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Dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue: What you should know

Condition sudden dizziness and nausea are very common in community life. Who also meet at least once in a lifetime. However, in some people, this condition takes place continuously is really a pathology. The information below will give more knowledge about this pathology, causes as well as cure, prevention.

1. Dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue, is what disease?

A morning wake up, the patient opened his eyes, toan sit up to get out of bed, then suddenly see appear the dizziness intense. The sick person feel all around rotation, houses collapsed, tables and chairs move or somersault. This naturally struck will make their inevitable bewilderment, fear. At this, the more anxiety they will feel dizzy eyes as intense more. Some cases also have included nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue.

This situation is very common in the population, especially on the subjects middle-aged women more than men. Special highlights are dizziness is often related to posture, increases when patients sit up, turn the head and tapered, less probably if they lie still, eyes closed. Therefore, this condition has a name in Medicine is “dizziness postural, paroxysmal benign”. The dizzy spells often appear the chain lasts for a few days to a few weeks, then goes away and will recur after several months to several years.

2. This disease is dangerous?

True to its name, dizziness benign due to posture does not cause complications, nothing serious.

In the dizziness, the sick are panic, worry to extreme, sense of the turnpike as upside down, leaning, reclining. However, they will notice that when turning the head, look around will make the symptoms more severe, promoting nausea, vomiting should be inclined to close your eyes, lie still. Then, the quick surface will be relieved gradually in a minute or two before disappearing completely.

Said another way, the disease is completely benign if the patient lie on the bed, carefully not falling to injury if you try to go back.

Besides, when visiting, do tests, school pictures skull the brain will also no recorded signs of anything unusual. Patients absolutely not weak, paralyzed what; ear examination was also normal, no change in hearing.

3. This disease due to what causes?

So far, there have been many theories about the causes of dizziness, benign paroxysmal , but most are yet to be clearly demonstrated. In it, the supposition about the presence of particles of small pebbles in the cochlea seems to be convinced than both.

The vestibular is a sense of posture in the space, which helps maintain stability, balance, body, the, as well as coordinate movements of eyes, head and torso. The vestibular system, including have an agency feel is the tube seller tips, located in the cochlea, nerve conduction, and nerve signal analysis in the brain.

The cochlea mounted with three round tube, selling tips, ranked in three planes of space different. The circulation fluid in the pipe for sale help tips body-oriented posture. Therefore, when the body changes according to a way certain posture, pebble-grain movement in the tube selling tips under the surface that will stimulate the vestibular system, which sends signals on the brain, the onset line, the feeling of dizziness. Consequence is the body has reflexes to lie still, keep the head position at which there is sense of security most. Particles gravel not moving anymore, feeling dizzy going to and fro gradually.

Besides, the need for differential diagnosis with other pathologies also have symptoms of vertigo when is organ damage vestibular, central and peripheral, such as inflammation, sclerosis, degeneration to ischemia, hemorrhage or trauma. However, the difference is that vertigo in the pathology of this there is no relation what to posture.

4. The treatment and prevention like?

Dizziness benign paroxysmal really true to the name, if the person know how to avoid the factor starter size, adhere to medication stable money and make the experience the French re-established position pipe for sale advice.

4.1. Avoid changing posture too sudden and too fast

At any time also always remember not to change the posture abruptly quickly. Namely, when switching from recumbent posture to sit up, stand up, or rotate the head, bend and tilt your head must also be done slowly, slowly. Best to close your eyes to limit the vision obtained the signal changes to space, reducing the stimulating vestibular. After establishing the posture at the new location, then slowly opened his eyes.

If you find the the dizziness usually occurs when he woke up, then, in sleep, to use more knees to the head are now short, so lie on your back, avoid leaning to one side.

Besides, should not sit swivel chair or chair with headrest facing the rear of excessive, restricted movements, leaning, crouching excessive as to pick up, tying the laces.

4.2. Use of drugs

The pharmacy team can support adjust the dizzy in the acute as well as remission symptoms nausea, vomiting.

Group antihistamines should be used only when the patient dizziness intense that not much relieved after stable posture. A number of tranquilizers can be additional if the patient is too irritable, nervous, afraid.

However, the drug acts on the central nervous system will have adverse effects drowsiness, sluggishness heavy dizziness difficulty of completely. Therefore, should be used only when really necessary and adhere the dosage according to doctor’s instructions.

4.3. Exercises for vestibular

Currently, the treatment of dizziness benign paroxysmal tend not to use the drug which applies the exercise re-set position grain gravel in the tube, selling advice, help system, vestibular rehabilitation, and adapted to the displacement in space of the body.

The exercises can be conducted right at the clinic with the assistance of the doctor, physical therapy or the disease itself at home. If done properly and patience, the unpleasant symptoms will improve significantly.

4.4. The other treatment

When occurred the quick fast, need to calm down, close your eyes, limiting head rotation, and find the proper posture to rest. If there is feeling of nausea, to resist compression by deep breathing and focus on breathing. Only need to adhere to such, the dizziness will quickly relieved in a few minutes.

  • Do not go back far, heavy work, climb, control, vehicles or machinery when suffering from vertigo. Because these things as that cause start-size bouts of dizziness heavier, last longer, maybe even causing an accident for yourself as well as others.
  • Keep the space in the room, entrance ventilated, avoid using a cluttered beach. Add extra stick in the bath and toilet.
  • Drink enough water every day, nutrition, balance, variety, rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid drinking coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages.
  • Do not use irritants, smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Enough sleep, rest, moderation, optimistic thoughts. Have the habit of exercise, sports match, in moderation.

In summary, dizziness, paroxysmal postural benign is a frequent pathology in the community. The information about the disease, ways to cope and prevention is essential to overcome the unpleasant symptoms this confidence to enjoy life.


    Infection of the upper respiratory tract in children dangerous?

