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Note when treating heat rash for babies

Disease heat rash occurs when the sweat glands getting clogged principle, the disease often occurs in summer, hot weather, humidity and the majority of the disease appear in children especially infants. The disease is usually benign and can dive when the weather is more cool, however, to note some thing when treating heat rash for baby to avoid causing infections of the skin do weigh up the condition of the child.

1. Disease heat rash in babies

Children, especially infants due to tube, sweat glands not fully developed, if more sunny summer weather, hot young body to excrete more sweat is favorable conditions cause stagnant sweat and clogged sweat glands. Status socks clogged sweat glands cause heat rash.

Heat rash causes small blisters that grow into the clouds, skin redness, young, itch, cry a lot, twinge and discomfort. Position heat rash are mainly in the areas of skin have many sweat as the scalp, forehead, neck, shoulders, chest and back but can also add in interstitial armpits, groin.

The disease is usually benign can get but there are also a number of cases have to treat so many cases acne prickly heat children itching, scratching more skin scrapes, infection more of the pustules and boils.

2. How to treat heat rash rashes for baby

2.1 treatment heat rash at home

Conventional disease chrome say benign can away without treatment. To relieve heat rash, the most effective way there is to reduce excessive sweating by the method of:

  • For young, dressed cotton fabric soft, airy, spacious.
  • Use air conditioning, ventilators, air
  • Limited mobility
  • Bathe the child every day, clean the areas between, such as the armpits, groin to the skin clean, sweat is excreted easily. After bathing, dry the baby with towel, soft cotton material absorbent and do not strongly rub on skin children avoid hurting the skin.

In addition, if the child is itching more can use the medications to reduce discomfort and prevent complications. The type, or is used include:

  • Aqueous calamine has the effect to reduce itching, pain and discomfort in the skin. When use take clean cotton moistened in a weak solution, then apply to skin, then the medication to dry naturally. Attention only apply on the skin avoiding the area mucosa, eye, mouth, genital organs.
  • Drug anhydrous lanolin can help prevent phenomena caulk the tube, sweat glands and stop incurring brand new. Often used in the form of heat rash heavy.
  • Vitamin C: Helps reduce the damage due to heat rash.

2.2 When do you need a hospital visit?

Use the therapeutic measures usually are not effective. Need to take the child to go to the clinic when there are the following signs:

  • Appearance lasts over 3-4 days, skin lesions, extreme up.
  • Pain, swelling, hot and red skin heat rash.
  • The skin is heat rash can flow pus, purulent discharge
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, groin or neck
  • Fever symptoms may be accompanied by chills of unknown etiology.

3. The complications of the disease heat rash

Heat rash usually benign and go away, but sometimes a number of complications can occur as follows:

  • Skin infection: The lesions of heat rash can multiple infections germs that create acne pus. Usually due to bad itching child scratching scratching the skin so the bacteria has a chance to infect cause infection.
  • Shock due to heat: In hot weather, the child suffers heat rash, deep shape are at risk for shock due to heat with manifestations: headache, rapid pulse, vomiting, lower blood pressure… can lead to dangerous condition.

4. The note when treating heat rash for baby

Should feeding many children older than 6 months for the baby to drink more water, eat more fresh fruit to offset the amount of water lost in the process of waste heat and help exhaust heat good, in addition, fresh fruit offers more vitamins will help your child to increase resistance.

Your baby’s clothes must be washed clean and is drying in place without dust and smoke. Should expose under the sun because the ultraviolet rays help kill bacteria on clothing.

Cut short nails for kids to avoid the itching child scratching causes infections of the skin.

Absolutely do not use talc applied to the site heat rash, do so as the pores get plugged, causing bacterial infection, do condition heat rash worse.

Restrictions for young or play when the weather is hot and sunny. Most is the time from 10 hours to 4 p.m. the time of UV active.

Bathe the child with cool water and non-soap type, dry skin, should use milk soothing bath to avoid drying of baby skin.

Should not apply more cream on young skin because it will cover the pores, which cause is prickly heat more.

Note the severe cases, need to take the child to go to the clinic at the hospital. Not using antibiotics when a child is bacterial superinfection.

Heat rash in children is a common disease, benign and may often go away. The parents should also note a number of problems when treating heat rash for babies to the condition, fast recovery and limit complications should not be. Note when the child appears condition worsens need to take the child to go to the clinic at the hospital, do not voluntarily buy the drug avoid leaving the consequences not good for the baby.


    Lifestyle Changes For The Treatment Of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    Currently, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common cause of elevated liver enzymes. The rate of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Europe is about 35%, in Asia about 25%. Progression of the disease can lead to severe consequences if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

    1. What is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a general term for a range of conditions affecting the liver in people who drink little or no alcohol. The disease is increasingly popular in the world, especially in Western countries. In Vietnam, there are no official statistics, but in recent years, domestic studies have shown that the rate of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is increasing.

    The main feature of the disease is that too much fat is stored in liver cells. Severe cases can cause hepatitis, and liver damage is very similar to heavy alcohol use. Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis can develop into cirrhosis and liver failure.

    Pathological fatty liver nonalcoholic occur at any age, but especially in people in their 40s and 50s are at high risk of this disease by risk factors such as obesity and diabetes Type 2. The disease is also closely related to the metabolic syndrome.

    2. Why is fatty liver?

    Causes of non-alcoholic steatosis are numerous and unclear. It is not known exactly why some people accumulate fat in the liver, while others do not. Similarly, it is unclear why some cases of fatty liver develop into inflammation and progress to cirrhosis.

    Although fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis have many causes, they are related to the following disorders:

    • People who are overweight or obese, especially belly fat (according to statistics, 80-90% of obese people suffer from fatty liver
    • High-fat, sweet, lazy diet
    • People with high blood sugar, diabetes or type 2 diabetes
    • Insulin resistance increases blood triglyceride levels
    • People with metabolic disorders, high blood fat, especially hypertriglyceridemia
    • Women with polycystic ovary syndrome
    • People with sleep apnea
    • People with hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism ...
    • Notably, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is most common in the elderly, diabetic and obese people.

