Nutrition for patients with liver cancer

A mode of nutrition science, complete will help improve the efficiency of treatment for patients with liver cancer. However, when cancer liver diet what to eat and what to eat is not something the patient would also know.

When the liver is hurt, doesn’t work properly and the disease is diagnosed with the disease cancer of the liver also means to step into the process of treating stress, declining health quickly. One thing very wrong that majority of the patients have is just focus on treatment without attention to nutrition, a number of less then abstinence excessive leading to health depletion, does not meet the treatment process.

1. Nutrition affecting the process of treatment of liver cancer

According to statistics of the world health organization in Vietnam, each year there are about 95,000 patients die of cancer, which have up to 80% dead weight loss, nearly 40% die because of depleted health. Led to this condition is due to the majority of patients when diagnosed with cancer only focus on treatment but has not paid attention to nutrition to improving physical condition. There are very few patients interested in diet daily for science, provides full nutrients. There are even more people still afraid to eat high will make the tumor grow faster should have abstinence excessive, which leads to the condition, weight loss, malnutrition, not only did not help for the process of treatment but also for health status worsening.

2. Liver cancer diet eat?

In fact, liver cancer and the process of treatment will make patients lose interest in eating, therefore, that very few patients who pose the question as: “Disease liver cancer fasting what?”, “food not good?”…with the doctor. As well as many other diseases, besides the healthy food groups there are some foods that patients with liver cancer should avoid to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms caused by the disease, namely:

2.1 food Groups rich in fat

Liver cancer fasting what?”, the answer is food groups rich in fat, excessive consumption of foods high in fat will make the liver tired, create a burden for the digestive process of food. Patients should limit the use of foods high in fat such as biscuits, cakes, fried potatoes, sausage….For fats, just consume a moderate amount is enough.

2.2 food Groups rich in protein

For patients with cancer of the liver, if the body is receiving too much food rich in protein will cause overload by liver injury, the activity the wrong way, this will cause for the toxins accumulate in the liver and the body and exacerbate the symptoms of the disease. People disease liver cancer should eat eggs, fish, milk, poultry meat… but eat only in moderation.

2.3 food Groups contain high amounts of salt

Food group contains high amount of will make for the symptoms of cancer of the liver aggravated in the human body disease, salt makes the body absorb and retain water, will make accumulation of fluid in the liver, so people with liver cancer should abstain from salt, including table salt daily, salt packing, cakes and pies….When processing food for the liver cancer, you should season to taste bland.

In addition, the doctor will recommend that patients with liver cancer should give up wine, beer, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol by the liver of the patient was very weak, when tolerability of this drink will cause it to work overload, and the condition will aggravate.

3. Liver cancer should eat fruit what?

Currently, there are many types of berries, fruits containing high carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and other beneficial nutrients to help the digestive system, increases resistance for people with liver cancer, “the disease of liver cancer should eat what fruit?”, advice of the doctor, the main are: Figs, bananas, grapes, Kiwi, carrots, oranges, tangerines….

4. Liver cancer end stage what to eat?

Nutrition scientific, reasonable, help to strengthen the treatment effect will be included, so the disease liver cancer end stage what to eat?, the food need supplements include:

4.1 Should use organic food

The liver is department plays a very important role in the detoxification of the body, so when the liver has been hurt by cancer cells, then the disease or selection of products natural or organic would be very good for health, reduce the load burden to the liver.

A special thing helps alleviate discomfort for patients in the main dining is divided in small meals, there can be 6-8 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 major meals. The food supplement nutrition in liquid form is also great suggestions for the sick, help to increase the appetite for each meal.

The help of relatives in the preparation of meals for patients with liver cancer is necessary. However, let the patient eat according to preferences, this will help for psychological comfort and more effective for the treatment process.

4.2 Additional food rich in starch, sugars and fiber

Sugar is simple carbohydrates and starches are complex carbohydrates and are functions provides energy for the body. Fiber helps the bowels get rid of waste and can also help to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, very good for patients with liver cancer. Patients can supplement foods rich in starch, sugar and fiber like fruits, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, bread, grain.

4.3 Additional Vitamins and minerals

Cancer patients with end-stage liver who are at risk for deficiency of many minerals and vitamin A, B, C and E, folate, magnesium and zinc do weight reduction and increase water loss from diuretics. However, the additional Vitamins and minerals should be the doctor evaluated for compliance with the physical condition and the individual patient.

Liver cancer causes much pain and fatigue during treatment in patients, this affects the process of eating. However, patients need to have condition can succumb to disease and responsive treatment methods. Building a nutrition scientific, reasonable for patients with liver cancer is necessary.



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