    If the infection of the upper respiratory tract do not treated properly and timely will lead to bacterial infection of the lower respiratory tract, adversely affecting health. One of the variations serious is death due to co-infection with lower respiratory tract disease and they aggravate each other.

    1. Infection of the upper respiratory tract in children is what?

    The upper respiratory tract includes the nose, throat, sinus, pharyngeal and larynx. So, infections of the upper respiratory tract is infectious inflammation of one or more organs of the upper respiratory tract. This is a common disease more frequent than infections of the lower respiratory tract.

    2. Symptoms of infection of the upper respiratory tract

    • Most frequent symptoms are fever, the child often high fever and the body temperature can rise to 39 – 40 degrees Celsius, accompanied by symptoms such as conjunctivitis, eye, photophobia, eye redness, pain, itching, and watery eyes,… usually the symptoms will improve after 7 – 10 days, children will quickly recover.
    • Runny nose and runny nose, with characteristics translate in dilute, no pus and no smell.
    • Cough is also the symptom that appears most in the disease , upper respiratory tract inflammation, often cough into a or dry cough, cough with sputum.
    • Young anorexia, vomiting, digestive disorders.
    • The child may cry at night if suffering from otitis media, sinusitis.
    • Shortness of breath is a symptom not peculiar to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. However, in the case of children with laryngitis , they may be difficulty breathing. Difficulty breathing is a symptoms are less common, but met is often a sign of serious illness, to stridor, wheezing… if not cure not good, the disease will move to upper respiratory tract inflammation, chronic.

    3. Infection of the upper respiratory tract there is no danger?

    If bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract in children not treated properly and timely will lead to bacterial infection of the lower respiratory tract, adversely affecting health.

    One of the variations serious is death due to co-infection with lower respiratory tract disease and they aggravate each other.

    Therefore, with a disease exceedingly common as colds in winter, it can lead to pneumonia in children. In case of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract can be caused by bacteria cause dangerous complications such as encephalitis, inflammation of the heart, glomerulonephritis, rheumatoid arthritis level.

    4. How to prevent infections of the upper respiratory tract

    • Keep warm for when the weather turns cold, especially when taking the kids to go play outside in the evening or early morning; keep warm in positions as important as the feet, hands, chest, neck, head.
    • Breastfeeding from the first hour after birth and maintained to 2 years
    • Food miles the right time with the regime of proper nutrition
    • For the child to drink more water, eat enough nutrients, enhanced green vegetables and fruits to increase resistance
    • For children fully vaccinated
    • Keeping good hygiene for kids, hygiene, nose and throat daily with a solution of physiological saline
    • Not for eating and drinking too cold to avoid cold infection
    • Should not be exposed to environment tobacco smoke and dust, keep the house always well-ventilated, clean
    • Restrictions take the child to crowded places during epidemics. Wear a mask when in contact with sick people
    • Early detection of the expression of a bacterial infection upper respiratory tract in young to be consulting a doctor promptly

    Parents to see the child has any signs of bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, it should take me to the clinic. The doctor will diagnose, assess, and based on the condition to decide which treatments specific.

    System hospital international Vinmec gathered the best doctors in examination and treatment of respiratory diseases, which are infections of the upper respiratory tract in children. Here, children will be guaranteed conditions medical the best help parents can be completely assured about the health of the child.

    Customers wishing to register patient at Vinmec, please contact HERE.


      Treatment gastroesophageal reflux management in pregnant women

      Article get expert advice by ThS.BS, Vu Tan Phuc – Medical hospital & medical hospital international Vinmec Phu Quoc .

      Reflux stomach esophagus is a condition not rare in pregnant women, cause to much annoyance, discomfort, and affect the health of both the mother and the fetus. Treatment gastroesophageal reflux management in pregnant women is mainly to change lifestyle habits and food science.

      1. Treatment by lifestyle changes

      Method cure gastroesophageal reflux management in pregnant women with lifestyle changes is always preferred to use to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, at the same time not adversely affecting, the impact to the development of the fetus.

      However, the lifestyle changes this need is perseverance, adhere to your doctor’s instructions and regularly report disease symptoms to take timely intervention if necessary.

      Lifestyle changes the following steps:

      • Divided into several small meals throughout the day, do not overfeed.
      • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly.
      • Avoid eating fried, spicy, rich, fat, fruits contain more vitamin C, tobacco, alcohol… or any food which can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, increasing the risk of heartburn.
      • Drinking little water while eating, should drink water in between meals.
      • Keep upright position for at least 3 hours after eating.
      • Walking help pregnant mothers active and can digest better.
      • Just lie after eating is more than 2 hours located at the top or put the pillow under the shoulders to prevent stomach acid reflux. In addition, is tilted to the left also helps in the esophagus higher than the stomach, help limit the symptoms reflux.
      • Wear loose clothing, comfortable for tight-fitting clothes may increase pressure on the stomach.
      • Maintain weight suitable during pregnancy.
      • Should eat yogurt or drink a glass of milk to reduce reflux symptoms, instant, in addition to drink a little honey mixed with chamomile tea also has a similar effect.
      • Eat more vegetables to help avoid constipation.

      2. The other treatments

      If reflux stomach esophagus in pregnant women have severe symptoms, your doctor may specify the allowable use of the drug treatment reduce reflux symptoms. These drugs can help women limit the reflux, however, need to ensure not to cause adverse effects to the fetus or can control.

      In particular, pregnant women suffer from gastroesophageal reflux the esophagus is not arbitrarily use the drug to treat disease or use of folk remedies according to whisperings. Drug use treatment in the stage of pregnancy should be very careful because that can be dangerous to the development and health of the fetus.

      In addition, there are also a number of other options for curing gastroesophageal reflux disease of the esophagus in pregnant women as acupuncture, yoga or surgery to improve the condition. Before choosing which treatment, the woman should also should talk to a doctor to have appropriate counseling.