    3. Treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    There is no specific treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, but researchers are considering whether some natural compounds may help, such as:

    • Vitamin E and C: vitamin E and other vitamins called antioxidants can help protect the liver, vitamin C reduces oxidative stress and significantly inhibits the development of liver fat degeneration on experiment.
    • Coffee: in some studies of people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, coffee drinkers have less liver damage than those who drink little or no coffee.
    • Vaccination against hepatitis A and B to help protect you from viruses can cause more liver damage.
    • For people with cirrhosis due to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, patients can be treated with liver transplant surgery.

    4. Dietary recommendations

    Patients should consider limiting energy intake and eliminating food ingredients that promote non-alcoholic fatty liver disease:

    • Do not eat processed food
    • Do not choose high fructose foods and drinks.
    • Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits: every day, patients should eat at least 300g of green vegetables, 200g of fresh ripe fruits.
    • So what fatty liver should eat fruit? Fruits should be noted: lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, ripe apple ...
    • Preferably choose oil of plant origin (except coconut oil), limit animal fat (except fish fat). Limit eating foods rich in cholesterol such as animal fat, types of hearts, viscera, skin ... animals, egg yolks, animal liver brains ...
    • Some foods are considered to be "good" to "reduce fat" such as soybean oil, peas, freshly ripened tomatoes, yellow peppers, coriander, celery, fish lettuce, garlic, and banana (banana flowers), green tea, flowers ...

    5. Lifestyle changes to support the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    • Weight loss is of special importance in preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. If you are overweight or obese, reduce the amount of calories you eat each day and increase your physical activity, lower cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.
    • Keep a close eye on your daily calories.
    • Exercise: try to maintain regular exercise, at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
    • Control of diabetes: strictly follow the doctor's orders and closely monitor blood sugar.
    • Protect the liver by not drinking alcohol. Avoid using drugs that are toxic to the liver.
    • Regular health check regularly 1-2 times / year to detect and treat the disease early, make necessary diagnosis as directed by the doctor (if necessary) to promptly detect the progress.

    Currently, the diagnosis of ultrasound elastic liver tissue is the best method to assess lesions in liver parenchyma and degree of cirrhosis, to help diagnose non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis C, liver infection. alcohol fat, chronic kidney stasis. 

    Accordingly, the patient is lying on his back, his right hand is placed behind the head, the operator places the transducer on the interstitial skin of the liver biopsy site and presses with a slight pressure and examines 10 continuous measurements at the same location. The machine will automatically calculate the average value. The result is analyzed by the machine and gives a specific number.

    The advantage of the technique is that it is non-invasive, easy to achieve in obese patients



    Thyroid cancer can be cured if detected early

    Thyroid cancer is cancer is more common in women, accounting for 90% of cases of cancer in the endocrine glands. If timely detected early, the disease can cure.

    1. Symptoms get know thyroid cancer

    In the early stages, thyroid cancer is almost no symptoms, only detect the disease through testing periodically.

    In the later stages, prominent symptoms of thyroid cancer is appearance mass in the thyroid gland (palpable), also accompanied by other symptoms such as hoarseness, shortness of breath when the tumor presses on the trachea, status, swallow, entangled in cases of tumor encroaching on the esophagus, even at a late stage can cause bone pain due to cancer cells have metastasized to the bone

    It should be noted that the above symptoms can be signs aware of the type of pathology to another, so as to clearly define the disease state, you should go to specialized establishments to explore when in doubt signs of disease.

    2. Treatments for thyroid cancer

    Surgery: This is considered cures the of thyroid cancer papillary and follicular. Depending on location, size, status, metastatic tumors of each patient, the doctor will conduct the surgery by the techniques to suit each person, such as cutting lobe of thyroid, removal of the whole or part of the thyroid gland.

    • Treatment I-131: Is treatment method assist destroy the cancer cells remaining after surgery or the metastatic lesions far.
    • Hormone treatment: Is the method of additional hormone deficiency due to thyroid secretion, helps condition, maintain stability, reduce the risk of appearance of recurrence after treatment.
    • Radiation treatment in addition to: a method of using the radiation beam to destroy cancer cells, however, only used in some special cases.

    For cases of thyroid cancer can be papillary and follicular, patients are often specified cut armor sale part or cut the lobe of thyroid, combined with dredge cervical lymph nodes, if it detects signs of lymphadenopathy through clinical tests. In addition, the doctor just make a decision removal of the entire thyroid gland when the condition worsens, or recurs after treatment.

    Cases of thyroid cancer spinal cord, this method of treatment is removal of the entire thyroid gland, dredge cervical lymph nodes and radiation therapy support due to the level of malignancy and recurrence rate of this cancer is very high.

    Cases of thyroid cancer does not differentiate, in the case of longer able to surgery, will conduct the removal of the entire thyroid gland at the same time, dredge cervical lymph nodes radical. If there is no possibility of surgery, then will adopt methods of treatment by tracheostomy or open stomach, combining radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

    3. Treatments thyroid cancer papillary

    Diagnostic methods of thyroid cancer papillary

    Due to the peculiarities disease should thyroid cancer papillary is often confused with diseases of the nasopharynx. So, biopsy is the method of diagnosis common and for the most accurate results currently to identify patients who have been diagnosed with cancer of the nasopharynx does not, as well as to know the development of the disease. Method of biopsy will be performed according to standard procedures, in combination with the ultrasound to ensure the accuracy at the highest level.

