Insomnia in women menopause

Disorder, premenstrual affect the health of women generally, in that insomnia in pre-menopausal women causing fatigue and the effects mentally.

1. Insomnia in menopausal women

Insomnia in women pre-menopause and menopause often fall into about 45 – 53 years old. At this stage, women are often tired, sleep is not deep sleep and often wake up at night.

2. Causes of insomnia in menopausal women

The mechanism of action of the body to go to sleep is the central nervous launching the brain and the endocrine glands secrete chemicals that effect a nerve block, take the brain and the grid structure, the bottom of the hill fall into a state of inhibition. Therefore, active sleep, need to have coordination between nervous and endocrine. However, at the stage of pre-menopause and menopause, the woman’s body are the changes about hormonal hormonal.

Decline in hormones, especially the hormones estrogen and progesterone can be considered the main cause of insomnia in menopausal women. Specific decline in hormones estrogen reduces the ability to absorb and produce magne – a mineral that helps relax muscles. Taut muscles plus phenomenon fuming at the stage of pre-menopause and sweating at night interrupting sleep, sleep apnea in women. Also decline in hormone progesterone also makes women sleep non-sleep and sleep disorders.

When falling into a state of insomnia, women are often or worry, back, directly affect sleep, thus creating a vicious circle with no end.

3. Harmful effects of insomnia in menopausal women

  • There are always sensation drowsy in the daytime, lack of energy, body fatigue, sluggishness heavy.
  • Poor cognitive disorders, mental functions, mobility, reduced alertness, self-confidence.
  • Daily activities affected and serious disorders.
  • Insomnia in menopausal women , causing psychological stress, boredom, depression, neurasthenia, memory loss and ability to solve problems, mood instability, often anger.
  • Physiologically, sleep loss causes women decreased libido, difficulty sublimation in story sex due to vaginal dryness burning.
  • Women suffering from insomnia, you skin rapid aging, the poor refreshed, and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer…

4. Overcome insomnia in menopausal women

To have good sleep at this stage, then the women can follow the following instructions:

  • Build and adhere to timetables, work rest, in a scientific way.
  • Hard training and strengthening health by maintaining exercise regime that the sport has, such as walking, jogging, swimming, aerobic, yoga… workout Time should be at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Limitations and avoid taking stimulants like alcohol, beer, coffee… the evening.
  • To reduce the symptoms of insomnia in menopausal womenshould limit to eat and see movies that touched, excited attitude too before going to sleep.
  • Bedrooms, place to sleep, need to clean and airy.
  • Balance the endocrine progesterone and estrogen by estrogen supplements.
  • In the case of still lose sleep, can taking the drug. However, the drug only works in the short term, if long-term use can affect overall health. When using the drug treatment of insomnia need to be doctor advise, specify and guide and avoid the side effects undesirable.

5. Explore insomnia in menopausal women

Activity from months 4/2019, health clinic, Psychological belonging to the general hospital, international Vinmec Times City, can function examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and mental health.

The clinic has modern equipment and a team of doctors is the lecturer at the Hanoi Medical University, there is the possibility to implement the psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service, clinic, healing on the mental, in which there is insomnia in menopausal women.

  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – Specialist Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: experience, 07 years of work at the position is faculty, Hanoi Medical University is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
  • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 05 years experience in research, clinic, cure diseases, department Psychology, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 06 years as lecturer, Department of Psychology – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric the same Central experience, research, examination and treatment of diseases department: Psychology as: lability exposure, The disorders related to stress and disorder form the body, the disorder develops in children, adolescents & the period of childbearing….

Customers can directly at Vinmec Times City to visit or contact the following hotline number 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

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