      Gastroesophageal reflux management in pregnant women, although not so dangerous but cause discomfort, affect health of mother and fetus. Therefore, when there are signs of gastroesophageal reflux esophagus, the woman should be early to medical facilities reputed to be treatment advice.

      Hospital international Vinmec is the only hospital trust of many people in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux esophagus thanks to the system of modern equipment, quality professional service, especially to have a team of doctors, specialists, medical professional. In it, Master. Doctor Vu Phuc Tan is doctor digestion good hospital international Vinmec Phu Quoc, have experience performing treatment for many subjects suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease – the esophagus, including pregnant women.

      Doctor Vu Tan Phuc, is not only known thanks to the skilled expertise and a wealth of experience with almost 10 years of experience in the field of endoscopy – Internal digestion – Liver pancreas, but also thanks to the conscientious, wholeheartedly for the patient during examination and treatment.

      Customers wishing to examination and treatment of digestive diseases by dr. Vu Tan Phuc made, please contact the registration examination IN HERE.

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      This article is written for the reader in Phu Quoc.

        Time “gold” to braces for kids

        Time “gold” to braces for children in age from 12 to 16 years old. The best time for orthodontic fixed is within 2 years after the start of puberty because this is the age body are still growing, the jaw bone still has not fixed

        1. Why back teeth is deviance?

        First must say to be hereditary factors. Often family members are mother, father, or mother, her uncle has jaw bones, small teeth were too big, or vice versa, there is loss of symmetry in size between the teeth and jaw that the teeth can not be arranged neatly on the jaw.

        Due to some habits not good on the teeth when the child is still small, such as disability, thumb sucking, lip biting, lip biting, tongue thrust, or habit of mouth breathing…

        Do children lose baby teeth early, the permanent teeth do not have the guidance and can take to grow lopsided. Poor nutrition can affect the development of the jaw bone.

        The injury teeth do position the teeth of the child will be changed to lead to disproportion disease, tooth decay, periodontal disease, losing teeth…

        2. Time “gold” to braces for kids

        The best time for orthodontic fixed is within 2 years after the start of puberty because this is the age body are still growing, the jaw bone was not fixed. Dentists recommend that patients should go braces soon, age-appropriate, is from 12 to 16 years old. This is when children are in the stage instead of teeth, stable, permanent teeth, the body is developing favorably for the mold, for fast results with the time worn braces shorten the maximum.

        In this stage, the adjust the give of the jaw, adjust the teeth jawbone grows chen is very easy without having to remove the tooth. At the same time, the impact force occurring rapidly, the teeth will move very fast, for beautiful results maximum.

        When is orthodontics on the correct age, the child will easily retain the orthodontic result, which does not need to wear the jaw to maintain the orthodontic result when mature.

        The jaw, teeth and gums of the child will still continue to grow in a few years after the end of the process braces. Girls can continue to grow to the age of 16 and boys is 18 years of age. So, when the child had bite normal, parents should still continue to closely monitor the development teeth of children to detect early abnormalities.

        3. Benefits when the braces soon

        Orthodontist always wanted treatment for patients achieving joint teeth the most complete. If the patient is the older, target joints, teeth complete increasingly difficult. Therefore, the braces early is how smart to have arthritis teeth complete the same beautiful face.

        • Time to adjust the teeth: When to start braces early, the doctor will promptly impact on the development of bones for children to have skeleton face symmetrical, not deformed.
        • Increase the opportunity to achieve occlusion ideal: A number of phenomena correlated jaw bone non-standard as: the upper jaw protruding over the lower jaw, the lower jaw protruding over the upper jaw, upper jaw, narrow, the lower jaw deviated to the right or left cause distorted face, laughing openings gums more…all can be improved if treated early. At this time the jaw bone still growing, so braces can respond well with the inhibition or stimulation of growth of air which the therapist brought to treatment, aiming to put the bite two-jaw about fit together when bite.
        • Increase their chances of favorable treatment: Getting braces soon will help you not to intervene braces fixed two jaw and increase the opportunity to choose not to tooth extraction in stage braces fixed.

        In addition to effect create the aesthetic for the face of young, braces also help protect the pathology of the teeth. As for young, early treatment, the doctor will have the opportunity to check, track and take care of as well as give the most affordable method for children at the same time plan orthodontic appropriate for each different age.

        4. The goal of the braces soon

        Prevent the bite deflection communication occur due to bad habits, loss of teeth sooner or the size difference teeth and gaps on the teeth.

        Improve the correlation of the maxillary bones, and below to frame the normal bone is not deformed.

        Parents need to pay attention track, detect bad habits early, the dentist will take measures to braces fit helps prevent deviations this.

        Therefore, to achieve good results as well as to the process of orthodontics takes place in the shortest period of time, parents should bring the child go to the dentist every 6 months/ time. Doing this will help doctors detect early problems with teeth, gums and jaw bones of the child from it will take corrective measures promptly to ensure that the permanent teeth can grow in a normal way and most aesthetic.

        Medical Related Specialist , a new pair of 03 specialist: Eye – Ear-Nose-Throat – oral and maxillofacial at hospital international Vinmec Times City is a address examination and treatment of diseases of the teeth of small children is the parent trust.

        Pack orthodontics braces new generation that Vinmec brings customers with many advantages:

        • Frame braces, solid metal that time braces type of braces is shorter compared with other types of braces other
        • Treatment with braces metal braces not too complicated as a number of categories such as braces, face, tongue or porcelain braces plus treatment cost savings are the advantages of this type of braces this braces
        • Frame braces easily replaced when peeling slip

        With the dedication and passion of our team of doctors of Dental at the hospital always brings customers with high quality, best service. Science Related specialty is working with leading experts at other hospitals in the country and the country in addition to diagnosis and treatment that aims to bring effective medical treatment best for the customer.

        Along with that is the support from modern equipment, space, medical sterile. In the process of examination and application of measures anesthesia reduce pain, help patients feel comfortable when visiting as well as does not cause side effects from the drug.