    Treatments thyroid cancer papillary

    Cancer of the thyroid, but is thyroid cancer the most common survival rate over 5 years approximately 95% and survival rate over 10 years about 90%. If detection and treatment of cancer can be papillary, phase I, collection efficiency is as high and prolong life, maybe even completely off.

    Based on the status of the disease that choose to use one of the methods of treatment after surgery:

    • Endocrine therapy: inhibits the growth of cancer cells that are left, minimizing the risk of recurrence.
    • Treatment I-131: Support treatment after surgery to destroy cancer cells remaining or in the case of cancer distant metastases.

    During treatment, patients need to pay attention implementation of the live healthy, eat in moderation and reasonable. In addition, after treatment, patients note the use of foods low in fat, high in fiber and absolutely forbidden the use of stimulants like tobacco, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

    System hospital international Vinmec is one of the medical facilities in the treatment of diseases related to the endocrine glands. Aims to protect the health comprehensive, customer can refer to Package screening, screening the pathology of the thyroid gland at the base Vinmec across the country. Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic or contact us here for assistance.


      Kudzu has what effect?

      Kudzu is a climbing plant belonging to the legume family, is cultivated in many places in our country to make food and medicine. Most of the parts of the plant kudzu are used to cure diseases.

      The effects of kudzu

      Most of the parts of the plant kudzu are used to cure diseases. Song parts preferably roots (or tubers cassava) is harvested in winter, spring. Tubers cassava is dug up and washed sand, remove outer layers, cut or sliced, then dried or dried in Oriental medicine called the sand flats.

      According to Oriental medicine, kudzu sweet, cool, have the the the recession heat, speaking penetrates diagnosis, new born just thirsty balance only spell, often used to treat diseases such as fever due to psychic pain, neck pain, neck headaches, measles, high fever, thirst, diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, high blood pressure, anemia, heart attack, nosebleeds, vomiting blood, hemorrhoids bleeding and ear tinnitus deafness.

      The drug from kudzu

      1.Curing small children feel, style, temperature, vomiting, headache

      Kudzu 30g crushed crushed decoction with 2 cups of water, bring to shallow left 1 bowl, great-grandchildren fetch water (remove pulp) cooked porridge with 50g rice, add a little ginger life and honey, and feeding children during the day. Taking in 3 – 5 days.

      2. Cure alcohol poisoning

      Drinking too much alcohol cause spleen damage, spitting or vomiting blood, the fever, urination redness.

      Flower of kudzu 30g, hoang lien 4g, talc 30g (hydroplane), licorice powder 15g, scattering into a fine powder, mixed with water, complete membership, each taking 3g, trick pills with cool water. Or you can apply soluble powder kudzu along with a cup of water then add the sugar and finally grate 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, can add ice for easy drinking. Case do not want to drink sugar, can replace with a pinch of salt, this approach would be difficult to use more than the effect that it brings a lot more efficient. We can use 1 way the other is to use 30gr kudzu + 4gr hoang lien + 30gr talc + 15gr licorice dispersed into a fine powder, then mixed with water to drink.

      3. Refreshments

      Tubers of kudzu thai slab and the small amount of equal, the two brought scattered crumbs, dried or dried, mix thoroughly and place in sealed containers to use. Each day take 30g tapioca starch packed in canvas bag, tie tightly the mouth and took the baffle with boiling water in sealed containers, after 20 minutes it used to be, drink tea instead of days. This is the type of beverage very good for those who suffer from high blood pressure, headache, temperature, mouth, neck, shoulder aches.

      Air-powder kudzu into cold boiled water, add sugar, stir. About summer the at heavy physical labor or long-distance travel fatigue, drink powder, kudzu helps to reduce thirst, tired, anti-is heatstroke. You can use powdered kudzu in collaboration with pennywort for more cool and effective way to do the following: Take 20g pennywort, washed, smashed, add boiling water to cool down squeeze the water and mix with 10g flour, tapioca starch , add sugar drink. Or cooked to eat. Republic powdered kudzu with of white sugar along with water and cooked like flour. In addition, powder kudzu is also used as the adhesive in the dosage pill.

      4. Improve round 1 thanks to kudzu

      According to scientists, in the ingredients of kudzu are rich in protein and lexithin have a stimulating effect, producing estrogen – the female hormone so helps to round 1 of women more fully rounded and toned. Women of old for that, drink powder, kudzu medium help to regulate the body after menstrual cycle just stimulate round a natural development, help the mould, boobs, plump, budding more.

      The way is very simple, monthly, after the menstrual cycle you just mix flour, tapioca cord with warm water add a little sugar and then drink. Drink 2 times in the morning and evening in the first day after menstruation, and once 1 day for the next day. Just persevere and apply this way within many months, you will see ring size 1 is markedly improved. Not only that, water kudzu can cooler will heat the body, helping ruddy skin, reduce acne.

      In addition to the way to drink the powder of kudzu, you can combine flour tapioca starch along with other ingredients to change the taste.

      5. Treatment of freckles

      The ability to treat freckles of cassava derived from a group active Isoflavone contained in the tubers cassava, activity of Estrogen similar to the hormone Estrogen in women. The high will hormone replacement is disorders, stabilize their operations, prevents the excessive secretion of the pigment melanin reduces the penetration of melasma. In addition, Isoflavones also as antioxidants, slowing the aging process in the body.

      To treat freckles, you use about 1⁄2 cup tomato juice, bring mix with 1 spoon of powder of kudzu. After exfoliation on the face, you spread this mixture on the skin, combined with a gentle massage for to when the mixture dry on your skin and then wash your face with warm water.

      6. Treatment of heatstroke, sunstroke

      Heatstroke, sunstroke under stock hit try of traditional medicine, in other words, is being hit by sun, hit hot, with symptoms of face redness, digestion, sweat out such as bathing, light-headedness, dizziness, blackouts, fall, heavier fainting, insensibility. Can use about 40g tubers cassava fresh, washed sand, chopped, smashed, squeezed water, add a little salt, stir, drink. Patients will quickly recover.

