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Children with respiratory infections: Recognize danger signs

Children are the main subjects susceptible to respiratory infections, especially when the weather the seasons, causing children to re-disease. Respiratory infections that children encounter difficulty in living and learning, at the same time to long the disease will have the dangerous complications. So how to recognize the danger signs of a child with respiratory infection?

1. Respiratory infection is what?

Respiratory infections are diseases caused by bacteria, virus causing, they cause respiratory injury in various positions including: larynx, trachea, bronchi, ear, nose, throat, lungs.

Respiratory infections include infections of upper respiratory and bacterial infection lower respiratory tract.

  • Infections of upper respiratory tract, including pathologies such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media…
  • Infection lower respiratory tract, including pathologies related to inflammation of the larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs.

Respiratory tract infections in children can leave the stock heavily influenced the later development of the child. So you need to take the child to go to the clinic and timely treatment as soon as you see the child has the danger sign of respiratory infection.

2. Signs a child is respiratory tract infections

The usual signs of children with respiratory tract infections include:

  • Child anorexia or little feeding.
  • Young, tired, or crying, the skin becomes more green.
  • The child is coughing and accompanied by other signs such as diarrhea, runny nose, wheezing.

When the disease from respiratory infections become severe, the child will have danger signs, such as:

  • Young, fast breathing, withdrawal, concave chest.
  • Not sucking, suck less or do not eat, drink be.
  • Vomiting everything, including water.
  • Convulsions, cyanosis, asleep li packaging or difficult to wake the child.
  • Young, irregular breathing.
  • Malnutrition severe.

To get to know a child is breathing abnormally or not parent, the kid need to count the breathing rate of the child in 1 minute by the clock the second hand when the child lay quiet, not crying. Child breathing fast when:

  • Breathing over 60 times/minute for children from 0 to 2 months of age.
  • Breathing over 50 times/minute for child from 2 months to 12 months of age.
  • Breathing over 40 times per minute for children aged 12 months to 5 years old.

Parents need to observe when children inhale exhale, lower chest will be recessed into or hatch out as normal. This is the recognizable sign of breath withdraw concave chest in infants with respiratory infections.

Need to quickly take the child to the medical facility for examination and treatment promptly when children have the signs of the disease become severe.

3. How to take care of children with respiratory infections

Children with respiratory infections can go away if be followed and take good care. Parents need to follow the care instructions below:

  • Need nasal hygiene for children by cotton swab or you can use suction the nose and small physiological saline of 0.9%. Little salt water on each side to dilute the saline, then use the tools the suction tip to remove fluid.
  • When children cough with sputum, should pat his back for young (preferably taken before a meal or after a meal 1h to avoid the child vomits), made by bending the hand at the wrist, then the meniscus again.
  • Should use medication to reduce cough in infants, or may use the herbal medicines are prepared as syrup used for.
  • When a child has a fever, you need to wear cool clothes for kids, remove clothing, use warm water to spary the forehead, armpits, groin for small children and drink a lot of water, sucking more and eat the food easy to digest.
  • When children fever over 38.5 degrees, need to have the designation of doctor in the use of antipyretics in children.
  • Always keep the toilet body and the toilet room in child’s.
  • Mode guarantee adequate nutrition for children to increase resistance.
  • For the child to drink enough water, drink more fruit juice to avoid the risk of dehydration when a child has a fever, upper respiratory tract inflammation.

4. A number of measures to prevent disease from respiratory infections in children

  • The child should be fully vaccinated.
  • Should breastfeed fully when children under 4 months.
  • Nutrition sensible, balanced, full.
  • Help children keep away from source of infection disease, avoid for to the most is where are many people cough.
  • Body hygiene children should wash their hands before and after child care.
  • Child’s bedroom must be clean, cool, avoid children from cigarette smoke, environmental pollution, smoke dust.
  • Kids need to be kept warm when it’s cold or the weather changes.
  • Supply enough water for the young body.

Respiratory infections are the most common pathologies in children, this is also the leading cause causing children to be hospitalized, especially children under 5 years of age. Need to pay attention to the manifestations of the disease to have how to take care of young, proper. If it appears the mark abnormalities need to take the child to go to the clinic and treat immediately to reduce complications and risk of death.

System hospital international Vinmec is the medical facility top in the examination and treatment of respiratory diseases, in which there is acute respiratory distress in infants. Here not only has a team of medical doctors, highly specialized, experienced, system, modern equipment, but also meet the requirements of sterile very rigorous in the treatment of respiratory failure. Parents have the demand, please contact to register with HERE.


    Why infant has a stuffy nose, wheezing?

    Infant size small bow back mainly breathe through the nose so when adverse conditions are prone to nasal congestion. Newborn stuffy nose, wheezing need monitoring, especially when young, have manifested difficulty in breathing because that could be warning signs of severe pathological condition.

    1. Get to know the status of the newborn has a stuffy nose, wheezing

    Babies a stuffy nose can easily detect with the particular expression like: young, runny nose, rapid breathing, cry,…

    Wheezing is the abnormal breathing of the child when inflammation of the lower respiratory tract. The bronchi when is inflammation, there is mucus will be more prone to edema, spasm, obstruction, hindering the circulation of the atmosphere makes respiration becomes difficult, creating wheezing sounds.

    English , wheezing can hear most clearly when young, breathe out, heard the bass. Parents can pressure ear and near the mouth, listen carefully to the breathing of the child. It is best to check breathing when the child lay still. Many cases of children wheezing very difficult to detect, have to check with a stethoscope by your doctor.