        Parents can directly take the child to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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          Glomerulonephritis levels after streptococcal infection: What you should know

          Glomerulonephritis is an inflammation of the tiny filters in the kidneys. Glomerulonephritis can be spontaneous or as a complication of another disease, such as lupus or diabetes.

          1. Glomerulonephritis what is acute?

          Acute glomerulonephritis (GN) is a disease of the kidneys specific in that a mechanism of immune activation, inflammation and proliferative tissue glomeruli can lead to lesions of the basal membrane, the cells mesangial located around glomerular capillaries or endothelial capillaries. Nephrotic syndrome acute is the most severe form.

          GN-acute is defined as the abnormal appearance of the blood, urinary protein and erythrocytes (RBC) in the urine. GN acute can be due to kidney disease primitive or the entire body. Most of the original research focused on PSGN acute.

          When GN acute related to chronic infection, the latent infections must be treated.

          2. Causes of glomerulonephritis acute

          The factors that cause GN acute can be grouped into infectious and non-infectious.

          2.1. Infection

          The most common cause of GN is acute infection caused by the Streptococcus (e.g., group A, beta hemolytic). Two types have been described, related to the different serum:

          • Serotype 12 – kidney Inflammation after pneumococcal infection of the upper respiratory tract occurs mainly in the winter months
          • Serotype 49 – kidney Inflammation after pneumococcal infection skin, usually appear in summer, autumn.

          GN can also be due to infection from bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. Bacteria besides strep group A can cause GN, acute includes:

          • Song cocci
          • The types of streptococcal groups other
          • Staph
          • Bacteria Mycobacterium
          • Bacteria typhoid
          • Brucella bacteria
          • Spiral bacterium syphilis
          • Bacteria diphtheria
          • Bacteria that cause pneumonia.

          Cytomegalovirus (CMV), coxsackievirus, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), the virus hepatitis B (HBV), rubella, rickettsia (as in typhus), parvovirus B19, and viral mumps are accepted as causes of disease if not proven the existence of streptococci. GN acute has been recorded as a rare complication of hepatitis A.

          Glomerulonephritis caused by parasites or fungus require to exclude streptococcal infection. The organisms identified include Coccidioides immitis and the parasites following: Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium falciparum, Schistosoma mansoni, Toxoplasma gondii, filariasis, trichinosis, and trypanosoma.

          2.2. No infection

          The cause is not infection of GN acute can be divided into the kidney disease resources development, diseases, and other agents.System diseases can cause GN, acute includes:

          • Inflammation of the vas deferens (for example, granulomatous inflammation with polyangiitis) – this Disease causes glomerulonephritis associated inflammation seeds.
          • Diseases of the blood vessels (for example, the disease systemic lupus erythematosus [SLE]) – this Disease causes glomerulonephritis through the deposition of immune complexes in the kidney.
          • Vasculitis hypersensitivity – this Disease includes a group of disorders heterogeneous with diseases of the skin.
          • Cryoglobulinemia – this Disease causes abnormal amount of cryoglobulin in the blood plasma lead to the tranche a repeat appearance of purpura widespread, and skin ulcers.
          • Inflammation of the cornea – this Disease causes inflammation of the kidneys due to vasculitis related to renal artery.

          The kidney disease primary can cause GN, acute includes:

          • Glomerulonephritis proliferative membrane (MPGN) – this Disease is due to the expansion and proliferation of the cells, mesangial as a result of the deposition. Type I refers to the deposition of granules of C3; type II refers to a process unusual.
          • Kidney disease immune A (IgA) (Berger’s disease) – this Disease causes GN as a result of the deposition of mesangial of IgA and IgG.
          • Glomerulonephritis progressing rapidly into the – Form of GN is characterized by the presence of crescents glomerular. Three types have been distinguished: Type I is Goodpasture syndrome, type II is mediated by immune complexes and type III is determined by antibody cytoplasmic antineutrophil (ANCA).

          The cause is not infection other of GN acute include:

          • Guillain Barre syndrome
          • Irradiated tumor Wilms
          • Vaccines diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus (DPT)
          • Serum sickness
          • Receptor activation growth factor epidermis, and can be inhibited by cetuximab.

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            Signs of severe preeclampsia

            Early detection of signs of severe preeclampsia pregnant women can be treated. Severe preeclampsia is one of the 5 obstetric complications cause complications mortality in mother and child high.

            1. Signs of severe preeclampsia

            Preeclampsia usually have 3 following signs:

            • High blood pressure

            On week 20 of pregnancy, blood pressure the mother suddenly increases, the maximum blood pressure > 140mmHg and blood minimum pressure > 90mmHg.

            • Urine Albumin

            Tests general urine analysis has protein, urinary tract infections, > 0.3 g/l.

            • Fit

            Expression full body suit.

            Severe preeclampsia when the pregnancy suit appears more 1 in 5 of the following symptoms:

            • Headache, dizziness, vertigo.
            • High blood pressure ≥ 160/110mmHg.
            • Urine output in 24 hours is less than 400ml.
            • There are more than 5 grams of Albumin in urine in 24 hours.
            • Headache, dizziness, vertigo, .
            • Epigastric pain, feeling breathless, heavy chest, acute pulmonary edema, heart failure.

            In severe preeclampsia, pregnancy ultrasound found fetal growth retardation in the uterus, liver function tests decreased with expression: reduced platelet, elevated liver enzymes, creatinine blood increased high.

            Severe preeclampsia can to acute complications is eclampsia, is accompanied by seizures and coma. In addition, during the period related to pregnancy have seizures must show evidence of related previous new that can change the diagnosis of eclampsia.

            Seizures are described as follows: beginning hand shake, then a few seconds, the whole body leads to spastic full body, this condition lasts for about 15 – 20 seconds, the jaws suddenly opened and closed very strong, even then the eyelids also repeat status. Facial muscles and all other muscles alternately relax very fast.