      Or with case patients feel the sun accompanied by fever, headache, hot, natural, vomiting oẹ: Use 12g powdered cassava with sugar to drink or use 20g sand base, 12g, peas, crushed stamping, water decoction drink during the day.

      7. Acne

      Acne is the most recent obsession of puberty. However, when treating acne, you should not be too hot in a hurry that persistence combined treatment both inside and outside.If you have tried all the ways but still no effect, so try to use powder kudzu acne treatment with recipe in the drink in addition to apply it.Powdered kudzu , heat effects and detoxify very high, will quickly repel the toxin accumulation inside your body, reduce breakouts quickly and restore skin effectively.How to make powdered kudzu to treat acne as follows:Inside: Mix flour, tapioca starch and chickpea flour along with a bit of sugar for easy drinking, drink 2 cups per day, or if no drink is powder kudzu life, you can cooked tapioca with a little sugar and use daily. In addition, use of tubers of cassava and green beans, boil drinking water each day is also extremely effective.

      Outside: Mix 20g powder kudzu with 20g chickpea flour and 1 teaspoon of honey until the mixture is gelatinous. Apply this mixture on your face with a thin layer, leave on for about 20-30 minutes then rinse with cold water. Mask powder kudzu associated with green beans have a cooling effect the skin, detoxification, inflammatory focus at the same time to quickly make the acne spots se back and disappear.

      On this is the use of kudzu for health. However, according to TS. Ho Thu Mai – nutrition Department, hospital Vinmec note: Powder kudzu welding, heat very strong, so do not drink more than 1 glass/day and should only add a little sugar. With pregnant women, if the body is hot, then this is a drink cooling, good. But if pregnant women feel tired, passive, it absolutely should not drink because of the cold of kudzu as makes mom pregnant, more tired, increased contraction the uterus. On the other hand, if often drink powder, kudzu for too much sugar will the sugar that will make the powder of kudzu counterproductive, causing a risk of obesity, diabetes.

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        Causes pregnant insomnia in pregnancy

        In the stage of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are suffering from disorders of the sleep, in which the phenomenon of insomnia accounted for 90%. The article below will help us to better understand the reasons why pregnant insomnia in pregnancy.

        In the early stages of pregnancy, often the mother will sleep more due to the change of the body when to strengthen the mobilization of blood and oxygen to create the placenta nourishes the fetus. However, in the last months of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are experiencing insomnia. Insomnia while pregnant may be due to the following reasons:

        1. Mood, anxiety, stress

        Pregnancy, body pregnant women appeared pregnancy hormone (also known as progesterone), causing mood the mother becomes sensitive, easy to feel anxious or angry because of small things. In addition, the worry about the development of the plan after childbirth, the family relationships – social can also affect the psychology of pregnant mothers, thereby leading to symptoms of insomnia when pregnant.

        Therefore, women during pregnancy should pay attention to keep the mood comfortable, relaxing. In the case of not feeling happy because matter what that you should confide in, share with your friends and family to be cleared.

        2. Digestive problems

        More about the last months of pregnancy, the fetus growing cause stomach pinched, causing the food being pushed back up the esophagus. Further, during pregnancy, the digestive system of the mother is also less active leads to a situation of food is stagnant in the stomach longer, causing the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, constipation.

        In addition, due to the addition of too many nutrients in the duration of pregnancy makes the body pregnant does not absorb all your nutrients cause backlog, along with the hormonal changes during pregnancy combined with the digestive problems said on making the mother appear indigestion, sleep not deep, and insomnia.

        Apply diet scientific, complete quality and punctuality will help to improve the digestive problems make pregnant women have more restful sleep. Drink a cup of hot milk before bedtime is a good idea for the mom, pregnant, pregnant, or suffer from insomnia.

        3. Respiratory problems

        In the early stages of pregnancy, the hormonal changes, the breath of the mother becomes slow and deep, leading to feelings of breathing difficulties. Step on to the later stages, when the uterus invasive and pinched the diaphragm, impedes the activity of the diaphragm makes pregnant women more and feel more breathless. This also means that pregnant mothers need to breathe more to get enough oxygen supply for the body. According to statistics, the volume of breathing of women could increase by 40% during pregnancy, but the amount of oxygen increased by only 20%, demonstrating the mother breathe out carbon dioxide more than usual. The content of carbon dioxide in the blood low make pregnant mothers feel the body fatigue, affecting quality of life in which there is sleep.

        4. Fetal development day a big

        The development of the fetus growing make the mother hard to find a comfortable sleeping posture that are safe for the child, which leads to insomnia.

        Experts recommended to lie on your left side is the posture most suitable for pregnant mothers. In addition, can use pillow dedicated for pregnant women to improve the quality of sleep.

        5. Heart rate increased

        During pregnancy, the heart has to work more than normal to pump blood to the womb. This is also a cause of insomnia in pregnant women.

        6. Frequent urine, night and high content of Urea increased

        During pregnancy, the kidneys have to work more than 30 – 50% compared with normal, leading to concentration of Urea increases and the bladder contains much urine over. In addition, as the uterus grows big pinched bladder causing discomfort and to urinate frequently, including during the night leading to insomnia, sleep is not deep in pregnant women.

        7. Cramps and back pain

        Cramps often appear suddenly in the thighs, calves and then transformed into the pain pregnancy causes the sleep of pregnant mothers interrupted. This phenomenon usually takes place in the last months of pregnancy.

        Another cause is also easy to cause insomnia in pregnant women is due when the abdomen is growing, legs and back have to bear the weight of the body leads to the condition back pain during pregnancy.

        8. Morning sickness

        The first months of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will appear symptoms sick morning sickness such as fatigue, anorexia, nausea, fatigue… The body is not comfortable is also one of the causes of insomnia in pregnant mothers.

