Diagnosis of depression in adults

Work pressure, life makes many people susceptible to inhibition, spiritual, emotional disorders lead to depression. The level of expression of the disease depends on the ability to bear the pressure of each person.

1. Psychological examination

The first thing to do to diagnose depression in adults is to see a specialist psychologist. Patients will be fully assessed and focus on the following factors:

  • The symptoms, manifestations, current
  • The triggers to traumatic stress (psychological impact as strong as: disease, breakup, lovers, family conflicts…)
  • A history of the stages of neuropathy
  • Reaction to the medicines used before

Skills diagnosis and treatment of cognitive decline in older adults extremely important. Population growing older each year after age 70 the level of cognitive impairment and depression increased 2-fold. Need to take patients to the examination and diagnosis of the disease even when there are unusual signs. Many people often want to go to the clinic mental illness, so when the condition become severe new to see a doctor, this causes so much difficulty for the treatment of disease.

2. The patient has suicidal thoughts or not?

To diagnose the level of depression, then the question about suicidal ideation, thoughts boring life can not be ignored. The screening question clinical not whose main purpose is to diagnose the disease in a formal way, but means provides information extremely important to help identify risk of suicide in patients.

Questionnaire depression of Beck has the full name is (Beck Depression Inventory-BDI-II) is in common use today. The questionnaire is not specific for older people but there are headings contain the standard amount of depression diagnosis of DSM-IV. If results of the implementation questionnaire is 15 points, then the disease was rated as mild depression, which initially have the signs of depression is important in clinical practice.

Ladder of Short quotes depression elderly people there are 15 questions was constructed based on measurement screening basic depression in adults. If the result of the 5 points you need survey and a more thorough examination. This ladder serves to diagnose depression can also diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Family history

The state of depression or cognitive impairment happening at the same time when elders in a family need to be noted when diagnosing the disease. Attention should be paid when there is money the family, depression or any mental illness else. Based on the level of decline in declarative cognitive functions behavior, the doctor will try to find more information from the family members, especially those with suspected sa kick mental illness in the family, only the perception changes first happened, is still unknown.

4. The impact of social change

Many surveys, research has shown that the results of work daily activities focus on the change in difficulties due to cognitive impairment and depression. Cognitive decline and depression common in elderly people. These two diseases can lead to more impact on emotions and perception in everyday life.

Accurate assessment of the functional activity in order to determine where is the cognitive impairment caused by Alzheimer’s disease, this is causes loss of motivation, interest in life.

Status, the circumstances of each patient differ. Doctor need based on these factors, cultural characteristics and to diagnose the disease for patients, most are foreign doctors when diagnosing diseases for Vietnamese people.

For example, according to research in the world, 41% of patients in the early stages of depression will be manifested insomnia and 44% have signs anxiety disorder. However, most of the patients in Vietnam usually go to the clinic due to loss of sleep, stretching and then gradually discovered anxiety disorders and depression.

5. Money the diseases of internal medicine

Need to determine the signs of current patients is due to depression, cognitive impairment or the symptoms of diseases of internal medicine such as impaired thyroid function, the pathology of chronic pain…

In addition, the pathology medical can also cause the disease state becomes more severe.

6. The necessary tests

The tests are performed aimed at eliminating the pathological, medical, expression, subject as depression or cognitive impairment. Includes:

  • Blood count
  • HIV testing
  • Test the concentration of vitamin B12
  • Test folic acid
  • Tests thyroid hormone,…

In that laboratory thyroid hormone, is testing extremely important, should not be ignored. The identification of pathology, medical also help diagnose levels of depression due to the disease this also contributes to the level of depression worse.

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7. Diagnostic neuroimaging

When there is the manifest decline in the ability to process information, ability to concentrate, impaired memory, slow… especially in the elderly, it should perform diagnostic imaging to clearly define the disease state.

With the manifestation of nerve damage is localized or the risk of blood vessels, patients often are designated as magnetic resonance imaging MRI and computed tomography CT.

Most of the older patients to see a specialist mental are only the MRI scans before and have used a few drugs but not effective or experience a few side effects of the drug on.

Clinic psychology – hospital international Vinmec officially went into operation from January 4/2019, with functions of examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and psychological health. With modern equipment, clinic, health Psychology Vinmec is collaborating with professors, experienced professionals:

  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 7 years experience working with the position is lecturer, department of psychiatry – Hanoi Medical University, psychiatrist at hospital Hanoi Medical University & hospital Geriatric Central, at the same time is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
  • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 5 years of experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental faculties, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: 6 years as lecturer, Department of psychiatry – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central, along with experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental illness as: emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

Along with the combined deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service of diagnosis and treatment, aiming to bring efficient patient care best.

Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

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