            The mother can fall down on the bed, can bite into the blade due to the movement no control of the jaw, the contraction phase of muscle relaxation, this can last for 1 minute. Gradually the muscle movements weak, gradually, the mother’s estate. Can then stop breathing for a few seconds, then took a deep breath and coma. The mother, after the province won’t remember to seizures as well as events before and after the shock.

            Thus, the progression of preeclampsia is go into eclampsia, this is the situation downright dangerous, could threaten maternal mortality and child. Complications of the syndrome HELLO including increase in liver enzymes, hemolysis, thrombocytopenia and coagulation disorders, diffuse, acute pulmonary edema, acute renal failure, placental abruption, cerebral hemorrhage…

            2. Treatment of severe preeclampsia

            Early detection and treatment of pre-eclampsia thoroughly is the most effective termination to be beneficial for both mother and child, avoid dangerous complications later on.

            In case of mild pre-eclampsia, preterm pregnancy, the mother has the condition, has the knowledge can self-monitor at home. Re-examination every week 1 times. In hospital should do the tests, liver function, cbc, kidney function tests, coagulation, whole blood, and total urine analysis. Measurement, monitoring, obstetric ultrasound fetal Doppler, guided tracking movements pregnancy.

            At home measurement of blood pressure 2 times a day morning – afternoon, recorded the parameters measured, monitor pregnancy, weight, is complete rest, no work.

            When signs are severe, then it must re-examine: eyes, headache, blurred vision, weight gain, pregnancy weakness, epigastric pain, blood pressure rising, little cottage, dark urine.

            With severe preeclampsia, the doctor can use the drug treatment using antihypertensive drugs such as Trandate, Adalat Retard, or Aldomet. Maintain blood pressure from 130/80 – 140/90mmHg.

            Prevention of seizures using magnesium sulfate injection by intravenous and intravenous infusion to maintain.

            Reviews health pregnant, mature pregnancy. If the pregnancy is not yet mature enough, can use corticosteroids to help the lungs pregnant have enough ability to adapt with the role for an independent life after birth.

            In addition, the comprehensive care health mother and baby is also very important, there are nutrition in full, the room lay quiet, lighting subdued, tracking student performance, the amount of water import.

            In the case of eclampsia, combined resuscitation and cut the seizures, get pregnant right out to save at the same time the mother and the fetus. The process should have the strong support of all units primitive and anesthesia, with a team of medical doctors actively care.

            3. Prevention of severe preeclampsia

            Preeclampsia – eclampsia is quite common with a frequency from 5 – 8% of the total cases of pregnancy. Is the cause of preeclampsia is still not fully understood should be the prevention is still in the passive.

            The best measure to prevent severe preeclampsia and complications is to monitor the pregnancy closely, combined with learn money the of the mother, and good treatment of diseases accompanied by if there are such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, vascular disease. Along with that is improve the quality of life and adequate nutrition during pregnancy.

            Every women should have the knowledge to track, detect early signs of preeclampsia – severe preeclampsia by blood pressure changes, unusual when there appearance of protein in urine to have the best treatment plan right from the start.

            Hospital international Vinmec bring to href=””>Program maternity care package for the product right from the start of pregnancy from the first month with full time pregnancy, 3D ultrasound, 4D periodically along the test routine to ensure the mother is healthy and the fetus’s development. Women will be consulted and health inspection under the supervision of the obstetrician, experienced, expertise, help the mom have more knowledge to protect the health in pregnancy as well as minimize the complications affect mother and child.

            Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic and sign up packages or contact us here for assistance

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              Method of rehabilitation of post-burn

              Burns is a common reaction of the skin when exposed to abnormal temperature suddenly, but there are many kinds of burns, deep lesions, has the ability to grow and affect the function of other parts on the body.

              1.Skin burns what is?

              Burns is a form of epidermal lesions skin along the organized tissues under the skin occurs due to exposure to heat chemicals or other agents to bring physical, such as too hot, too cold…

              If only the minor burns often can be easily handled without problems difficulties, daily living also not be affected much. However, the burns deep, burns more severe, accompanied with the skin ulcers, deep lesions, such mandatory need to hand craft the expertise of the doctor.

              2. Treatment sequelae after burns

              • Suse of the drug, special treatment such as corticosteroids will be used for injection directly into the scar tissue, the topical medication with antibiotics penicillamin, histamine, colchicine, methotrexate, hirudoid, madecassol…

              Besides, the doctor will also use the measures by mechanics to fix: create method the force method of molding the combined use of silicone gel, especially the method fixed neck, extremities by instrument mechanics.

              • Physical therapy is also part of the treatment regimen, such as: light, X-ray, running machine, electric pulse, ultrasound, cryotherapy, laser CO2 or laser, color assorted…

              In the treatment of sequelae of burns cause, today we are also very interested in methods of surgery, especially for large scars, or scars have the ability to pull, do take the aesthetics, makes people lose confidence. However, often must come out 6 months when the burns have mainland, become scars new stable be doctor agree to surgery.

              If perform surgery when the scar was stable in the form of soft, not rigid, then inside a wound still appears the cell element inflamed, and the impact the drug will cause pull th development, pull right after perform surgery. When her doctor must have the option arises promptly, especially once the surgery will not fix is complete that must pass each stage, solve each part, besides combining mobility, physical therapy to recover quickly.

              3. Rehabilitation after burns

              3.1 Handling burns

              • Immediately remove the last cause burns or can the the are burning or other types of chemicals.
              • If burns cause due to the type of chemicals need to quickly remove clothing. The help also need to be cautious, avoid the chemicals stick to people.
              • Handle burns immediately by pouring cold water, to open wounds, do not apply on wounds anything avoid infection.
              • Put people are suffering burns to the right medical center, the nearest hospital.

