamins, especially vitamin C and E through the eating of the green food and fruits such as Vegetables, tomatoes, sprouts, pumpkin, apples, grapes,… this is food just provide vitamins, just supplement the amount of iron and phosphorus help the process of recovery happen faster.

      To strengthen the content of folic acid in the body, should eat foods such as lettuce, asparagus, watermelon, wheat flour, cereals, cashew nuts,…

      At the same time, also avoid these foods stimulate uterine contractions such as: purslane, bitter gourd, apples, cats, junk food, fast food, food, tomatoes, water, beans, wine, beer, carbonated soft drinks, Because these foods hinder the process of recovery of the uterus.

      In addition, after smoking thai eggs should not eat the spicy food hot and the food can welding such as: chili, pepper, ginger, vinegar, snails, crabs, shrimp, seafood,… because of the food this size like the blood in the genitals and causes cold natured, not very good with the recovery of the uterus.

      In addition to eating and drinking in private mode and logical, women need to pay attention to the following points:

      • Hygiene body and private parts clean, change the tampons frequently.
      • No sex until the body to recover completely ( at least 1 month).
      • Rest, full not heavy work and sports activities strong.
      • If the body has signs of any unusual thing to meet medical facility immediately for examination timely.
      • Should re-examination the right to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

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        Eat chicken eggs what is reasonable?

        Chicken eggs are source of valuable nutrients of the human. No one denies the benefits that eggs bring, however, should eat chicken eggs how reasonable?

        Chicken eggs are one food has most nutritional value on earth. But referring to chicken eggs, many people expressed apprehension high content of cholesterol in this dish. However, the increase in cholesterol not simply eat will increase it more complicated than that, because the body has mechanisms to balance separately. Therefore eat a number of eggs reasonable, will not causing high cholesterol.

        1. Body balance cholesterol levels how?

        Cholesterol when prompted to often carry a bad reputation, but in fact, cholesterol plays an important role with respect to the human body. Cholesterol is the components that make up cells, at the same time is the raw material for the production of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and cortisol. Cholesterol so important so the body has formation mechanism of balance control, that is when the body to absorb cholesterol from food is not enough, the liver will increase cholesterol production, and, conversely, when the amount of cholesterol absorbed in excess, the liver will produce less. Whereby the concentration of cholesterol needed for the body to be maintained. However, when the concentration of cholesterol in the blood has increased, it should limit the food contains more cholesterol, because otherwise the concentration of cholesterol in the blood can continue rising.

        2. What will happen if you eat a few eggs every day?

        For decades, recommendations were given that should limit the consumption of eggs or at least egg yolks, by the relationship between eggs and cholesterol.

        A medium-sized eggs contains 186 mg cholesterol – accounted for 62% of the daily ration of reference (recommended daily intake – RDI), and the egg whites contain largely protein and contains little cholesterol.

        A few studies were conducted examining the impact of eggs up the concentration of cholesterol. These studies have classified the participants into two groups, one group eat 1 – 3 eggs per day (eat whole egg), and a group of eat more other things (e.g. eggs replenishes). Research results shows:

        • In the majority of cases, the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) increased.
        • Total Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is usually unchanged or sometimes increased slightly.
        • Eat eggs that are omega – 3 supplement can reduce triglyceride levels blood.
        • The concentration of carotenoids antioxidants (such as lutein, zeaxanthin) in blood increased significantly.

        Results seem to suggest, the response of the body with eating the whole egg depends on the individual.

        In 70% of the participants, the egg has no impact on the total cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. The concentration of this substance at 30% of the rest increased slightly.

        Although eating a few eggs every day can increase blood cholesterol levels in some people, but the size of the piece of LDL cholesterol also changed from small into large. Those that LDL cholesterol mainly in large size face the risk of heart disease lower. Thus even though eating some eggs do increase cholesterol whole and LDL cholesterol, it is not cause for concern.

        The final conclusion was put out to eat up to 3 eggs per day (eat whole egg) is still perfectly safe for healthy people.

        3. Eggs and cardiovascular disease

        Much research has focused clarify the relationship between the consumption of eggs and risk of cardiovascular disease, many of the observational studies with large groups for many years.

        The researchers used statistical methods to determine whether certain habits, such as diet, smoking or exercise, have a relationship not with some certain disease.