        9.Lack of vitamin B

        Body lack of B vitamins can lead to a situation of insomnia, sleep is not sleep in pregnant women. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention supplements of vitamin B in the body; however should drink early in the morning, avoid drinking in the evening in case supplemented by an oral dose.

        Usually a day people spend 1/3 time to sleep, so sleep is extremely important. So, the pregnant mothers need to pay attention construction, mode of living and proper nutrition to improve sleep during pregnancy, avoid harm to the health of mother and baby.

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          Abdominal pain before and during menstrual period lasts for how long?

          Most cases of dysmenorrhea usually begin to appear during menstruation. Abdominal pain in menstrual period lasts about 48 – 72 hours, but there are still a number of cases lasting more than

          1. Abdominal pain before menstruation lasts how long?

          Menstruation is the natural phenomenon of the woman’s body, appear monthly, in each cycle, starting from the time women reach puberty, and particularly important in reproductive age. However, sometimes menstrual leave is concern for with no little sister by bouts of abdominal pain, the torment.

          Dysmenorrhea , also known as the newexpression with many different levels, there’s only mild pain, transient, having the dull pain lasts for few hours to many days, or maybe pain into bouts of intense.

          A few cases of dysmenorrhea appear after ovulation, i.e. before menstruation accompanied by symptoms of chest pain, headache. Typically, the abdominal pain before menstruation lasts how long depending on health status and physiology of each person, the majority lasting approximately from 10 days to 2 weeks before menstruation. This is normal physiology in women, signs body have the phenomenon of ovulation, and hardly worrisome.

          2. Abdominal pain in menstrual period lasts how long?

          Most cases of dysmenorrhea usually begin to appear during menstruation. Abdominal pain in menstrual period lasts about 48 – 72 hours, but there are still a number of cases last longer. Pain levels high most usually falls on the day the amount of blood the out the most.

          Women often suffer from dysmenorrhea in adolescence. This phenomenon will most likely improve more when older, especially after having a baby.

          Consequences of menstrual cramps not only cause women to fall into a state of discomfort, fatigue, worry, but also can affect the health of women if not treated early with respect to the unusual signs, especially reproductive health, causing infertility, infertility in women.

          3. What to do if there are signs of menstrual pain abnormal?

          Women should visit with the gynecologist when there are manifestations of dysmenorrhea severe, such as pain more than usual, menorrhagia or irregular menstruation. Purpose of the visit is to determine the exact cause to have the direction of proper treatment.

          Doctor can make visits to the vagina to check the uterus, ovaries, nothing unusual or not, so as to have the base a diagnosis or exclude a number of causes of menstrual pain.

          To determine the exact cause, the doctor can appoint to conduct the tests, such as:

          • Blood test, general urine analysis.
          • Gynaecological ultrasound: Helps to check for abnormalities in the genital organs.
          • Laparoscopy under anesthesia: the agency, if necessary can perform tissue biopsy.
          • Laparoscopy hysteroscopy: Inserted endoscope into the uterus through the vagina to check and detect the unusual.
          • A few other cases to conduct gynaecological ultrasound can find out is the unusual.

          Dysmenorrhea , however, is the phenomenon of normal physiology in women, but sometimes is indication of serious pathology. Therefore, when the abnormal manifestations, the patient should be presented with a doctor to get timely treatment, avoid the complications that are harmful for reproductive health.

          Screening, screening the pathology gynecological pathology basic at hospital international Vinmec apply to women when encounter the problem like:

          • Abnormal bleeding from the vaginal area
          • Problems menstrual: cycle prolonged abnormal, menstruation irregular
          • Vaginal discharge abnormal (smell, other colors normal)
          • Dysmenorrhea lasts, itching private parts

          A customer when visits will be made to check:

          • See a specialist gynecology
          • Ultrasound of the uterus the ovaries through the vagina
          • Ultrasound mammary glands both sides
          • Tests such as Treponema pallidum rapid test, Chlamydia rapid test, take swabs do shale map, cervical cell – vaginal, bacteria staining soi ( pussy women), HPV genotype PCR automatic system,
          • Total analysis of urine by automatic machines.

          With a team of medical doctors is the industry’s top experts, high professional level, devotedly and wholeheartedly for the benefit of the patient. System, modern equipment to support diagnosis and effective treatment help detect early disease the pathology of inflammation help treat easy, inexpensive. Screening early detection of gynaecological cancer (cervical Cancer)

          Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic or contact us here for assistance

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            Brushing how is the right way?

            Guide children to brush their teeth properly is one of the methods of protection and dental care for children that parents should do when children start teething and when baby is over 1 year old.

            1. Baby brushing teeth every day, bring what benefits?

            • Help remove the plaque on tooth surfaces, hold the dental is always clean.
            • Help minimize the dental diseases caused by bacteria, such as caries, gingivitis.
            • Brushing is not the right way to create conditions for bacteria to grow and attack the teeth, gum disease, worn tooth enamel and causing sensitivity, tooth sensitivity.
            • Brush your teeth too vigorously can also affect and damage the gums, causing gingivitis and receding gums.

            2. When should baby teeth?

            When the baby is not yet teething, parents have hygiene teeth gums for children with gauze soft clean warm water or salt water dilution.

            With baby from 6 – 12 months of age, at this stage, most of the baby is already grow to be about 8 teeth and molars are in stage papillary up. At this time, dental care for baby teeth is very necessary. So there are no less cases of children with dental caries at this stage can severely affect the teeth, when the child grows permanent teeth.

            From 1.5 years of age, your baby loves to imitate the actions of parents and people around, so for baby teeth this stage will help your baby to gradually build the habit of brushing your teeth receive brushing and do this job well.

            When young, in the period from 4 – 6 years of age, this is the stage the child has grow nearly enough teeth, in addition to routine brushing every day, parents need to guide children to brush their teeth properly in order to protect dental health for your baby is best.