              3.2 treatment at medical center hospital

              • Anti-shock by blood transfusion and infusion
              • Anti increase the amount of protein in blood by drinking or infusion Natribicarbonat
              • Use of drugs has analgesic when the pain increased peak
              • Room by medications to support the heart when there is danger
              • Use tonics when necessary, as directed by doctor
              • Antibacterial, anti-tetanus by the antibiotics.
              • Toilet the wound, change the cotton gauze daily, cut off the epidermis tissue organization, skin necrosis when there is.
              • Meals according to the mode rational: first day of liquid food, gradually return to normal food.
              • If there are areas of the skin graft: care carefully kept alive piece of skin grafts and not to get infections.

              3.3 restoration Surgery

              After surgery, mobility of the joints will limit, in particular plastic surgery, orthopedics as in need of rehabilitation.

              Skin graft surgery will limit most movement of joints.

              Orthopedic extremities and neck brace fixed

              This helps prevent the case of shrinkage or deformation of parts, with which the joints can the operation best return.

              Fixed by splints prevent deformity first developed:

              • Neck: posture lying avoid folding bow the knee from the shoulder area.
              • Spine: avoid the spine crooked, deformed, hunchbacked, or sticking out the back in case someone burns a the side of the chest or a region of the dorsal side.
              • Armpit: minimize all movements from the shoulder joint, the brace perpendicular with the trough or use a sling
              • Legs: for a person with burns to the elbows or knee joints, splints state of complete stretching
              • Ankle and foot: brace perpendicular
              • Wrist and hand: splint immobilization of the wrist and fingers
              • Groin: bandages, splints, groin area open 60 degrees, limiting pressure, make the distance to motor in at brace.

              Drugs used to treat: use of analgesics, antibacterial, anti-shock, anti-tank protein blood, combined with spray or ointment applied to the skin surface.

              3.4 Physical therapy

              This method helps to prevent the complications of respiratory as well as muscle contractions arthritis, renewable, circulatory activity, and recover the function of body parts.

              • Light burns, small area: assignments will primarily be athletes maintain fitness the muscles, joints, the burns and affected burns.
              • Severe burns than if you have to lie in bed because of physical weakness, need to lie correct posture for 48 hours first, then new start the motor gently. After 48 hours, the patient should sit up and go, 3 times/day breathing exercises, coughing exercises, active, active, positive and gentle, then gradually go back.
              • The disease is indicated for the treatment method tape sealed, should use warm water, apply mild hygiene gently bubble, gradually the epidermal tissues dead skin, recovering from his wounds.
              • Point burns completely healed, should combine ultrasound with the tips breaking the bottom of the scar-adhesive, avoid scarring.

              If the disease is just the skin grafting: keep-alive piece of skin grafts star for attached to the tissue particles. Burns with areas does not have to endure gravity, the patient should lie motionless from 5 to 7 days, still the area suffered gravity should lie estate from 10 to 15 days. That time, should the gong body up in the are estate

              • Restorative exercise: the exercises start from gently, maintain the operation, the muscle to the exercises meticulously need the dexterity of hands.
              • Rehabilitation in individual activities daily: exercise self-serve themselves food and drink, daily hygiene, then gradually support the family.

              4. How to participate in the community

              After the process of treatment and rehabilitation after burns, the patient can soon return to the reels work as well as daily activities. However, should still have the note, carefully during operation to avoid later or have sequelae unusual happened.

              Treatment of burns combined rehabilitation after burns for will help the recovery process of patients faster than the disease, early return to daily activities more.

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                Signs of depression in patients with cancer

                Most people feel shocked when diagnosed with cancer. They may fall into a psychological state of anxiety, fear, even depression. Depression makes people encounter many difficulties in treatment of the disease. So early detection and treatment of depression has important implications for patients with cancer.

                1. The crisis mentality of the cancer

                For patients, especially young people, when discovering I have cancer will shock psychologically. Besides, they were very miserable because of fear of the burden family, financial, that mentality became pessimistic, more heavy. The decline mentally can affect the therapeutic effect. According to statistics of the world health organization, each year Vietnam has about 95,000 patients cancer deaths, of which 30% die of exhaustion rather than loss due to tumors.

                When faced with cancer, patients will undergo the crisis psychologically as:

                • Fear of treatment or side effects of treatment
                • Fear of cancer recurrence or metastasis after treatment
                • Worry about the uncertainty
                • Worry about losing the ability to self-mastery
                • Worry about the changing the relationship
                • Fear about death.

                The anxiety, fear can make the face of cancer treatment becomes more difficult. It can also interfere with decision making related to the care and treatment of you. So get to know and anxiety treatment is an important part of cancer treatment.

                2. Signs of depression in cancer patients

                Cancer patients can suffer from depression, this is an emotional disorder can treatment is.

                Depression can make people sick not to get treatment for cancer. It also can make patients difficult decisions related to treatment and care. So the detection and treatment of depression is an important part of cancer treatment.

                Symptoms of depression may appear not long after a diagnosis of cancer or at any time during or after the treatment process.

                Tell your doctor if you have the following symptoms, especially if they occur 2 recent week or longer.

                2.1 symptoms related to mood

                • Feel down in the spirit
                • Feel sad
                • Feeling desperate
                • Feel irritable (easily irritated)
                • Feel emotionless
                • Feel useless
                • The behavioral symptoms
                • Lost interest about the activities that you enjoyed before
                • Frequent crying
                • Want to avoid friends or family
                • Losing motivation to do the day to day activities.

                2.2 The cognitive symptoms

                • Decreased ability to concentrate
                • Difficulty when making decisions
                • Have problems with memory
                • Negative thoughts. In these circumstances extreme, this can include thoughts that life is not worth living or ideas of hurting yourself.

                2.3 The symptoms body

                • Tired
                • Appetite
                • Insomnia, can’t sleep or deep sleep
                • Sleep more (sleep excessively)
                • Sexual problems like decreased libido.