        Results from these studies (some studies are very large scale with hundreds of thousands participants) have found that people who ate whole eggs almost does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease compared with those who do not eat. Besides a few studies have found the risk of stroke also dropped.

        But the study results also suggested people with type 2 diabetes that eat a lot of eggs will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

        A controlled study in people with type 2 diabetes only eat two eggs per day, six days per week for three months have no significant effect up to the concentration of blood fat.

        Need to remember, not only eggs, but whole types of other food will also have different effects on the health.

        4. The other benefits from eating eggs

        Eggs not only contain cholesterol but also have many nutrients other bring incredible benefits:

        • Eggs contain more lutein and zeaxanthin, are antioxidants that help reduce the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts.
        • Eggs contain plenty of choline, is a nutrient that plays an important role in all cells cell.
        • Eggs rich in animal protein, helps increase muscle mass and healthy bones.
        • Eggs help increase the feeling of fullness, thus helping weight loss.
        • In addition, eggs are delicious taste and convenience for cooking.

        Benefits of eggs are numerous and remarkable than the potential risk.

        5. So how many eggs is too many?

        There is currently no research on how to work towards eating more than 3 eggs per day.

        So no recommendation as yet know the benefits/harm of consuming more than 3 eggs per day.

        One thing to note is that not all eggs are the same. The majority of eggs sold at the supermarket are eggs, and eggs bring the best benefits is the egg is omega – 3 supplement, or chicken eggs, natural farming. What kind of egg is rich in omega – 3 and the fat-soluble vitamins.

        To conclude, eating eggs completely safe for human health, with recommended limits, eat up to 3 eggs per day (eat whole egg).

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          Bleeding tooth in pregnant women

          Almost pregnancy does not cause discomfort to the teeth, but many changes of the body during pregnancy can indirectly influence caused the bleeding teeth in pregnant women.

          1. Causes of dental disease in pregnant

          What causes bleeding teeth in pregnant is primarily due to changes in the body include:

          Change of hormones: Usually in the 2nd month of pregnancy, the amount of the hormone estrogen and progesterone increase rapidly, increasing the blood flow to the gums triggers inflammation of the gums severe than usual. Manifestation is a toothache, bleeding gums when brushing teeth… this phenomenon may be more severe on the 7th month, 8, and descending into the 9th month of pregnancy.

          Changes in calcium: calcium Needs for the fetus very high, this can cause mom to fall into a state of lack of calcium, causing teeth to become more porous and increases the risk of tooth decay.

          Change of diet: The first month of pregnancy, the morning sickness may cause vomiting, appetite, sweet and sour… more than usual, eating more food containing glucose is also one of the causes of tooth decay in pregnancy.

          2. Bleeding teeth in the are warning signs of what diseases?

          Bleeding tooth in pregnant can be a sign of some dental problems such as:

          • Gingivitis
          • Periodontitis
          • Papilloma pregnancy
          • Cavities
          • Tooth erosion
          • A number of dental problems other common: Dry mouth, increased salivation,…

          2.1. Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis)

          Gingivitis is the dental problems common, accounting for 60 – 75% of the pregnant women having dental problems. Gingivitis can start from the 2nd month of pregnancy and tend to highest in 8 th month, the principal expression is gums swelling, redness, easy bleeding, especially when touching such as brushing your teeth.

          The cause of the high increase of the hormones progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy change the bacterial flora in the environment of the mouth. Half the problems this can automatically disappear after birth. But if you to wear and do not treatment, plus more with the problem of oral hygiene is not good, can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

          Some cases bleeding tooth while brushing teeth, toothache is most likely due to the tooth was compromised before, now the mechanical and circulatory disorders exacerbated.

          2.2. Periodontitis

          Periodontitis is the condition more severe the gingivitis, the destruction of the support structure around the teeth leads to loose teeth and ultimately tooth loss.

          In addition, the chemical mediators are secreted in the inflammatory process of periodontitis can affect the fetus, due to the limited blood flow to the placenta. Therefore, if inflamed gums, pregnant women need early treatment not to progress to periodontitis.

          2.3. Papilloma pregnancy

          Papilloma pregnancy usually develop in 3 months mid-pregnancy. There are about 2 – 10% of pregnant women suffer from papilloma pregnancy. It is a u red often in the gums, also can be in a different location in the mouth, can be prone to bleeding tooth or ulcer. However, this is not really a tumor and not have the nature of cancer.