    2. Causes of newborn stuffy nose, wheezing

    2.1. Asthma

    Asthma is one of the common causes why babies stuffy nose, wheezing. Asthma is a genetic disease, is chronic inflammation of the airways makes the respiratory system sensitive to many irritants such as dust, smoke, pollen… or the patient can disease after acute respiratory infections. Meanwhile, children will have bouts of wheezing, shortness of breath.

    2.2. Bronchiolitis

    Bronchiolitis is a condition of the lungs or the bronchial infection acute. The bronchioles do not have cartilage, back has a very small size so when the infection and will easily be collapsed, narrowing the airway, causing a blockage of the process of circulation of air, causing children to shortness of breath, wheezing, even the lack of oxygen and respiratory failure.

    2.3. Pneumonia

    Newborn stuffy nose, wheezing due to inflammation of the lungs. This is the condition respiratory infections, heavy, hurt, mu lung tissue. The alveoli have more mucus and pus, causing children to wheeze, respiratory distress.

    In addition, young also may be wheezing caused by a foreign body airway or bronchial pinched….

    3. What to do when babies wheezing?

    When infant wheezing, the parents need to closely monitor. If the child is wheezing prolonged I should go to hospital to check and perform the test in-depth to accurately diagnose the condition.

    Do not arbitrarily give children medication without directed by your doctor, including drugs, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antibiotic…

    Hygiene nose clean, nose drops for children with physiological saline and can suction the nose to remove some mucus helps the nose to unclog it, young can breathe easier.

    For young mothers to provide enough water and nutrients for the body

    Case kids have the dangerous manifestations such as breathing, withdrawal, concave chest, asleep li packaging, the cyanosis disorders knowledge… parents need take the child to hospital immediately.


      The danger of liver cancer

      Liver cancer is common disease in both sexes. The disease progresses quite silently in the early stages, so patients often miss the opportunity the best treatment. So, the possibility of cure and survival time more of the patient’s liver cancer is not high.

      1. Liver cancer there is no danger?

      Liver cancer include primary liver cancer and liver cancer secondary. Primary liver cancer seen in 80% of patients, is the phenomenon of abnormal cells in the liver, growth is not controlled, together with each other into melanoma potentially invasive to the neighboring tissues and in the blood, lymphatic system metastases to the distant organs than on the body. Disease encountered in men more than women, mainly in people over the age of 50 suffer from liver cirrhosis or infectious hepatitis B, C.

      Cancer liver secondary is a disease in which cancer cells derived from other organs metastatic to the liver and formation of malignant tumors in the liver.

      This is one of the types of cancer most popular today and the danger of it just behind lung cancer. Patients with liver cancer may experience complications such as:

      • Liver failure: liver damage, no longer guarantee function, leading to liver failure. This condition occurs when the cells of the liver hurt much.
      • Kidney failure: when the liver functions poorly, the kidneys will have to work harder to filter toxins for the body and long term can lead to kidney failure. Renal impairment reduces the ability to filter and excrete urine, leading to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, endangering the lives of patients.
      • Metastases: is most feared complications of liver cancer. Cancer cells from the liver metastases to the other organs on the body. The treatment in the metastatic stage virtually no results, only aims to prolong the life and reduce unpleasant symptoms for the patient.

      2. Liver cancer live this long?

      Survival time of patients with liver cancer mainly depends on the time of disease detection. Namely:

      • Cancer of the liver stage 1: is the early stages of the disease, the tumor is still localized in the liver, has not spread to the lymph nodes and other organs on the body. When detected at this stage, the treatment is not too complicated. Doctors usually prescribed for surgery to remove the tumor for the patient and then perform the radiation treatment to destroy the cancer cells remaining to prevent the risk of metastases. However, there are also a number of patient cases treated by other methods such as: TOCE, chemotherapy and combined therapy together,… If it is, aggressive treatment at this stage, combined with the physical care, spiritual good, then the opportunity to live on 5 years of patients is approximately 31%.
      • Cancer of the liver stage 2: there are about 30% of patients with liver cancer can detect the disease at this stage. At this time, the tumor was invasive into the blood vessels, spread to many tissues in the liver, tumor size about 5cm, but still has not spread to the lymph nodes and other nearby organs. In phase 2, the method of treatment is preferred use is surgery combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy may be used before surgery to shrink tumor size, surgery more convenient or used after surgery to destroy the cancer cells remaining, prevent the risk of metastases. Patients be treated aggressively with diet, workout science have survival rate more then 5 years is about 19%.
      • Cancer of the liver stage 3: consists of 3 stages is: 3A (can on 1 block u, block u has a minimum size of 5cm, not invasive to the lymph nodes and surrounding organs), 3B (have cancer cells, invasive to the hepatic vein but has not spread to the lymph nodes and adjacent parts) and 3C (cancer cells spread to nearby organs like the gallbladder, but not yet invasive agencies in the far). Depending on each stage, the level of development of tumors, and condition of the patient that the doctor will specify the treatment individually for each person. These treatments are commonly applied in this stage is radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery or the button circuit. The opportunity to live on 5 years of patients with cancer of the liver stage 3 at about 11%.
      • Liver cancer stage 4: as stage malignant cells in the liver was invasive to the lymph nodes and some organs on the body such as the lungs, bones, colon, brain,… The treatment of cancer at this stage is very difficult because of the tumor size and the patient’s health is gradually depleted. Treatments for liver cancer stage 4 is mainly chemotherapy or combined chemotherapy with radiation therapy to reduce side effects and prolong life for more patients. Time live on 5 years of liver cancer stage 4 only 3%.

