Causes infant respiratory

Causes of acute respiratory distress in neonates may originate from the lungs, like the diaphragm in inhalation of amniotic fluid, inflammation of the lungs or outside the lungs, such as atrophy of the esophagus, congenital heart disease. When discovering any unusual signs, need fast processing to limit the dangerous complications.

1. Acute respiratory distress in the newborn

Acute respiratory distress in the newborn, also known as diseases of the membrane in the usually appear after few hours or few days normal breathing after birth. The disease occurs principally in the preterm infants, the incidence rate of disease increase according to weight and time appears disease, specific as follows:

The child’s weight at birth (g)

The incidence of membrane in (% )

1001 – 1250
1251 – 1500
1501 – 2000
2001 – 2500

< 10

Time to occurrence of disease after birth

The incidence of membrane in (%)

0 – 12 hours
12 – 24 hours
> 24 hours
2 – 3 days
3 – 4 days
5 – 10 days


Clinical symptoms of the disease acute respiratory distress in an infant is young, suddenly shortness of breath, intense rapid breathing over 80 times / min, breath, scream, withdraw concave chest, cyanotic skin icon is increasing. Only after several hours of rapid breathing, the child will have expression suffocated, tired, exhausted and breathing rate slow down gradually, then stop breathing and death.

1.1 evolution of acute respiratory distress in the newborn

  • Stage 0 – 5 hours after birth: the Child is still normal respiration.
  • After 5 – 10 hours: Children may manifest acute respiratory distress, rapid breathing, accompanied by signs of disorder of gas in the blood.
  • From 10 – 24 hours: the Child begins to exhaustion, breathing slowly, appearing metabolic disorders, acidosis, blood heavy.
  • After 24 hours: Risk of child mortality if not supported mechanical ventilation during respiratory failure. If, as is respiratory care good, the disease will leave within a week.

1.2 causes of acute respiratory distress in the newborn

Causes of acute respiratory distress in the newborn primarily related to the factors:

  • Premature babies: permeability pulmonary capillaries increases, causing extravasation amounts of blood cells and plasma into alveoli. After the alveoli are drawn away by the lymph path, heart, alveoli also contained many red cells and fibrin.
  • Babies with asphyxia before birth: cell alveoli is hypoxic, not produced surfactant, a surface-active substances. So after the period of normal breathing, the child will suffer from lack of surfactant due to the many alveoli collapsed, causing respiratory failure. When that child attempts to inhale, but air does not get into because alveoli have collapsed.
  • Syndrome inhalation of amniotic fluid: Children with syndrome, inhalation of amniotic fluid usually have prognosis very bad. Children with respiratory distress soon after birth. The cause is due to children being asphyxiated fetus, so the child has breathing movements before birth and accidentally inhaling amniotic fluid. When born, the child is choking, cyanosis, nose, mouth full of amniotic fluid when infected with the meconium.
  • Pneumonia: Inflammation of the lungs usually occurs in the first 3 hours after birth due to infection of the fetus. Severe disease, often accompanied by infection, bacteria of blood, bacterial infection of the whole body.
  • A number of other causes such as Atrophy of the esophagus, congenital heart disease, retard left ventricle, problems in the ductus arteriosus. Diaphragmatic hernia, brain hemorrhage meninges.

The pathology also have the potential to cause rhythm disturbances, breathing, stop breathing in infants. Therefore, when discovering any unusual signs, need fast processing to limit the dangerous complications.

2. Why should clinic acute respiratory distress for children in hospital, international Vinmec?

Hospital international Vinmec is are is address, clinic visits, diagnosis, causes and treatment of acute respiratory distress repute, is many parents believe the choice is where sending and health care for children

At general hospital, international Vinmec has a team of experts, pediatricians, Pharmacists and nursing qualified professionals, skilled professionals, many experience, especially conscientious and professional.

With the full support of many technical facilities, modern hospital, international Vinmec guarantee to provide care services, comprehensive health, and most effective, reserved for the children.

At Vinmec, Hai Phong and Vinmec Nha Trang apply technical pump Surfactant in the treatment of respiratory distress in premature infants caused by a deficiency of surfactant, first developed in premature infants caused respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants. Therapy Surfactant therapy for pediatric patients ≤ 26 weeks when needed FiO2 > 0,30 and for pediatric patients > 26 weeks required FiO2 > 0,40.

Technical pump Surfactant will be difficult to implement if the standard of care generally do not reach high quality. Vinmec has to meet the conditions of rigorous standards to apply therapy Surfactant in the treatment of respiratory failure in the newborn, including full media support and the team of doctors perform well-versed in the technique: intubation, use of ventilators, handle emergency situations, respiratory, circulatory, treatment of ca patients is pneumothorax.

For more detailed information about technical pump Surfactant treatment for respiratory distress newborn at Vinmec, customers can sign up for clinic online HERE, or contact our hotline the hospital at the following address:

Hospital international Vinmec Hai Phong: 0225 7309 888

Hospital international Vinmec Nha Trang: 0258 3900 168



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