            3. Baby teeth at any time of the day?

            Parents should build the habit for brushing teeth at least 2 times/day, after breakfast and before bedtime.

            In addition, after lunch or other meals also need brushing to ensure food is not sticking on the tooth surface.

            Note, need to wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking foods and drinks have more acid, for example as citrus fruits, or fruit juice. Brushing too soon after acid is still likely to impact on the enamel coating of teeth will make the tooth enamel prone to damage, leading to the risk of tooth enamel is destroyed. If you can’t wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth, so rinse your mouth first with water 2 times to reduce the impact of acid.

            4. Guide children to brush their teeth properly

            • Step 1: Rinse your mouth with water to clean the oral cavity.
            • Step 2: Rinse the brush before brushing, then take a amount of toothpaste just enough. For young children, amount of toothpaste just enough, just about a pea.
            • Step 3: Place the brush horizontally and tilt approximately 45 degrees to the gum line, the first bristles have contact with both teeth and gums. Guide baby brushing the outside first, including all teeth in the upper jaw and the lower jaw by brushing from the upper jaw down and from the lower jaw up or spin toothbrush.
            • Step 4: Gave the inside of the teeth similar to the outer side. Gave all the teeth in the upper jaw and the lower jaw by movements brush up, down or rotating.
            • Step 5: Next, guide children to brush their teeth chewing by placing the bristles of the brush parallel to the chewing of the teeth, then gently put the brush inside and out about 10 times.
            • Step 6: Brush the top surface of the tongue from the inside out by usual tooth brush or maybe by using brush blade for professional use to remove the odor causing bacteria.
            • Step 7: clean the back of the oral cavity by gargling with water so no toothpaste in the mouth. In this step, parents should note remind the baby spit foam out, because the first time most babies often swallow the toothpaste. Rinse the brush, dry it by plugging the bristles pointing upwards, the handle at the bottom.

            5. The note about helping children brush their teeth

            • After brushing, parents should help children use dental floss to clean between teeth to prevent the plaque or leftover food in your teeth, so this is the main cause of tooth decay in young children.
            • Absolute is not to baby brushing teeth horizontally, because this is one of the causes leading to the pathology of dental such as gingivitis, worn teeth.
            • Brushing time should be from 2 – 3 minutes.
            • Should choose the brush for baby teeth kind of hairy, round, soft, small, matching the size of the teeth to avoid hurting your gums and to achieve effective brushing best.
            • Should I replace the brush at least 3 months to ensure dental health. If the brush to long or brush was hardening will cause a lot of harm to teeth.
            • Should only use toothpaste with high content of flour suitable, in addition, in the cream must also contain bactericidal substances, anesthesia, by preventing tartar, sodium bicarbonate, certain enzymes have the effect of increasing antiseptic properties of saliva.

            Baby brushing teeth properly helps protect dental health, avoid the risk of lead to diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, or halitosis can cause children lost teeth.

            Besides, parents should also make baby dental examinations at least 3-6 months/times to be doctor reviews dental condition help your baby to have 1 teeth strong and healthy.

            Medical Related Specialist , a new pair of 03 specialist: Eye – Ear-Nose-Throat – oral and maxillofacial at hospital international Vinmec Times City is a address examination and treatment of diseases of the teeth of small children is the parent trust.

            With the dedication and passion of our team of doctors of Dental at the hospital always brings customers with high quality, best service. Science Related specialty is working with leading experts at other hospitals in the country and the country in addition to diagnosis and treatment that aims to bring effective medical treatment best for customers..

            Parents can directly take the child to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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            This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

              Note when oral hygiene for preschool children

              Oral hygiene for kids is one of the basic and most important in the care of their teeth. Baby have healthy teeth will look more beautiful, feel comfortable, more confident.

              1. Benefits of oral hygiene for the preschool child

              • There are many parents take lightly the issue of care and protection dental health for children that don’t know that the majority of disease in the body comes from dental.
              • The study showed there are approximately 700 types of bacteria harbored in the oral cavity. Most of the bacteria are related or may be the cause of the problems and pathologies of the cardiovascular. Therefore, dental care for baby is very important and necessary.
              • Children to be cared for and have good dental health will also be aware of the importance of the issue to preserve oral hygiene, and training skills to brush teeth correctly. Young also know the food, drinks are good for teeth and gums.

              2. Way oral hygiene for preschool children

              • As soon as first milk teeth grows up, parents should brush their teeth 2 times/day.
              • Maintain oral hygiene for your baby, remind children to brush their teeth 2 times/day, each at least 2 minutes.
              • Should options for baby toothbrush type bristle brush so soft size small, fits baby’s mouth, short handle for baby to hold.
              • Dental care for baby by selection and use toothpaste exclusively for small children as well as in accordance with each stage of the child. Children under 3 should use toothpaste with a high content of fluoride low (less than 600ppm). Children over 3 years old can use toothpaste normal, however the content of fluoride should be no more than 1500ppm.
              • Should change your toothbrush every 3 months/time or when you see the bristles have frayed or hardening, so as not to cause abrasions of the teeth and gums of the baby.
              • Children from 3 years of age should be combined with the use of dental floss to increase the efficiency of cleaning teeth.
              • Should teach baby about tooth decay by telling baby listen to the story, play the game guides how dental care for children, when the child is old enough to understand. Taught children from preschool age will help them form the habit of dental care properly and maintained throughout life.
              • If the baby understands the importance of oral hygiene, will help her raise awareness and workout brush your teeth properly and regularly.