          Papilloma pregnancy will usually be gradually reduced and lost after birth without treatment. However, if the tumor interferes with eating, chewing, bleed easily, or do not disappear after birth should go visit the doctor to be cut off u.

          2.4. Cavities

          25% of women of reproductive age have dental caries. Tooth decay is a mix between a diet high in sugar and the bacteria in the mouth destroy tooth enamel. Initially, dental caries is a white spot, evolving gradually into a deep hole brown. Pregnant tooth decay if not treated can lead to abscess teeth, more severe is the inflammation of the tissue cells in the face.

          2.5. Tooth erosion

          In many pregnant women suffer from vomiting, tooth enamel can be corroded due to the amount of acid from the stomach secretions can destroy tooth enamel, causing bleeding tooth. To protect the teeth from impact, this should brush your teeth immediately after vomiting, at the same time before brushing your teeth should rinse your mouth with soda solution, dilute and use toothpaste containing fluoride.

          3. Dental care in pregnant

          Before pregnancy

          If before pregnancy has been the dental problems, it may be the risk of this disease during pregnancy will be much higher. Therefore, women need to take care of teeth right from when the intention is to pregnancy by always maintain oral hygiene well:

          • Brush your teeth after meals and before go to sleep, should use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
          • Should use only dental floss to clean the teeth instead of using toothpicks.
          • Periodically check the dental and thorough treatment of dental disease if already suffering.

          In thai

          During this period women often have changes in the body, or heartburn, fatigue and shortness of breath, changes in eating habits. Therefore, it should be noted:

          • You can use a gauze bandage can toothpaste to clean your teeth and rinse your mouth with clean water because pregnant women often vomiting in the first few months.
          • Pregnancy also makes women irregular eating, many people eat sweets more than usual, are susceptible to cavities. So to avoid suffering from dental disease, pregnant women should try to eat the food contains less sugar, but instead eat a sweet taste from fresh fruits, should drink more milk, eat less salt, moderate fat.
          • When dental clinic: Need, tell your doctor pregnant women at any stage to doctor there the treatment appropriate. Absolutely should not be taking medication for cavities or any drugs that do not have the consent of a doctor.

          After birth

          • Should not eat too hot or too cold.
          • Calcium is the main component that helps make teeth strong. When raising children, an amount of calcium of the mother’s body is concentrated in milk, thus the need to drink regular milk and eat more green vegetables, and fruits to supplement calcium for the body and in the milk of lactating.
          • Young new born without the bacteria that cause tooth decay, to keep hygiene for young adults should not kiss on the mouth and should not to drop food for the baby.

          Should go oral examination every 6 months time to detection and timely treatment of patients with must.

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            4 principles to remember when treating children with measles

            Measles is an acute infectious disease, has the degree of spread fast. If the child does not receive timely treatment can lead to dangerous complications, such as pneumonia, malnutrition. So, the parents need to have the understanding necessary to monitor and care for your child properly.

            1. Four basic principles when taking care of kids with measles

            When taking care of kids with measles, parents need to remember the four principles below:

            A: The supportive treatment for the symptoms of the disease include fever, cough, stuffy nose, red eyes and sore mouth

            Two: Provide full nutrition and enhance breastfeeding

            Three: vitamin A Supplements on body baby

            Four: Follow the signs severe of the disease

            Fever: When a child has a fever should be to wear breathable, do not wear more clothes or wrap a blanket on young people. Taking antipyretics in case of fever above 38.5 degrees C. feeding many more combinations for the child to drink more water.

            Cough: If the child is coughing but is not accompanied by rapid breathing, could give the baby to drink cough medicine as directed by your doctor or a herbal remedy like tea with lemon, honey safe for toddlers (should consult your doctor, do not use honey for children under 1 year of age).

            Nasal congestion: children Should rinse your nose with saline to clean the nose before feeding or eating.

            Red eyes (conjunctivitis): parents should wipe the baby with a clean towel soft, absorbent wet. If the eye is sticky jealous, you should take baby to the doctor immediately.