                The cognitive symptoms and the body listed above can be the side effects of cancer or of cancer treatment cause. When diagnosing depression in cancer patients, the doctor often must pay much more attention to the emotional symptoms and behavior.

                Cancer patients with depression should be treated by a specialist psychological – mental. For those who suffer from depression moderate or severe, the combination of psychological treatment and medication is often most effective method. For some people with mild depression, talk with specialist mental health may be enough to alleviate the symptoms.

                Clinic psychology – hospital International Vinmec Times City is a reliable address in clinic, counseling, outpatient treatment of psychological problems, mental health. With modern equipment together with our team of doctors is lecturer, department of psychiatry, University of Medicine-Ha Noi, clinics have the ability to deploy the psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive serves the medical. With enthusiasm and passion, our team of doctors work at the clinic psychology – hospital International Vinmec Times City always gives our customers the best service with quality of service highest.

                Location at Vinmec Times City: Room 4063, 4th floor – Internal medicine general.

                Work schedule clinic from 8h00 – 12h00 afternoon 13h00 – 17h00.

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                  Learn insomnia in pregnant women

                  Symptoms insomnia in pregnant women is the phobia of pregnant women. Pregnancy insomnia racking will cause fatigue, especially the last months of pregnancy.

                  1. Insomnia in pregnant women is due now?

                  In the early months of pregnancy, when the body to mobilize blood and oxygen to the placenta and nourish the fetus, will make pregnant women tired, so will want to sleep more. However, as to the middle and late pregnancy, mothers have the risk of facing insomnia in pregnant women, the cause is due to:

                  • The digestive system in stages of pregnancy are often less active and weaker than normal. Food lingers in the stomach and intestine longer, causing indigestion, heartburn and constipation.

                  Besides, the fetus growing will squeeze into the stomach, pushing food from the stomach up the esophagus, causing gastroesophageal reflux. To late pregnancy, the pressure of the fetus on the stomach and the large intestine is increasing. At the same time, the hormonal changes in the body also cause these digestive problems and lead to insomnia in pregnant women.

                  • When new pregnancy, due to the action of the hormone do breath slowly and deeply, the woman often feel breathe harder than normal. When the fetus is growing, the womb presses on the diaphragm, causing the diaphragm reduce movements, causing difficulty in breathing.

                  She elected to take a deep breath and more to get the oxygen. This led to the pregnant, breathing out more carbon dioxyde than usual, do low levels of carbon dioxyde in the blood, therefore, increases shallow breathing as feel more discomfort, affect the quality of rest and sleep.

                  • The baby is growing and belly growing will cause the pregnant difficult to find a sleeping posture, appropriate to be able to sleep well, deep sleep sleep.
                  • During pregnancy, the heart rate of women increases to pump more blood to the womb, so the heart has to work more tired than usual a lot.
                  • During pregnancy, the kidneys have to work extra 30-50% to filter more blood volume, this makes the amount of urea increased in leaps and bounds and the bladder to contain more urine than.

                  When the fetus grows and presses the bladder, causing the mother discomfort and to urinate frequently, even at night. This is the major cause cause insomnia in pregnant women.

                  • Anxiety, stress on the development of the fetus, or economic family when preparing to welcome a new member. The pressures, difficulties in daily work, or the social relationships, the conjugal relationship is not as desired… makes mom pregnant, didn’t sleep good sleep.
                  • The end of pregnancy, mothers often cramps sudden in the thighs, calves had elected to wake up because of pain. In addition, back and legs to carry the weight of the body, endure the weight of the baby should that the mother is pain in the back, this is the cause of insomnia in pregnant women.

                  2. Harmful effects of insomnia in pregnant women?

                  Pregnancy, sleep of women can change as follows:

                  • Trimester first and second (the first three months and second of pregnancy): insomnia when pregnant is due to the hormone changes in which the concentration of progesterone increases, causing the quality of sleep is reduced. Pregnant are often more tired in the daytime, so need more sleep.
                  • The third trimester (last three months of pregnancy): the quality of sleep is diminished due to pregnancy increases shallow sleep. Pregnant awake at night more and the total duration of sleep during the day reduced.

                  Women pregnancy insomnia interminably may experience sleep problems later, when baby is born, the mother has not adapted to the schedule of the baby, creating more challenges for the sleep of the mother.

                  Many studies showed that if women encounter sleep problems such as insomnia or poor sleep, can lead to symptoms of depression or more severe that may arise postpartum depression. When the sleep of the woman new-born is severely disrupted, can affect the mount or take care of the baby, or even affect the behavior and feelings of the mother for the child.

                  3. How to improve insomnia in pregnant women

                  • Pregnancy, pregnant should avoid to eat before going to sleep, so dinner hours going to sleep from 2 – 3 hours so the body has time to digest food.
                  • Strengthen food groups rich in vitamin B like green leafy vegetables, whole grains can help improve symptoms of insomnia in pregnant women.
                  • Should divide meals into several small meals, when to eat should eat slowly, chew carefully, so stomach is not too much, to avoid suffering from heartburn.
                  • Limit sweet diet for pregnancy function, excretion of sugar will decrease. If blood sugar is too high will cause gestational diabetes, at the same time affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.
                  • Minimize the use of food, drink irritant such as coffee, tea, chocolate, most is in the evening.
                  • Avoid drinking too much water before sleep to limit the wake urinate at night, causing insomnia in pregnant women.
                  • To sleep better, pregnant women can sleep tilted to the left, knees bent and spirit. This posture helps reduce the pressure on leg veins, limit the edema, at the same time increase the amount of blood supply to the heart, reduce syndrome low blood pressure and is beneficial for improving blood circulation of blood of the placenta.
                  • Bedroom, bed, pillows and bed linen clean and comfortable to ensure good night’s sleep.
                  • Before sleeping can take a bath of warm water add a little oil to mentally relax, or drink a glass of warm milk … Soak the foot before sleeping in ginger juice and warm salt, basil leaves, lemongrass will help blood vessels circulate and easy to sleep better, reduce insomnia when pregnant.
                  • Exercise lightly and regularly while pregnant is not only good for the blood circulation but also reduces stress. This is not the improving cramps and also help for the sleep of pregnant better.
                  • Arrange respite reasonable, there should be naps in the day (maybe morning and afternoon), ranges from 30 – 60 minutes to increase agility, better memory, and reduce symptoms of fatigue in pregnancy. Note, pregnant should not sleep much during the day because it will cause trouble sleeping at night. Have a habit of going to sleep and wake up on time will limit the symptoms of insomnia in pregnant women.
                  • In case of cramps sudden at night, pregnant, please bend the feet then fold strong foot down under the heel. Note, diet has plenty of salt and calcium, easily lead to cramps in pregnant women.
                  • After birth, the mother should try to sleep as much as possible. Lack of sleep is inevitable when caring for young, however if severe insomnia can affect the mood of the mother, severe can lead to boredom after birth or postpartum depression. Here are some ways to help enough sleep after birth:
                  • Sleep when children sleep.
                  • Thanks for ones help with the housework.
                  • Thanks to husband or relatives helps the child to eat at night.
                  • Create habits, daily activities for both mother and baby.