              3. The note when oral hygiene for preschool children

              To baby teeth healthy, parents should note the following issues:

              • When detected in the oral cavity of the baby there are blisters or strange signs, you should take baby to the doctor to be able to diagnose and have treatment timely.
              • When bringing your baby to the dental clinic, parents need dental hygiene for the child, remove the food, plaque on the teeth to not affect the results of medical examination of the baby.
              • When movement or run much, leading to dehydration in the body, reducing the amount of saliva and functions to prevent the periodontal disease. Therefore, will create conditions for the bacteria that cause tooth decay grow and accumulate bacteria. So, tooth care for kids at this is need to supplement and give the baby to drink adequate water when baby multiple activity. However, it should be restricted for drinking water have sugar or water contains much acid, to avoid damaging the enamel of the baby.
              • When she met dental problems will affect other parts on the body, can increase the risk of heart disease in young children (higher than 4 times normal). When the baby have signs of tooth pain, it is likely to the digestive system of the baby having problems, parents need to pay more attention to the health of the child.
              • In the matter of dental care for baby need note should not use pain medication when treatment of dental disease for young children, because can, this will make bleeding teeth more.
              • When see little signs of gingivitis and bleeding tooth means that the teeth of the baby have been infested.
              • Small children often like to eat sweet candy, but sweet food is not necessarily the cause lead to tooth decay. To detect promptly the problems dental care for baby, to note a number of eating habits, other as the baby refuses to eat or like to eat sour foods, this also can be the cause damage the enamel of the child.
              • Observe the tongue of the baby to know the child has problems dental not. If the blade of red, i.e. the heart of the baby has problems. Conversely, the blades are green news is liver or gallbladder problem. The blades are gray-brown, i.e. the digestive system of the baby is not healthy.

              Way dental care for children especially preschool children are very important to help children limit these health problems due to the majority of diseases in the body are derived from dental.

              Besides, parents should also make baby dental examinations at least 3-6 months/times to be doctor reviews dental condition help your baby to have 1 teeth strong and healthy.

              href=””>Medical Related Specialist , a new pair of 03 specialist: Eye – Ear-Nose-Throat – oral and maxillofacial at hospital international Vinmec Times City is a address examination and treatment of diseases of the teeth of small children is the parent trust.

              With the dedication and passion of our team of doctors of Dental at the hospital always brings customers with high quality, best service. Science Related specialty is working with leading experts at other hospitals in the country and the country in addition to diagnosis and treatment that aims to bring effective medical treatment best for customers..

              Parents can directly take the child to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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                Diet for patients with kidney failure

                So characteristic of the disease should people with nephrotic syndrome need a diet separate. Accordingly, patients should limit food much salt, fat, cholesterol. Instead it is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.

                1. Principle diet for patients with kidney failure

                • Reduced sodium (less salt): Reducing sodium in the diet daily can help reduce the condition of hypertension and edema. Most people consume a large amount of sodium from salt in most dishes. So, a prerequisite to help reduce sodium is to reduce the amount of salt taken into the body.
                • Reduce total cholesterol and LDL – the bad cholesterol by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber.
                • Choose foods rich in lean protein: The protein needs for muscle development and anti-infections include poultry, eggs, fish, shrimp, crab, legumes; and reduced red meat. However, the volume of protein you put into your body will change according to each period and will be recommended by the treating physician.
                • Restrict water intake as prescribed by your doctor;
                • Restrictions of potassium, phosphorus in the kidney patients is the loss of function was confirmed by the specialist doctor.
                • Limit your intake of food contains harmful fats such as saturated fats are in milk, animal fats; trans fats contained in the processed foods, hydrogenated oils a part of fast food.

                2. The food recommended when suffering from nephrotic syndrome

                Chicken eggs: chicken Eggs is sweet, calm, effect, investment, big profit apples, nourishing the blood, an thai used to nutritious, cure dry cough, hoarseness, red eyes, throat pain, pregnancy non-yen products, anal, oral thirst, dysentery, burns. Limitations at the level of 2 eggs every day, eat only the whites or use the replacement food eggs.

                Chicken egg has a sweet taste, nutritious, good for patients with kidney failure. However, each day should only eat a maximum of 2 eggs, eat only the whites or use the food has ingredients similar to eggs or components contained eggs.

                Pork: According to oriental medicine, pork help patients recover better in cases of bacterial infections, high fever, dehydration, dry cough, constipation, diabetes mellitus, cachexia due to lack of nutrition.

                Duck meat: According to oriental medicine, duck meat is considered as food supplement yin. All parts of the duck such as bile, liver secretion, gizzard, all have good effects for the body.

                Mussels: According to oriental medicine, the mussels taste medium sweet, medium salty, welding properties. Mussels has the effect detoxify, cool the liver, clear heat and diuretic.

                Son: Son also is food good in the case of yin as hot sauce (tuberculosis, diabetes), dry cough, insomnia, pain, fatigue of waist, edema, sub-less, transparent, tropical, white blood, inflammation, swollen glands, thyroid adenoma, jaundice.

                Three by three: three by Three has a good effect in cases of fever, bone aches and pains due to rheumatism syndrome, chronic dysentery, thrombosis, white blood, the form of tumor and swelling. Food is good for people is yin.

                Sea cucumber: Sea cucumber is a food supplement yin, kidney-ons, cum, and blood nourishing, and the profits apple and is used to cure diseases such as the pathology of the kidneys, urination, constipation. In addition, there are effects in the prevention cancer, tumor, syndrome, blood thinning, helps reduce blood fat, reduce blood sugar.

                Bank, turkey: According to traditional medicine, banking, Turkish, sweetness, light gas utility kidney, blood anime, blood bank, Turkish, is used for cases of asthenia, tuberculosis, tracheobronchitis, concept, blood, talks blood, dry mouth, dry throat, burning, burning, gnawing the stomach, cure dysentery, hemorrhoids, toothache, menstrual irregularities; increased blood pressure, constipation…

                Century electronics: Has a sweet taste, use, private, pussy, kidney useful life effective with those suffering from chronic kidney yin cause headaches, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, waist knees ache. Especially good for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, damaged by tuberculosis.