      Survival time of patients with liver cancer depends on many factors such as disease stage, level progression, health status, and tolerability of the body,… the best Way to prolong life is the patient should adhere strictly to the treatment regimen of a doctor and plan nutritional care, spiritual good.

      The danger of liver cancer has shown the importance of the games control, early disease detection. So hospital international Vinmec has to offer for customers Package screening and early detection liver cancer to screening pathology of liver cancer for those who are at high risk for diseases such as: alcoholic beer with liver cirrhosis, have family history of liver cancer, cirrhosis, infection with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, chronic…

      Pick Pack services screening and early detection liver cancer, the patient will be examination, consultation and implementation of laboratory, diagnostic imaging to assess liver function, the disease seen in the liver, and screening liver cancer. System with modern machinery and a team of doctors, highly specialized, experienced, Vinmec commits to protect the best health of the patient.

      To learn more about the methods of testing for liver cancer at Vinmec, You can contact the Hotline of the hospitalor registered clinic online HERE.

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        The risk factors for cerebral vascular accident

        Cerebral vascular accident is patients at risk of fatal top, behind only cancer and cardiovascular. The sufferer may also encounter the symptoms following a stroke as heavy as disabled for life. So, when there appear signs of disease should bring patients to medical facilities as quickly as possible to take advantage of the golden time save patient’s life

        1. Cerebral vascular accident is what?

        Of cerebrovascular accident or commonly known as brain stroke, which occurs often due to cerebral vascular rupture or occlusion leads to many complications or even possible death.

        Depending on the part of the brain is hurt, that patients with cerebral vascular accident will meet the various complications which the common complications are:

        • Paralysis of arms, legs, half or full body, this complication can be overcome by the implementation of physical therapy.
        • Bell’s palsy due to paralysis of the muscles of the face causing the disease complications encountered difficulties in communicating and eating
        • Dementia, poor memory.
        • Lost the ability to care for yourself.

        Cerebral vascular accident is divided into two main types as cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.

        2. The identification signs of cerebrovascular accident

        Cerebral vascular accident can cause many symptoms such as headache, disorder of consciousness… but we just need to remember at least 1 of the 3 groups signs after sudden appearance the risk of stroke from 90-95%, which is the sign F. A. S. T:

        • Facial paralysis (Face): Oral patients will be deflected to one side.
        • Weakness, paralysis, hand (Arm) or legs: The patient can not hold, grasp or difficulty walking
        • Language disorder (Speech): Hard to say, do not speak or speech is not clear…

        If there is at the same time 3 signs on very high risk patients with stroke should be urgently need to quickly call an ambulance, bringing patients to medical facilities as quickly as possible to take advantage of the golden time save patient’s life.

        3. The risk of cerebral vascular accident

        3.1 the Risk of not can the impact be

        • Age of join over 45 years old
        • Gender (male more common than female)
        • Race
        • Genetic.

        These factors can not impact the, but the appearance of it puts these objects into high-risk groups, therefore, require early detection and addressing the other risk factors that we can impact is.

        3.2 risk factors can impact be

        • Arterial hypertension: hypertension is a risk factor important for all types of cerebral vascular accident. When blood pressure increases, easy to cause damage to endothelium of vessels. Control of hypertension in diastolic and increase in systolic blood pressure will reduce cerebral vascular accident.
        • Diabetes mellitus: diabetes mellitus causes damage to the system the entire system of the arteries, which are arteries in the brain. Diabetes mellitus increases the incidence of brain stroke from 2-6,5 times, increasing the mortality rate up 2 times and is risk factors special cause cardiovascular events and stroke brain.
        • The heart disease: Many heart disease can increase the risk of cerebrovascular stroke such as atrial fibrillation, endocarditis, mitral stenosis, myocardial infarction, wide-area, atrial septal defect, aneurysm of the left atrium…
        • Hyperlipidemia: When the lipid content in the blood is too high are conditions favorable to lipid “infuse” into and deposition in the blood vessels. This is the first stage of the process of forming plaques in fiber artery.
        • Smoking, addiction to alcohol: tobacco reduces the concentration of HDL in the blood, causing cell damage endothelium of the arteries and creates conditions for mortar fiber artery development.
        • Complications transient cerebral ischemia: ischemic locally transient, manifested by the symptoms of cerebral ischemia, short self-recovery within 1 hour. The bout this just go away without treatment. After a time the the this re-re-re. Ischemic locally transient is warning sign risk of brain stroke real. Therefore those who have ischemic locally transient need to quickly go to the clinic to get preventive treatment.
        • A history of stroke old: Patients with a history of stroke old are more at risk of relapse.
        • Obesity: obesity is a favorable factor contributing to increased blood pressure, disorders of blood lipids and increased blood glucose. All these factors combined will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
        • Brain aneurysm: a brain Aneurysm is the cause relatively common cause of stroke bleeding of the brain in young people. Aneurysm very fragile. When rupture of aneurysm in the brain causing bleeding the brain. About 10% of patients with ruptured aneurysm brain death prior to hospital. Aneurysm often happenings silently, not symptoms. Warning signs manifested by sudden headache, very intense.
        • Deformed animals – veins brain: arteriovenous malformation of the brain are congenital disease, form a plexus of abnormal blood vessels in the brain, the arteries and veins of the brain. In location malformations, vascular malformations have shape and the structure unusual, very prone to break off causing bleeding the brain. The majority of patients have malformations arteriovenous brain circuits are happenings silently. A small percentage suffer from prolonged headaches, seizures…