            Sore mouth ulcers: For the child rinse the mouth with clean water (preferably with salt water) as many times as possible, at least 4 times/ day. For the child to drink water regularly

            2. The methods of care and monitor sick children at home.

            Implementation of the distance measures as follows:

            • Quarantine the sick child with the young healthy.
            • For young drink antipyretics when fever ≥ 38.5°C as directed by your doctor.
            • Caregivers need self-protection by wearing a mask, wash your hands clean before and after each contact with the sick child.
            • Hygiene body clean: a daily Bath, to avoid cold, changing clothes, sanitary surroundings, preserve the rooms clean and well-ventilated. Avoid the conception is not true as abstinence from bathing, abstinence from wind will make the disease more aggravated.
            • Cut the nails to avoid scratching scratch the skin facilitating the disease spread and more severe
            • Eye drops for salt water, 0,9% 3 times/day.
            • The child is still breastfeeding continued breastfeeding complementary mix proper nutrition (if the child is ≥ 6 months)
            • Should processing soft food, easy to digest, thoroughly cooked, and when eaten should be divided into many meals and pay attention to your baby’s taste. In case the child has appeared diarrhea, pneumonia, you should supplement zinc in the diet. For the child to drink fruit juice contain more Vitamin A or supplemented by the drug in doses as follows:
            • Children under 6 months: Give 50,000 units / day x2 consecutive days.
            • Children 6 – 12 years: Give 100,000 units / day x2 consecutive days.
            • Children over 12 months of age and adults: Give 200,000 units/ day x2 consecutive days.
            • If the child Vitamin A deficiency, you should drink repeated after 4-6 weeks

            3. When do kids need to be taken to hospital for examination and treatment promptly?

            The child should be taken away for examination as soon as you see the expression:

            • Fast breathing: the Child is considered rapid breathing when the frequency of breathing > 50 beats/minute with a child under 1 year of age and > 40 beats/min with children over 1 year old.
            • Children are the manifestations of dehydration include dry lips, crying without tears, thirst, harassment.
            • When cry hear stridor, hoarse voice.
            • Children with mouth ulcers, anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, eye pain, ear pain, fever lasts over 4 days.

            Children need hospitalization when there is the expression:

            • The child can not drink water or milk
            • Children with convulsions, high fever, no ha, li packaging, hard to wake up
            • Children with mouth ulcers more
            • Young, fast breathing, co concave chest, breathe hear the hiss
            • The child has manifested severe dehydration include dry lips, sagging skin, crying without tears, urinating less
            • Children with severe malnutrition
            • Children with corneal ulcers, look at least, otitis media, mastoiditis

            Vaccination against measles for children from 9 months of age is the best measure to prevent measles. Case of measles for signs of unusual need to take the child to the medical facility to be examined and treated. Avoid use drugs indiscriminately, not according to the instructions of the doctor.

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              Technical new treatment hair loss causes baldness

              Everyday there are a amount of hair certain to the cycle shed and also have a amount of hair the new student to replace. But if the hair loss occurs more quickly, constantly in when hair grows new, not compensation, can cause baldness, affect the aesthetic.

              Baldness is a condition hair loss causing patches the scalp is blank, smooth lì, do not see the pores. The disease can occur in both men and women, however the rate of baldness in women is less than men. Previously, baldness is common in age after 40, but according to a latest statistics, up to 1/3 of men suffer from baldness when still young, at the age of 30 and that number still hasn’t stopped.

              1. Technique hair loss treatment, baldness is not cured

              Technique hair loss treatment by injection at the lesion is a procedure to take a drug belonging to the group of steroids into the skin to inhibit reactive immune response in place, stimulate the development of hair follicles or stimulate hair growth.

              Treatment of hair loss, baldness is not cured by injection at the lesion method is simple, safe, low cost of hair loss treatment of plaques and diffuse hair loss. This also is treatments safe and effective, has been popular in specialized dermatology, bringing aesthetic values to the customers especially the case baldness in women or baldness when still young. However, the efficacy and safety of this method depends on the workmanship of the doctor.

              1.1. The process hair loss treatment using injections into the lesions

              Process, treat hair loss, baldness is not cured by injection at the lesion, such as the following:

              • Step 1: Doctor visits, vulnerability assessment
              • Step 2: Topical anesthesia cream Emla 1 hour before done
              • Step 3: Injection at the lesion

              Mixing drugs:

              Medication Triamcinolone acetonide concentration prescribed injection into the lesions. The drug is diluted with a solution of lidocaine HCl 2% to reach a concentration of 7mg/ml (diluted 1ml solution triamcinolon acetonid pipe 80mg/2ml to 4ml solution of physiological saline Nacl 0,9% or a solution of lidocaine).