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                  The screening need to do in trimester second most (the first 3 months) of pregnancy

                  Trimester second most (the first 3 months of pregnancy) is the time to conduct the prenatal screening aimed at early detection of some genetic disorders, certain in children, especially Down syndrome (three chromosomes number 21), and disorders of three chromosomes number 18.

                  1.Overview of screening tests before birth during the first three months of pregnancy

                  Prenatal screening when pregnancy first trimester consists of two steps:

                  • Blood tests of pregnant women to measure the concentration of two substances special appearance during pregnancy is: pregnancy – associated plasma protein – A (PAPP – A) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
                  • Pregnancy ultrasound to measure the size of the fuzzy nape fetus.

                  Often, prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy is performed at the time points between week 11 and week 14 of pregnancy.

                  Based on the age of the pregnant women, blood test results, ultrasound findings, specialist doctor can prognosis ability to the fetus is suffering from Down’s syndrome or disorders of three chromosomes number 18 or not.

                  If the final result shows the risk in the average or high-risk pregnant women should be doing more of the screening tests before birth other to be able to more accurately determine.

                  2. Why should testing prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy?

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy was conducted to assess the risk of the fetus suffers from Down syndrome and disorders of three chromosomes number 18.

                  Down syndrome to the defect life-the mental, the development of social as well as physical problems in the child. Disorders three chromosome number of 18 was more serious, and often child death at age 1.

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy does not assess risk of neural tube defects, e.g. spina bifida.

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy has the advantage that can proceed sooner in comparison with screening tests before the other students, thus bringing the ability to assess the risk sooner. This means that pregnant women have more time to think choices have to do extra screening tests before the other or not, think about the process of pregnancy, about the treatments and issues in the stage of labor as well as postpartum. If the fetus is at risk of developing Down syndrome, pregnant women also have more time to prepare the possibility of special care for the child after this.

                  The screening tests before other students can perform in the later stages of pregnancy. For example, test four is a blood test be done in the time between the 15th week and 20th week of pregnancy. Advantages of test four is not only on price is the risk of the fetus suffering from Down’s syndrome, disorders of the three chromosome number 18, but also add both neural tube defects (e.g. spina bifida). Doctors can combine all results of screening tests before birth during the first three months of pregnancy with the results of tests four to increase accuracy when the amount of possibility of fetus suffering from Down syndrome.

                  Results of tests prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy only to know the risk that the fetus may suffer from Down syndrome or disorders of three chromosomes number 18, not the conclusion determines the fetus is trapped or not.

                  3. Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy risk what?

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy is completely safe, does not occur the risk of miscarriage or any complications any other.

                  4. What should prepare before testing prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy?

                  Pregnant women do not need to prepare anything special before the test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy, even eating pregnant women also do not need to fast or abstinence at all.

                  5. Process tests prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy like?

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy to conduct blood tests of pregnant women and ultrasound.

                  With blood tests, medical staff will usually take blood samples from a vein on the arm of pregnant women, this blood sample will be taken to the laboratory for analysis.

                  When do pregnancy ultrasound, the doctor will use the probe placed on the abdomen of pregnant women to detect and receive the sound waves. The reflected wave will be displayed in image form on the screen, and look at the screen the doctor will conducted to measure the size gap from the nape of the fetus. Ultrasound is completely painless, totally no harm.

                  6. Get the test results, prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy like?

                  src=”” v-zoomable=”34329″ title=”20190717_100332_786818_osobennosti-vtorogo”>

                  The doctor will use the data include the age of the pregnant women, blood test results, ultrasound findings to prognosis the risk of the fetus suffering from Down syndrome or disorders of three chromosomes number 18. The results of tests prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy is expressed as positive or negative, or as a ratio, for example, the fetus has a risk of 1/250 suffering from Down syndrome.

                  Test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy can correctly identify approximately 85% of pregnant woman with the fetus suffering from Down syndrome. There are about 5% of pregnant women suffer from false positives, i.e. the result is positive, but in fact the fetus absolutely no suffering from Down syndrome.

                  When get results, pregnant women note test prenatal screening in the first three months of pregnancy only speaking ability, the risk of the fetus suffering from Down syndrome or disorders of three chromosomes number 18. A results low risk does not guarantee the fetus is not sick, and vice versa, an outcome high risk not able to determine the fetus sure disease.

                  If the results received are positive, the doctor will consult with pregnant women, which involves conducting additional screening tests, other as:

                  • Screening tests prenatal DNA acellular: this is a blood test complex, will examine the DNA of the fetus in the blood of pregnant women, in order to determine the risk of the fetus suffering from Down’s syndrome, disorders of three chromosomes number 13, disorder of three chromosomes number 18. Besides, screening tests prenatal DNA null cells also can check the genetic disorder another. If the result is normally, pregnant women do not need to do extra screening tests before entry.
                  • Villus: villus can analysis be genetic status of the fetus. Villus is usually made in the first three months of pregnancy, when the technical implementation will be conducted taking a sample of placenta for testing. However, villus have a small percentage cause miscarriage.
                  • Fisting amniotic fluid: fisting, amniotic fluid medium can identify the genetic disorder (like Down syndrome) just can detect the neural tube defects (like spina bifida). Fisting amniotic fluid is usually conducted in the third trimester of pregnancy, while conducting technique, a sample of amniotic fluid will be retrieved for testing. Fisting, amniotic fluid also contains a small proportion cause miscarriage.

                  At general hospital, international Vinmec is the full application of the service tests prenatal screening and screening of fetal malformations for accurate results, quickly and safely for the mother. Besides, health system, Vinmec deploy the package, Maternity package, health care, mother and baby from before birth – during birth and after birth.

                  To know more about the Maternity package package Vinmec, You can contact the health system Vinmec across the country HERE

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