        3.3 The other risk factors

        • The influence of living habits: diet is not reasonable, physical activity, excessive stress, psychological the addiction acute.
        • Coagulation: coagulation factors related to rate of cardiovascular disease in general, in one study, Wilhelmsen noticed a relationship between increasing Fibrinogen with increased risk of ischemic stroke the brain in men over 54 years old.
        • Homocysteine: This is the product metabolization of amino acids methionine related to vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and Folic acid.
        • Use of opium and the derivative of it: all these abuse of drugs containing Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamin, LSD, all increase the risk of occurrence of stroke. This complication may occur immediately after the first use due to toxicity levels or occur due to poisoning chronic. Clinical symptoms of neuropathy usually appear in the first 48 hours after taking the drug, complications can be cerebral ischemia, or cerebrovascular bleeding.
        • Taking birth control pills containing more oestrogen: If the dose of Oestrogen to > 50 micrograms, then, there is the risk of ischemic stroke cerebral high than low doses. Mechanism of blood coagulation disorders, increased adhesion of platelets and activation of enzymes that convert prothrombin, disruption of synthesis of prostacyclin and inflammation of the endothelium of the blood vessels of small diameter and medium.
        • Migraine: Migraine and headaches can be a risk factor for stroke for both men and women, especially happens before age 50. Accordingly, there are about 2-3% of ischemic stroke the brain occurs in patients with a history of headache migraine. In patients under 45 years of age, about 15% of people with stroke have a history of migraine or migraine with prodrome.
        • Cell disease Sickle: those who have The disease cell sickle, then the risk of stroke in young age is high.
        • Pregnant women: although there are very few cases, but most are in women who have increased blood pressure and higher risk in the postpartum period.
        • Depression: some studies show depression can be the causes of complications of stroke.

        Anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDS: ibuprofen and diclofenac can increase the risk of stroke of stroke, especially in patients with the risk factors for another stroke.

        4. Prevention of cerebrovascular accident

        • Treatment the cause of complications: understanding the causes of cerebral vascular accident as a base for the prevention of cerebral vascular accident. Therefore, those who suffer from diabetes mellitus; hypertension; cardiovascular Disease; dyslipidemia requiring treatment to prevent complications.
        • Avoid the risk factors by lifestyle habits, positive such as No alcohol abuse. Do not smoke or use stimulants. Avoid obesity by exercising daily. Avoid nervous tension excessive and prolonged. Healthy diet, there should be more vegetables, fruits; refrain from eating too salty, too much animal fat.
        • Periodic re-examination and treatment under the guidance of medical staff.

        Neurologist at general hospital international Vinmec has the function examination and treatment of diseases related to the central nervous system (skull, meninges, brain, blood vessels, the brain, the nerves in the skull, the pituitary gland, spine, intervertebral discs, membranes, spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (the nerves and nerve ganglia outside the brain and spinal cord).

        With a team of medical doctors, experienced with machinery system, modern equipment support during the clinics help patients improve health and prevent risk of relapse.

        Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic or contact us here for assistance.

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          Cancer affect how to your family life?

          Understanding of the changes implicit in the relationship when cancer treatment can help patients gain control over feelings, and expectations of themselves to victory over the disease.

          1. Cancer affects marriage life like?

          In tough time this marital life will be challenged a lot, both physical and mental. The general atmosphere at this time is the feeling of sadness, anxiety, anger or even despair. A number of changes in married life that may feel is:

          • Roles and responsibilities

          For couples there are one of two people suffer from cancer , the other person will have to be responsible for shouldering the home and to work harder. Added to that, they have to take care of the sick at home or hospital often.

          If he or she is not familiar with the role as caregiver, then the burden of work and the subordination of you can make him feel tired, frustrated, and resentful. Many patients due to psychological fear relatives know about the disease status of their own which they try to hide information treatment. Though in any situation no matter what, you should also disclose to their loved ones about feelings, the problems that are encountered and your needs.

          This is a work urgently needed in this difficult period, you should not hide or suffer alone. Everyone in the family should share with each other as much as possible to find out the direction to solve the problem in a logical way.

          • Sexual health and intimacy

          Cancer and process of cancer treatment can influence sexual health between couples. The side effects of cancer treatment bring such as depression, fatigue, nausea, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and other problems, physical, or other emotions can reduce sexual desire or cause for the sexual activity becomes difficult and more painful.

          Maybe you don’t know how to solve this problem like. It is important to keep visits to the doctor or the therapist to better understand control methods side effects affect sexual health, and give way help couple maintain intimacy.

          • The future plans

          If, as before, and his relatives all have intentions, hopes and dreams for the future are cancer, much less how to change these beliefs. Plans such as retirement, travel or parenting can be completely changed.

          Don’t give up the dream and his intended, feel free to share with their loved ones to continue to perform or make new choices and short-term goals, for example, the end of cancer treatment. When completing the short-term goal, the patient will find pleasure and feelings of contentment, words that motivated you to overcome the difficulties, win the disease to continue to implement the following plan in future.

          2. Cancer affects relationships in the family and friends like?

          The reaction of your friends with your disease condition can vary depending on the level of intimacy between you and them. In some cases, your friends don’t have the ability to support you as expected because they do not know the circumstances of your current.