                  4. Treatment of insomnia in pregnant women?

                  Clinic psychology – hospital international Vinmec officially went into operation from January 4/2019, with functions of examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and psychological health. With modern equipment, clinic, health Psychology Vinmec is collaborating with professors, experienced professionals:

                  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 7 years experience working with the position is lecturer, department of psychiatry – Hanoi Medical University, psychiatrist at hospital Hanoi Medical University & hospital Geriatric Central, at the same time is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
                  • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 5 years of experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental faculties, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
                  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: 6 years as lecturer, Department of psychiatry – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central, along with experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental illness as: emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

                  Along with the combined deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service of diagnosis and treatment, aiming to bring efficient patient care best.

                  Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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                  This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

                    How to know your blood group?

                    Want to know each person belongs to the group of blood, you need to know in the blood are the ingredients how many types of blood, it is blood group nothing from which to conduct the test and read the results to determine the blood group.

                    1. The composition of the blood

                    1.1 Plasma

                    Is the liquid part of blood and makes up about 60% of the volume of blood. In plasma is mostly water but contains many different proteins and other substances such as hormones, antibodies, enzymes, sugar, fat, salt, etc..

                    1.2 blood cells

                    Blood cells make up about 40% of the volume of blood and can be seen under the microscope. The cell “original” hematopoiesis in the bone marrow responsible for manufacturing blood cells. When a blood test or blood group will see there are 3 main types of blood cells, that is:

                    • Cells

                    These are the cells that make blood red. There are about five million erythrocytes in a drop of blood. To replace the old cells broken down need a number of erythrocytes is constantly creating new, millions of erythrocytes, this new release from the bone marrow into the blood each day. In the erythrocytes-containing blood pigments help to attract and combine with oxygen, allowing hemoglobin to transport oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

                    • Leukemia cells

                    Include many different types such as neutrophils (polymorphonuclear), lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes, leukocytes affinity alkaline. All types of leukemia cells is a part of the immune system and has the effect mainly is engaged against infection.

                    • Platelets

                    Platelets are very small and have the function of blood clotting when injured..

                    2. Test blood group

                    Conduct a variety of tests can identify the antigen on the surface of red cells, from which can determine the blood group.

                    In many types of antigen specificity, and that different on the surface of red cells, then antigen type ABO and type of Rh is the most important by the ability to create a strong immune best.

                    Blood group usually aims to determine the blood group in the ABO blood groups and Rh. In addition, testing other antigens on the surface of erythrocytes is carried out in a number of other situations.

                    2.1 test the ABO blood groups

                    • Blood group A: If there is the antigenic type A on the surface of red cells and antibodies B in plasma.
                    • Blood group B: If you have the antigen type B on the surface of red cells and antibodies A in the plasma.
                    • Blood group AB: If there are two antigens type A and B on the surface of red blood cells and no antibodies to A or antibody B in plasma.
                    • Blood group O: If you don’t have antigen type A or antigen B type on the surface of red blood cells but have antibodies A and antibodies B in plasma.

                    2.2 test blood group and Rh

                    Most of the blood in people who have Rh antigen on the surface of red cells, i.e. Rh positive (+). However, a few people don’t have Rh antibodies, called Rh-negative (-).

                    2.3 Determine the blood group

                    Blood group of each person depends on the type of antigens are on the surface of red blood cells. This antigen is regulated by genes inherited from the father and mother of that person. Have blood groups is:

                    • Blood group A+: has antigen A and Rh antigen.
                    • Blood type A: has antigen A but does not have the Rh antigen.
                    • Blood group B+: has antigen B, and Rh antigens.
                    • Blood type B: has antigen B, but no Rh antigens.
                    • Blood group AB+: has antigen A, B and Rh antigens.
                    • Blood group AB-: has antigen A and B but no antigens Rh.
                    • Blood group O+: no antigen A or B but have the Rh antigen.
                    • Blood group O: no antigens A, B or Rh antigen.

                    3. Can make the blood now?

                    Hospital international Vinmec Hai Phong is the only hospital in Hai Phong have the machine fixed blood automatic fully Wadiana very modern of Spain. At here, customers can perform the blood group system ABO/Rh (D) on the automatic machine. The blood group by the automatic machine allows to limit the maximum errors compared with manual methods.

                    Review process the blood group is performed by experienced doctors professional: Doctor Pham Thi Thuy Nhung the same team of technicians are licensed, trained help process, test, tight, strict discipline, compliance with regulations, help to ensure accuracy in absolute terms.

                    Customers can directly to Vinmec Hai Phong to visit or contact hotline 0225 7309 888 for assistance.

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                    This article is written for the reader in Hai Phong.
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