              Conducting technique:

              • Disinfect the area of hair loss.
              • Use the pencil to draw divided the hair loss into squares with sides of the needle perpendicular to the skin at the top of the squares. Pump the drug slowly into the mesoderm of about 0.2 – 0.3 ml at each location, the maximum not more than 80mg/injections.
              • After the injection is finished gauze sterile, massage gently up the area of the injection medium has a hemostatic effect, medium effect, staging the medication evenly over the entire lesion.
              • Course of therapy: 4 – 5 injections, each separated by 4 weeks.

              1.2. Specify

              • Hair loss of the array.
              • Hair loss diffuse.

              1.3. Contraindications

              • Hair loss with scarring.
              • Cushing’s syndrome or author
              • Disorders, prolonged menstruation, acne, heavy.
              • Pathological gastro – duodenal progression.
              • Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, impaired
              • Bacterial infections such as tuberculosis or fungal infections, impaired immune.
              • Pregnant women or breast-feeding.

              2. Treatment of hair loss causing baldness at Vinmec Hai Phong

              Currently, the hospital international Vinmec Hai Phong currently have and are applying treatment for hair loss, baldness can not be cured by injection-site lesions.

              Advantages when performing at Vinmec hospital in Hai Phong

              • Simple, safe, reasonable cost.
              • Safety measures, effectively. Medication Triamcinolone acetonide concentration prescribed injections into the lesions
              • Environment sterile and safe for patients.
              • Therapist I Le Thi Thu Hang – dermatologist, general hospital, international Vinmec Hai Phong. With 10 years of experience in the field of dermatology. Particularly experienced in the treatment of skin diseases adults and children, the disease is transmitted through sexual, skin disease, autoimmune and rare, doctors have been trained in France.

              Hair loss, baldness can’t be cured can occur in all objects affect the aesthetics and psychology of the disease. When signs of hair loss much does not improve, baldness cause unknown after implementation of the remedy, the patient should go see a dermatologist soon to be reviews, advice condition hair loss and given the treatments that fit.

              Customers can directly to Vinmec Hai Phong to visit or contact hotline 0225 7309 888 for assistance.

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                How to count and read the names of types of teeth

                How to count your teeth, how to read teeth and names of teeth on the arch, is the basic knowledge about teeth that people often overlook, so most people just generally interested in services such as tooth extraction, teeth whitening, porcelain teeth when learn the problems related to teeth.

                1. How to count the teeth on the jaw

                Teeth of a normal adult consists of 28 – 32 teeth and is divided into 4 sections provides content from 1 to 4 for adults under clockwise.

                To easily count the teeth in 4 sections supply function, we take the 4 incisors representing 4 first teeth of each arch as a landmark in between. Teeth are called teeth number 1 in each arch. From teeth, counting each tooth in a backwards you will know the order number of his teeth.

                Example of how to count the teeth:

                In the upper jaw, the jaw on the right hand side will be the first function (the symbol I). The middle incisor on the right will have the order is the tooth number 1 tooth to the right incisors are the lateral incisors have the order number is the number of 2, similar is tooth number 3. Apply the same with the arch on the left side and lower jaw.

                2. How to read teeth

                As has already grasped how to count teeth, basically read the teeth is also a quite easy. How to read the teeth is not as difficult as people often think is a must-read 28 – 32 teeth with each different names. To read the teeth correctly, you only need to apply the following formula: R + provides the function (of usually) + the order teeth.

                In which, R stands for Teeth, order teeth is by counting the teeth has been mentioned in the section above. About the provides function also has been mentioned above, the supply function in the upper right will be the provides function 1, 3 a supply function remaining will be marked in a clockwise direction.

                For example:

                • Tooth 3rd jaw on the left has way read is: R23
                • Teeth 6th lower jaw right there to read is: R46
                • Teeth 5th jaw on the right side there is the way reading is: R15
                • Teeth 2nd mandibular left there to read is: R32.

                For milk teeth, how to read tooth just change the part provides functions 1 2 3 4 by the numbers 5 6 7 8, and can be understood as follows:

                • The arch 1 of the adult tooth will be equivalent to number 5
                • The arch 2 of the adult tooth will be equivalent to number 6
                • The arch 3 of the adult tooth will be equivalent to the number 7
                • The arch 4 of the adult tooth will be equivalent to no. 8.

