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Endoscopic stomach through the nose: What you need to know

Gastroscopy is the method of diagnosis safe effective. Compared with endoscopy through the mouth, endoscopy the stomach through the nose, easy to carry, high accuracy and less obtrusive than.

1. Endoscopic stomach through the nose, and the advantages and disadvantages

Endoscopic esophagus – stomach – duodenum through the nose, and is made threaded tube, gastroscopy very little through the nose has been numbed, to the esophagus and at the stomach, duodenal and duodenum.

Follow the path of the endoscope, the doctor can observe is the surface lining of the parts, from which the current damage, if any, and sample tests bacteria.

1.1 Advantages

Advantages of laparoscopic stomach through the nose, and is high precision, easy to carry. Endoscope has a small diameter (around 5.9 mm) and is passing through the nose, do not touch the uvula and the oropharynx should be limited cause nausea, to help the sick person the more uncomfortable.

1.2 Disadvantages

However, endoscopy of the stomach through the nose, not be done if the patient has pathology the nose, narrow slits the nose, often a higher cost compared with soi oral route. If when soi detect pathology that needs intervention, such as taking foreign bodies, stop bleeding, Polyp removal, vein ligation esophageal dilatation stenosis, injection fibrosis…it is not done immediately, but have to switch to soi oral route.

Often endoscopy the stomach through the nose only takes 15 minutes to perform, is painless, does not cause nausea, to help detect early malignant lesions related to cancer.

2. Who should have laparoscopic gastric nasal?

Many patients with inflammation of gastric and duodenal ulcers, do not see symptoms until there are complications, gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation of the stomach… have to enter the hospital. More dangerous, many patients of stomach cancer also not diagnosed promptly because the little identification signs.

The endoscopy allows early detection of many stomach diseases right from an early stage, but many still worry, procrastination does not go to the clinic for fear of endoscopy. With the method of endoscopy of the nose only takes 15 minutes to perform, is painless, does not cause nausea, high accuracy, early detection of malignant lesions related to cancer helps patients resolve concerns when to go to the clinic.

The pathology of the stomach or duodenum can lead to many serious complications if not treated early, because the absolute is not subjective ignore.

Should go to the clinic and performing endoscopy stomach even when there are the following signs:

  • Weight loss of unknown cause
  • Epigastric pain, nausea after eating
  • Chest pain but test normal cardio
  • Heartburn, belching, indigestion
  • Vomiting blood, anemia or away also stool black
  • Swallow, choking
  • History of taking anti-inflammatory drugs, reducing pain, causing epigastric pain
  • Syndrome malabsorption
  • Cut 2/3 of the stomach after 10 years
  • Family history disease polyps

3. Should gastroscopy the nose now?

To perform endoscopic stomach of the nasal passages safe, high efficiency, the patient should look to the prestigious hospitals, have system modern machines and doctors to perform highly specialized, experienced.

At general hospital, international Vinmec are also applied colonoscopy the stomach through the nose, and high technology, with 2 form is non-anesthesia and anesthesia. Gastroscopy at international Vinmec guaranteed to be made with a team of doctors specialized and experienced in the field of endoscopy and treatment of digestive diseases made.

Typical Multi-science international Vinmec is using the system of endoscope Evis Exera III (CV-CLV 190) has the function NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) high quality world leading company Olympus (Japan) production. The machine uses two wavelengths of 415nm and 540nm lets focus thorough analysis, more detailed and more accurate results with the vagaries smallest of the stomach. So the results of endoscopy machine, NBI will give better results compared to endoscopy with high-resolution conventional.

In addition hospital international Vinmec use endoscope is disinfected by machine washing of the carrier Olympus, after disinfection be stored in cabinets dedicated, ultraviolet disinfection, air soi also be wrapped in toan sterile when shipped to the endoscope.

The instruments used in the endoscope is disposable or autoclaved sterile and packaged at the center free bacteria of the hospital. Besides, the hand hygiene of medical staff is also strict adherence to the procedure was tested for screening full pre-made.

Therefore when performing endoscopy through the nose at general hospital, international Vinmec, patients can be assured of the safety, cleanliness, limit the maximum potential to spread the disease during the endoscopy, as well as ensure the accuracy and safety the highest.

Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit or contact hotline href=””>here for support


    What to do when chickenpox grows too much?

    Chickenpox or do we still commonly known as chickenpox, this is the acute infectious disease, very contagious. Usually after 1-2 weeks of chickenpox will go away. However, for a number of cases of chickenpox sprang back, many in an irregular manner, causing the patient confusion, worry. So when the chickenpox grows too much, need to do? The article below will help us solve the fret on.