          Sometimes do not know what to say and how should they chose to avoid talking with you. On the contrary, there are some people who talk much and do things that they think is best for you. Although they are supportive and interested in you is a good thing, but it can make you feel uncomfortable and frustrating.

          Whether you have unpleasant as any way, you should also not blame them because they also confused more or less. To preserve a good relationship as well as make you more comfortable, talk, communicate and express with them more (for example, you actively put off the subject to say).

          For family, you can ask relatives for help a number of small jobs will help them feel comfortable while helping you do something.

          In addition, you should stay active social interaction to maintain relationships. This helps you live a positive and more optimistic with the disease.

          3. Cancer affects relationship with children, how?

          • Talk with children

          Many parents, when informed they have diabetes cancer often chose to hide the condition with children. However, the child will be very sensitive and can easily recognize the abnormal changes in my family, we even will think of the situation extremely worse. Ideally, you should share with the child and let them know the situation relatively accurate about his disease to them not too fear and disordered life.

          • Attention to the change in the behavior of the child

          Results diagnosis of the disease can change the behavior of the child. Some small children will have excessive reaction or agitation, whereas older children will huff and “collect themselves into a corner” in family relations. The main cause is due to the fear and worry for your illness. At this time you should cajole the child with the love of parents and confided to young to understand you’re worried what. Don’t discourage the help of them for you, let me do the things that we can do for you at this time.

          Psychological cancer patients have more negative phase, therefore, in addition to the support activity hospital care from the family, the disease should be treatment of emotional, psychological, by a team of psychological interventions, professional, and consistent. Besides applying the right therapy is also one of the important factors that help patients with cancer overcome fear, depression, feeling guilty of themselves.

          Clinic psychologyhospital International Vinmec Times City is a reliable address in clinic, counseling, outpatient treatment of psychological problems, mental health. With modern equipment together with our team of doctors is lecturer, department of psychiatry, University of Medicine-Ha Noi, clinics have the ability to deploy the psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive serves the medical.

          With enthusiasm and passion, our team of doctors work at the clinic psychology – hospital International Vinmec Times City always gives our customers the best service with quality of service highest.

          Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

          Article reference source:

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            3 ways to help you check out the day of ovulation

            When paying attention to the signs of ovulation from the body and recorded every day to help women be more proactive and increase the chances of conceiving or restrict the possibility of pregnancy. The simplest way to estimate the day of ovulation is to count backwards from the time of start of menstrual cycle next

            1. Ovulation is a sign of healthy women

            For with the reproductive system of the woman ovaries is the body works in a continuous manner, related more to hormones and the likelihood of ovulation. This is the response normal physiology of the body, to ensure the health of the mother and baby prepared for the case of conception.

            Woman if not mature, physiologically, the body, are breastfeeding, suffer from stress or are suffering from diseases, women’s health, it will not good for pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care.

            Blood is not always the signal of menstruation, because menstrual have signs of ovulation. Typically, young and healthy, will be the ovulation cycle relatively steadily in about 24 – 36 days, but occasionally still have the cycle, not conception,…

            The health problems or pregnancy prevent that ovulation is delayed or stopped.

            2. Get to know the time of ovulation

            2.1. Count the days

            The simplest way to estimate the day of ovulation is to count backwards from the time of start of menstrual cycle next (however for with your menstrual cycle irregular , then this method will not be very accurate).

            First, patients need to determine is what day is the beginning of the menstrual cycle, his next. From this day, you count backwards 12 days, then the countdown continues 4 more days. For a period of 5 days, the likelihood of ovulation will be very high.

            For women with a 28-day cycle, then most likely sign the egg was shed on the 14th day of the cycle (for simplicity, we convention day 1 is the first day of menstruation and day 28 is the last day, right before the start of next menses).

            2.2. Follow the signals of the body

            To check for signs eggs have hair loss or not, women need to conduct follow-up body temperature, and nature of vaginal secretions during the menstrual cycle of her. This incredibly safe, save on costs, but it requires you to spend a lot of time and effort to complete:

            • Body temperature: body Temperature increased slightly is a sign the egg has hair loss, but the majority of us will not feel the change, because the difference is quite small and very difficult to get to know. You can easily detect is change in body temperature than by measuring body temperature every morning.
            • Vaginal discharge: the most significant change throughout the cycle showed signs of ovulation is the increased secretion of mucus in the cervix. For most of the day in the month, the amount of this out less and sometimes even slightly dry, while in the preparation time of ovulation, the amount of mucus will often secrete more.
            • Feeling a little pain in the lower abdomen: A number of cases have signs lower abdominal pain when the egg matures and ovulation. However, if there appear symptoms abnormal bleeding between cycles (can not menstruation), you should consult a doctor.

            2.3. Check the concentration of hormones in the body

            • Use test strips ovulation: With mechanism of action similar to pregnancy test sticks ovulation test capable of detecting the hormonal changes in the urine. Taking the test at about day 12 – 16 ago period help determine relatively accurately the day of ovulation is day. Case test is up to 2 bar, which means you will have the phenomenon of ovulation within the next 24 hours.
            • Microscope test saliva: This is a device quite compact, which helps to detect the increase in hormonal levels of estrogen, showed signs eggs have hair loss.
            • Blood test: In case if you want a more accurate test of hormonal levels, in order to determine the exact date of ovulation then you should come to health facility to ask for a blood test. This way will for accuracy is much higher than the other methods.

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              Mechanism causing the syndrome, Edward in the fetus

              Syndrome, Edward is one of the disease, disorder genetic rare in the fetus, which is caused by an excess of a chromosome 18 of the genome. When suffering from this syndrome, the baby is often slow growing and may encounter the birth defects other serious.