                3. Name the teeth

                The teeth of the person is divided into the type of teeth as follows:

                • Front tooth: Featuring the tooth in front, including the middle incisor, lateral incisors and canines. For the front teeth, according to how to count the teeth , they are usually the teeth are of order 1, 2, 3 in the jaw with the turn order is the middle incisor, lateral incisors and canines. For example, R23 is the sign of the canines in the arch, the 2nd. Tooth 53 is denoted canines milk in a supply jaw 5.
                • Molars small: Including the adjacent tooth fangs on the rear, often called the molars is small and second. For the molars is small, according to how to count the teeth , they are usually the teeth are of order 4, 5 in the supply function. With tooth number 4 is the molars is small and the tooth 5 is molars little things 2. For example, the tooth 44 is the molar small firstly at the arch 4th.
                • Molars: Are the names of the teeth to chew the main, used to chew and crush food often called molars and molars 2nd. For the molars, usually the teeth 6, 7 in the jaw. For example, R46, R47 in turn is the sign of the second molars and second of the arch, the 4th.
                • Wisdom teeth: Are the teeth erupt last, usually appears at the age from 17 – 26 or maybe more late. Also listed on the molars, but wisdom teeth do not have definite shape and do not affect the chewing.

                Wisdom teeth in the majority of people usually grows underground and affect the adjacent teeth should or often have only the extraction. When there is feeling of soreness of the jaw angle or in the mirror to see a tooth is peeking out springing up at the rear of the same, you should go to the dentist reputed to be consulted.

                The useful information about how to count teethread teeth, and calling the names of the teeth in the dentition complete of adult. The knowledge provides simple but will be very useful in dental care.

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                  3 groups of causes of preterm birth: Do thai, so, due to different

                  Premature birth is when a baby is born before week 22 to before the expiration of 36 weeks of pregnancy. 3 groups of causes of preterm birth are often experiencing is due to pregnancy, by the mother and by the placenta.

                  1. When a child is considered preterm?

                  Premature birth is when a baby is born before week 22 to before the expiration of 36 weeks of pregnancy.

                  • Born extremely premature: Born after a pregnancy under 28 weeks.
                  • Very premature: Born after a pregnancy from 28 to 33 weeks 6 days.
                  • Preterm birth late: when the fetus 34 to 36 weeks 6 days.

                  Though survival rates of children born prematurely is improving gradually in many scientific advances. But premature babies are still faced with many problems such as developmental delays in cognitive, cerebral palsy, epilepsy,… your baby’s Lungs when preterm birth is also not enough mature, so the risk of contracting respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis,…is very high.

                  The mother can birth months if there are signs such as:

                  • There are 4 the mound in 20 minutes or 8 hyperstimulation in 60 minutes.
                  • Cervical opening from 2 cm above or delete at least 80%.
                  • There are changes in the cervix are identified in several visits in a row.
                  • Rupture of amniotic fluid.
                  • A number of other signs not characteristic: Viscous pink or cervical mucus, lower back pain, maintain heavy abdomen, cramps, intestinal colic may include diarrhea…

                  2. Causes premature birth

                  2.1. Born prematurely due to pregnancy

                  • Premature rupture of membranes: Accounting for 30% of the preterm labor, 80% of cases of premature rupture of membranes does not identify the cause.
                  • Multiple pregnancy: Duration of pregnancy on average is 280 days for single pregnancy, but pregnancy is 261,5 day and 3 thai is 246,5 day.
                  • Polyhydramnios: Occupy 0,4-1,6% of pregnant. About 1/3 cases of polyhydramnios can cause preterm labor.
                  • Fetal malformations: Often cause preterm labor, especially when combined with polyhydramnios (fetus infinity skull), or oligohydramnios (no kidneys).
                  • Inflammation of the amniotic membrane due to infection.