              1. Syndrome, Edward what is it?

              Syndrome Edward , also known as trisomy 18. This is a genetic disorder due to an extra chromosome number 18 in the genome. Typically, each baby will receive 23 chromosomes from the egg of the mother and 23 chromosomes from the sperm of the father – a total of 46 chromosomes. In the case of trisomy 18, the baby has three copies of chromosome 18. This makes many organs of the fetus develop in an unusual way.

              Trisomy 18 syndrome trisomy second most popular, after trisomy 21 (causing Down syndrome). Every 5,000 children have about 1 child born with trisomy 18 and most are women. Children suffering from syndrome Edward could hardly have survived after birth, often suffer death or death early in the second trimester or third of pregnancy.

              2. Mechanism causing the syndrome, Edward in the fetus

              The majority of cases of Edwards syndrome occur due encounter problems during the formation of reproductive cells or during early development of the fetus. Those cases where the fetus is diagnosed with the syndrome Edward have 47 chromosomes due to an extra chromosome number 18. The excess genetic material has caused birth defects serious in children.

              There are three types of trisomy 18:

              • Trisomy 18 partial: This type of trisomy 18 the most common. Type of trisomy, this will have three chromosomes number 18 are present in all cells in the body of the baby.
              • Trisomy 18 is a part: the child only a part of the extra chromosomes 18. The part that can be attached to a another chromosome in the egg or sperm (called service code). Type of trisomy 18 is very rare.
              • Trisomy 18 form be mosaic: extra chromosome 18 is only in some cells of the baby. Form of trisomy 18 is also rare.

              Currently still can not determine the exact cause cause this syndrome in each person. The incidence of the disease will increase with age of the mother (from age 35 and above high risk), or there is a family history, each child syndrome, Edward.

              3. The symptoms of Trisomy 18 is what?

              Children with trisomy 18 are often born very small and sickly, there are many problems, serious health and physical defects, including:

              • Cleft palate
              • Hand, foot, convulsive; the finger can’t straighten
              • Defects of the lungs, kidneys and stomach/intestines
              • Foot is deformed
              • Problems of internal organs such as atrophy of the esophagus, umbilical hernia, cleft of the abdomen, polycystic kidney,…
              • Defects of the heart including a hole between the chambers of the heart on (defect, atrial septal defect) or the lower chambers (ventricular septal defect)
              • Ears set low
              • Retardation serious
              • Deformed tits
              • Slow growth
              • Small head
              • Small jaw
              • Feebly cried
              • The spine is split

              4. Diagnosis of the syndrome Edward

              Can diagnose the syndrome Edward to the fetus, thanks to ultrasound pregnancy, however this is not the correct way to diagnose the condition. Your doctor may do other tests high precision bearing consists of taking cells from amniotic fluid (amniocentesis) or placenta (sampling chorionic villi) and chromosomal analysis of them.

              After birth, the doctor can diagnose trisomy 18 based on the manifest physical abnormalities from the face and body of the child. In addition, may conduct blood sampling of the child to search for abnormalities of the chromosomes. Blood test chromosomes also help identify the possibility of the mother can have another child suffers from trisomy 18 or not.

              5. Syndrome, Edward can be treated?

              Today, medicine has yet to find a cure for trisomy 18. The treatments such as surgery or other invasive procedure can only overcome a number of problems related to the syndrome, but it can cause a few certain influence for young new born was a few days or a few weeks. Treatment for trisomy 18 consists of medical care support to offer children quality of life best possible.

              6. Test NIPT

              Test NIPT is considered to be the “key” safe “decode” fetal malformations. This is a method of prenatal screening non-invasive based on DNA testing of the fetus in the mother’s blood. Through tests, doctors can detect whether the fetus has birth defects or not, thereby reducing the risk of miscarriage compared with applying traditional methods.

              This innovative technique is being hospital international Vinmec deployed, can bring improvements superior about the results of prenatal screening, detection and early intervention for the fetus has deformities. It can be seen that compared with the traditional methods such as amniocentesis, screening maternal serum, biopsy vegetables pregnant.. then the tests, NIPT brings efficiency and safety higher, at the same time reduces the rate of the pregnant women indicated amniocentesis is not necessary. Advantages of this method is not compromised pregnancy, can proceed soon from the 9th week of pregnancy onwards.

              Source reference: Webmd

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                The mechanism that causes Turner syndrome

                Turner syndrome is a disorder that the sex chromosomes is most common in women, occurs due to 1 part or the whole chromosome X in the genome disorders. The mechanism that causes Turner syndrome are many scientists concerned, clarify to effective prevention of this syndrome.

                1. Turner’s syndrome is what?

                According to research to date, Turner’s syndrome chromosomal disorders (NST) gender most common in women, causing many developmental disorders, both mental and physical, of the sufferers.

                Turner’s syndrome and pediatric have much contact with each other. Typically, more than 90% of cases of fetal Turner’s syndrome would miscarriage naturally, but still have about 1/4000 girl is born with the disorder.

                2. Causes of Turner syndrome

                Turner syndrome (HC Turner) is described in detail for the first time in 1938 by dr. Henry Turner. Mechanism of Turner’s syndrome is due to loss of a part or a whole NST gender X in the human genome.

                In HC Turner, due to complete loss of 1 NST X should the NST only one NST gender X, this is the most common cause, accounting for about 50%. This case HC Turner, also known as monosomy X, denoted as 45,X or 45,X0.

                Approximately 1/3 of the cases women is Turner’s syndrome have the 2 X chromosomes, but a back lost a paragraph.

                There are also many cases of patients with HC Turner has the NST can mosaic. In the body they have 2 cell lines exist in parallel with 1 cell line normal 46,XX and 1 line of abnormal cells 45,X. in The case of mosaic, this lucky more often cause disorders lighter HC Turner due to the unusual lack of 1 part or the whole 1 NST X true.

                Sometimes there are also cases of HC Turner mosaic has the existence of the cell line contains a part NST specified gender. However, the NST Y no more should not create a phenotypic male patients. The women in this case, the risk of ovarian tumor increases.

                Recently, scientists have identified the gene SHOX is located at the top take the short arm of CHROMOSOME X, is a consequence mainly of the loss of a gene, SHOX, that the body is dwarf.

                HC Turner can not treat of it, however, can be diagnosed early in pregnancy to avoid giving birth to children with Turner.

                3. Expression of people with Turner syndrome

                3.1 small Stature

                This is the most common characteristics of HC Turner, caused due to genes, growth SHOX disappear. Slow process, this growth can occur right from the birth, but signs more obvious when the child is 3 years old, growing increasingly shown more clearly.

                If such patients do not have hormone replacement, it will continue to grow slowly without the ability to grow by leaps and bounds in puberty. Through many surveys, women who have Turner syndrome often have a height lower than the normal of about 20cm.

                3.2 premature ovarian Failure

                Over 90% of women who have Turner syndrome will suffer from ovarian failure early, this is also the main reason for the majority of patients do not have chest.

                The ovary is the only place in the body has the function of producing eggs and female sex hormone to be able to develop the characteristics of the female body such as physique, tits, menstruation, skeletal system, women world.

                On average, only about 1/3 of the cases people with Turner there will be signs of breast development, but almost equally flawed is the puberty. In particular, less than 1% of patients who can get pregnant naturally.

                4. Can early diagnosis of Turner syndrome during pregnancy

                There are currently many diagnostic methods determine help detect early HC Turner as well as many syndromes due to abnormal NST other.

                A number of methods, diagnostic tests, traditional tests NST sex performed on cells in amniotic fluid have the detection rate is quite high, but there are still some complications, influence on fetus. Now there are methods of prenatal screening non-invasive NIPT modern DNA testing fetal blood, mother, safety, early detection from pregnancy week 10, the rate of accurate diagnosis should be trusted.

                Test NIPT is being applied at general hospital, international Vinmec hospital prestigious in the country thanks to our team of experts have extensive experience and well-trained specialist in deep water and in the water have the background scientific development in the world such Germany, England, France; the same system of modern machines for fast results, accurate and superior safety.

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                  Exact indication of the labor

                  At the final stage of pregnancy, the woman will appear the expression about to signal for the standard baby is born. So need to get to know the signs of preparation this time to ensure the safety for both the mother and the fetus.

                  1. Labor is what ?

                  Labor is a physiological process occurring in the body of the pregnant woman for pregnancy and the pregnancy is taken out of the uterus through the vagina.

                  • Labor full month when the woman has signs of labor 38 weeks to 42 weeks ( average is 40 weeks ), at this time the fetus has matured and has the ability to grow independently in the environment outside the womb.
                  • Preterm labor months when the age of the fetus, from 22 to 37 weeks, at this time the fetus can still be alive.
                  • Labor old months when gestational age greater than 42 weeks.

                  2. Expression is about to give birth

                  2.1. Money labor

                  This is the stage before labor really and time often in a few weeks. Women will appear the following symptoms:

                  • Increased vaginal discharge: this condition is the loss of the button cervical mucus, so the button mucous membranes used to seal the cervix, preventing inflammation at this time is bubbles, create conditions for the fetus is born.
                  • Sa belly or stomach, pregnant fall down: the cause of when women pregnant last month, the fetus will gradually pelvic area to prepare for the process of labor really.
                  • Frequent urination: this is a consequence of the belly drop has created a pressure on the cervix and the bladder, causing the woman feeling to want to pee more.
                  • The uterus appears the contractions mr. and lightweight, with no signs of pain clear: this phenomenon is also known as the the I physiological Braxton Hicks or false labor, labor is not true. The muscle spasm is often irregular and not predictable, the degree of pain also not as obvious as signs of the pain in labor actually.
                  • Pain the joints in the pelvis: this is also one of the manifestations about to be born of woman, the joints in the pelvic area expand and become more flexible help for signs of labor actually can happen.
                  • The cervix begins to dilate and open: this sign appears a few days or a few weeks before there are signs of labor true. The cervix of the woman when be visits the vagina to open 10cm newly identified as having signs prepare the student for real.
                  • Diarrhea: the causes of this phenomenon is due to the hormones created that stimulates the bowels regular, make products, diarrhea or vomiting. This is also a expression about convenient help for the baby prepare born.
                  • Lose weight and stop gaining weight: when the pregnancy last month, weighing of products, usually stable and can lose weight. The cause of this condition is because of the amount of amniotic fluid decreases in the last months of pregnancy.
                  • Feeling tired and sleepy: because of frequent urination especially in the night should make women lose sleep, so feeling sleepy more than usual.
                  • Cramps, back pain, multiple: this case appears more of the signs of labor nulliparous, the cause of the muscles and joints of the pelvis and uterus at this time is stretched out.