                  2.2. Premature birth due to mother

                  The malformations in the uterus: malformations, uterine underdevelopment is one of the common causes that leads to fetus at risk of birth earlier than 38 weeks of age, including: Cleft waist uterus, uterine abnormalities, cervical opening, cervical, short…

                  Due to disease outside the uterus:

                  • High blood pressure due to pregnancy sometimes need to terminate a pregnancy early due to the unrest of the mother and fetus.
                  • Pyelonephritis, especially when combined with sauce.
                  • Appendicitis in the mother, often accompany preterm labor. There are 2 theories to explain this situation, a is uterus is irritated due to the nearby organs infection, two is the release of internal toxins of the germs along with the increase in temperature.

                  A history of prematurity, miscarriage:

                  • Money the prematurity, the risk of recurrent preterm birth accounts for 25 – 50%. Risk as high if there are more and many times premature birth earlier.
                  • Money the abortion, abortion effect on prematurity, but has not been proven.
                  • The rate of preterm birth in those women who have economic status, low social. The most important factors in this group include poor nutrition, do not get prenatal care full mom too young, under 20 years of age or older over the age of 40 and heavy physical labor too.

                  Other problems:

                  • Smoking, drinking, drug addiction.
                  • Mother severe stress: Often there is mood, insecurity, worry, anger lasts in pregnancy can cause the mother’s body increase in excessive secretions of adrenal hormones and substances harmful to the nervous system leading to premature birth.
                  • The working time of the mother more than 42 hours/ week, working too hard, the work must stand more on 6 hours/ day.
                  • Mom is underweight, malnutrition.
                  • The pregnant mother from 40 years of age, pregnant too many times, sex is too da, medication safe pregnancy promiscuity.
                  • Lack of vitamin B9: vitamin Supplements B9 before pregnancy 1 year can help reduce 50% the risk of premature birth.
                  • The influence of season of the year: A number of studies have confirmed that premature birth most common in women who conceive in the spring. The cause is due to the causative disease for the mother, such as: Allergies, inflammation caused by virus according to the season, combined changes in nutrition, the exposure to the sun…

                  2.3. Premature birth due to each other

                  • Placenta previa, placental abruption.
                  • Minimum of energy, so nutrition for the fetus is not full.

                  Free to leave the womb early, so condition is feeble and premature infants, very difficult to exist or difficult, with the risk of complications, mentally and physically.

                  Premature babies are also very difficult to breed, usually light weight, slow, big, parents must take a lot of care. Therefore, be aware of the factors that increase the risk of preterm birth will help families and doctors take measures to timely treatment to the child born is healthy.

                  Hospital international Vinmec Times City has rescued thousands of cases of premature babies in the past several years. Vinmec has employed measures to feed babies born extremely premature, is the first hospital in the North feed premature babies 24 weeks. The process care and feeding of preterm infants in particular, and babies have pathology in general at Vinmec bring the effect equivalent to the advanced nations, increase their chances of cure and healthy life for premature babies, increased chance for the family rare late.

                  class=”full uploaded” src=”” v-zoomable=”33496″ title=”20190620_104011_520701_tre-so-born-vinmec”>

                  The superiority in treatment, care for premature babies at Vinmec Times City include:

                  Modern equipment: breathing Machine often, ventilator, high frequency ventilator CPAP, incubator, the ability to control bacterial infections best, ensuring a safe environment for young

                  Doctor, nursing experienced: BSCK II Ceiling Related He participated in teaching the pathology specialized Newborn can process long-term work in the Department of neonatal resuscitation at Children’s hospital Central from 1979 to 2012 and is now working on the position of dean of Newborn, hospital, international Vinmec Times City from 2012 to the present.

                  Not only take care of the baby, prematurity, Vinmec also had surgery and save lives of many newborns with congenital malformations complex.

                  Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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                    Children with heat rash there before?

                    Heat rash is a disease very common in young children and infants. However, is skin diseases, benign but if not treated properly or does not fit the disease heat rash can cause the implications of bad health of the child. Whether children with heat rash there of not and the ways to avoid heat rash in children what is?

                    1. Symptoms of heat rash

                    Weather is hot, the sweltering, sweat young secrete much but the pipes sweat glands in the child development is not complete, so sweat does not get out and be stagnant again. On the other hand, excretory ducts prone to dust or hate sealing makes skin emerged many papules small sprinkling of pink. This usually happens when the weather is hot but also sometimes due to the child is wearing too many clothes. Children with high fever or in in the glass cage also can clog the sweat glands so active, playing with high intensity, wear clothes made of some kind of cloth, makers, plastic cause squash, or due to a few bacteria, resident skin can excrete a kind of slime do caulk the tube, sweat glands.