                  2.2. Signs coming in 24h

                  The signs in this time is signs of labor true. The process of labor true when appeared 3 out of 5 signs prepare students the following:

                  • Labor pain really

                  Pain in labor is a dull ache in the lower abdomen, back or cause muscle strain in the pelvic area. The pain of labor it’s usually at regular intervals, on average, about 1 minutes, occur frequently, whether women change position or rest. Often uterine contractions, this will increase the deluge up.

                  • Out mucus pink pussy.
                  • The cervix when in signs of clear and open.
                  • First, amniotic fluid is formed.
                  • Have the progression of the pregnancy after each contraction the uterus.

                  3. Measures to reduce pain when the current is about to give birth

                  Women can apply the following measures to be able to relax the spirit, relieve bouts of pain in labor and preparation for the birth is better, including:

                  • Stroll, walk or a change of location will limit the labor pain.
                  • Relaxing the mind.
                  • Get enough sleep to keep the body is not tired, ready to prepare for the birth.
                  • Gentle Massage for the body .
                  • Can take a bath or soak your body in warm water.

                  Not products, which also can easily be aware of the exact indication of the labor or the manifestations coming true, so when any unusual symptoms, how need to a medical facility to be the doctor and diagnose signs of labor a right way.

                  Hospital international Vinmec bring to Program maternity care package for the product right from the start of pregnancy from the first month with full time pregnancy, 3D ultrasound, 4D periodically along the test routine to ensure the mother is healthy and the fetus’s development. In particular, every week, mom will be engaged in the class money due to hospital organization, under the share and instructions from doctors and midwives, mothers will learn how to breathe when pushing a baby shower, for baby… have more knowledge for motherhood journey in the future. Women will no longer alone when entering the labor because there are relatives companion help the process of childbirth always brings peace of mind and happiness.

                  Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic and sign up packages or contact us here for assistance

                  READ MORE:

                    Hemorrhoids: When do you need surgery?

                    Article get expert advice by Doctor CKII Phan Phi Tuan – Chief general surgery department, hospital, international Vinmec Phu Quoc.

                    Hemorrhoids are fairly common disease, most cases treatment of the disease are quite late due to the psychological apprehension of the disease. Surgery is one method of treat hemorrhoids top, long-lasting effect. So when do the patients need surgical treatment of hemorrhoids?

                    1. Should cure hemorrhoids as soon as possible

                    Hemorrhoids are the bulging of one or more veins of the venous system hemorrhoids on or veins hemorrhoids bottom or both, from that triggers the internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, or hemorrhoids mixture.

                    Principle, hemorrhoids is considered cured must when the patient no longer disease symptoms such as bleeding, pain, burning, itching the anus. It is important in the treatment of hemorrhoids is to eliminate the piles.

                    As stated above, the severity of the hemorrhoids depends on the degree of your veins hemorrhoids. Therefore, hemorrhoids as treated early, then as quickly from the treatment as simple, reduce pain, decrease complications and reduce treatment costs. However, most patients hemorrhoids only to diagnose and treat disease when symptoms of severe illness, can not stand any more, mainly due to psychological, subjective apprehension.

                    2. When do you need hemorrhoid surgery?

                    Patients internal hemorrhoids grade 2 or lower, external hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids mixed often not necessarily surgery that can treatment pills, natural herbs to support the treatment.

                    Surgery piles recommended for patients with hemorrhoids level 3 or above, have piles big hemorrhoids is thrombosis causing traffic congestion acute, hemorrhoids mixed with external hemorrhoids caused bleeding and much pain.

                    Surgery or tricks cut the piles in the hemorrhoid treatment methods are not unique, the last of which is only 1 link in the treatment regimen overall. Because after removal of the piles, there is one thing extremely important is rehabilitation the anus and treatment prevent hemorrhoids recurrence.

                    A number of medicinal products, functional foods, natural herbs have the effect to improve symptoms of pain, burning, bleeding, anal itching, very good; long-term use to help the piles shrink gradually, at the same time help system veins hemorrhoids, sustainable, anti-inflammatory, anti-constipation. Herbs such as lettuce, fish, flowers, online rules, technology,… safe, can be used with all pregnant women and lactating mothers.

                    3. A number of surgical techniques treat hemorrhoids today

                    Want to radical treatment hemorrhoids then necessarily need to entirely eliminate the piles. To accomplish this, Western medicine is using the procedure or by surgery to remove the piles and ligation of the hemorrhoidal veins root.

                    In that surgery Longo piles for result is quite satisfactory, time, short hospital stay, reduced pain after surgery. However, removal of the piles by this method is still very painful and can occur 1 number of complications such as: infection anal, anal atresia,…

                    To reduce the complications of hemorrhoid surgery bring long-term effectiveness and relapse prevention, patients should perform at the prestigious hospitals, doctor experienced. Hospital international Vinmec is one of the top hospitals in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Over time, hospital Vinmec Phu Quoc has successfully treated many cases of hemorrhoids heavy, complex. Surgical method Longo was conducted at hospital Vinmec Phu Quoc, can good treatment for hemorrhoids this. Postoperative pain is less, hospital stays short, may soon integrate into the community.

                    Therefore, patients surgery and treatment of hemorrhoids can be completely peace of mind with experienced, skilled team of medical doctors as well as the quality of patient care at hospital international Vinmec Phu Quoc. Contact Vinmec Phu Quoc via HOTLINE 0297 3985 588 if you need advice surgical treatment of hemorrhoids safe effective long-term, non-recurrent.

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                    This article is written for the reader in Phu Quoc.