                    Heat rash is bumps red rash as big as a pin head, round or spots, the top chrome take a little bit of red in around and usually grows in the head, neck, chest, back…Seat chrome grows thick often have red, itchy and have burning sensation. So, when a child is heat rash often scratch an itch easy to make the affected areas of skin due to inflammation.

                    There are 3 forms of heat rash in children is:

                    • Chrome crystal form: Usually occurs in young children due to slow development of the tube, sweat glands. Types of heat rash, this does not manifest inflammation, usually occurs due to high fever and leave the array the skin is flaking when from the disease.
                    • Chrome redness: Usually occurs due to hot and humid weather.
                    • Chrome depth: Occurs due to sweat glands under severe stress, often after being chrome red lasts.

                    2. Heat rash there before?

                    In essence, heat rash is an illness caused by overheating that out, so when the weather becomes cool, then the disease will naturally run out. However, all this is not heat rash is completely gone which is when the weather becomes cool, young skin less hot and not sweating anymore so the symptoms of the disease will disappear, but the symptoms that will continue to recur if the weather is hot, especially in summer.

                    Usually when heat rash recurred many times will develop into disease heat rash, deep, understand this is simply the disease formed due to recurrent installments heat rash red. At this level of the disease becomes more severe, a lot more than at first, the lesions not only on the skin surface of the child again, which is damage to deeper layers within the skin. The hurt must have color penetration, from which easily lead to status no sweat spread, and prone to exhaustion, pulse palpitations, vomiting constantly…

                    Or in other words, disease, heat rash, can’t go away, if parents do not take measures timely intervention. Even when blisters break out will create conditions for bacteria, fungi penetrate the skin, cause dermatitis, chronic skin infections, even more dangerous is that cause sepsis, influence and threat to life of the child. Add to that, when a child is heat rash lasts will make kids itch, cry, all day and all night, refuses to eat, the body quickly breakdown and weight loss. The pustules rupture left scars, affects the aesthetics of the child.

                    3. Treatment heat rash

                    Treatment heat rash most effective is to reduce sweating by method of air conditioning: Air conditioning, fan ventilation, wear cool clothes and limited mobility. When the skin is cooled, heat rash will disappear quickly.

                    Form of heat rash mild no need to treat, but in the more severe form sometimes need to be treated with the topical medication to reduce discomfort and prevent complications.

                    When the child has heat rash, parents should keep the child is not scratching or clawing to notes chrome to avoid scratch the skin, creating conditions for bacterial attack causing multiple infections or more severe is cause complications infection spread.

                    Parents should lightly massage into the is chrome to feel more pleasant. At the same time keep the body young, always be cool, breathable, restrict the child to excrete more sweat.

                    Frequent bathing for the young, help the body to cool the skin clean, the pores is not sealed. Bath with potassium permanganate solution diluted 1/10.000 milk bath contains no soap, no color, no smell for kids. Or bath with the folk remedies such as green tea, bitter melon leaf, star fruit,… parents can use for bathing the child when the budding is chrome.

                    However, it should be noted, if purchase the type of this card in the market, it should be soaked with salt water to clean to ensure no residual chemicals and preservatives before boil bathe the children. Should not be squeezed too much lemon, or rub it into the skin is prickly heat of infants, because it can cause the sensitive skin of the young, hurt, ulcer skin, causing burning pain.

                    4. Avoid heat rash in children

                    To avoid the situation the child is heat rash, fish expert recommends:

                    • Parents need for the child in the well-ventilated place, avoid gathering in crowded places in the muggy weather.
                    • Parents need to keep in mind to keep the body young, always dry, limiting the maximum condition, the sweat standing on the skin of the young for too long.
                    • Parents should wear for the type of clothing made from cotton fabric width breathable, wicking sweat foul good.
                    • Need for the child to drink enough water and enhanced beverages, fresh fruit rich in vitamin C to increase resistance, against the bad effects from the outside.
                    • Should not brewed too young or wearing too much clothing.

                    Case children with heat rash last from 7 – 10 days or more, spread whole body, or signs of superinfection such as skin swelling, heat, redness, pain, purulent discharge, swollen glands in the neck, armpits, groin, fever, chills…the parents need take the child to the medical facility to be examined promptly in order to avoid back complications.

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