    1. Disease what is chickenpox?

    Chickenpox is an infectious disease in the skin due to the virus Varicella Zoster causes. The initial manifestations of the disease is well blisters on the skin, high fever, body tired. The disease has the ability to outbreak of epidemic if not controlled timely. If careful care, then chickenpox will go away after about 1-2 weeks.

    Chickenpox is very rarely relapse in those who have been before that, because after when sick, the body will create immunity to the disease. When the immune system is weakened, the virus will invade the nervous system and exist here, causing shingles.

    Chickenpox will cause appear more dangerous complications if not treated properly and timely.

    2. Complications due to chickenpox grows too much

    Chickenpox is disease infection through the respiratory tract, after about 14-15 days of incubation, is the stage of the disease. Usually chickenpox will develop through 3 main stages:

    • Stage 1: When at the stage of onset, it can be difficult to get to know the signs of the disease because at this stage the disease has not had any symptoms abnormal.
    • Stage 2: red rashes like measles rash appears on the body and will evolve into the nodular casting after a few hours, at this time we are easy to get to know that I was suffering from chickenpox.
    • Stage 3: Nodules on the skin grows very quickly and grows into several tranches each distance range, 2-3 days, therefore there are many types of pitches (pitches, big pitches, small pitches, casting…) appear on the skin. About 4-6 days later, the redness flaking and turning a dark color. Notes this desquamation and does not leave scars once healed.

    With a number of cases of chickenpox grows too much on the body, especially in positions such as facial, mouth, private parts,… the patient may experience several dangerous complications if not treated timely and properly. The following are a number of complications due to chickenpox grows too much cause:

    • Encephalitis, meningitis: 1 week after the last simulation state appears on the skin causing patient discomfort, itching then this complication appear. Chickenpox children cause encephalitis and meningitis in the young are likely to leave the unfortunate consequences for the baby such as developmental delay, epilepsy, deafness…
    • Pneumonia: pneumonia is dangerous complications due to chickenpox cause. A number of manifestations of the disease as pneumonia is high fever, difficulty breathing or maybe coughing up blood. Pneumonia causes difficulty for the liver disease and respiratory system is affected.
    • Glomerulonephritis supply: Demand kidneys can be attacked by the virus, which causes chickenpox. This complication causes inflammation and the entire function of blood purification of the kidneys are also affected which makes for patients with kidney failure.
    • Perinatal chickenpox: women are mai thai is, the object will encounter this complication. It can cause severe complications, such for the fetus such as infection in the womb and can be fatal. Complications this could cause for children born with deformities, cerebral palsy, cataracts, grow slowly, the digestive system is affected…
    • Laryngitis: acne spots, foreign growths on the skin that I can grow in the throat or nasopharynx when suffering from chickenpox. This complication occurs when the acne to rupture and spread to the surrounding area causing inflammation.
    • Wire the central nervous system of patients with lesions: central nerve cord of patients with chickenpox are vulnerable to disease-causing viruses survive in nerves. Complications this can cause for patients with nerve palsy, language disorders…
    • Otitis media: patient’s condition is inflammation of the middle ear, the outer ear.. occur due to the nodules water in the ear can cause rupture and inflammation.
    • Shingles nerve: After healing, the virus that causes chickenpox is still resides at the nerve cells. When conditions become favorable, they will become active again and cause shingles.
    • Sepsis: When the disease-causing viruses from invading blisters on the blood vessels, this complication will occur.

    When chickenpox grows too much makes sick people feel unpleasant itching, the scratching, itching, accidentally causing skin lesions, sores make the risk of multiple infections increased, and can leave scars. One of the most frequent complications when suffering from chickenpox including adults and children is scarred, pitted or deep scars.

    3. What to do when chickenpox grows too much?

    The treatment of chickenpox is not too difficult, however, if not treated properly and not timely, the disease will appear dangerous complications and possibly even life threatening patients.

    When chickenpox grows too much, the necessary and most important key is to take the patient to the medical facility to be examined and have the advice of a doctor towards treatment. The following are some points to note for patients when is chickenpox grows too much:

    • Absolutely no touching, scratching up notes simulator because when the nodule is broken, it triggers condition bumper skin infections and scarring.
    • Hygiene body clean, should use warm water to wash. Should not abstain from water because it will make the patient more itching, irritability, accidentally scratching cause scratching of the skin causing bacteria attack on the notes, simulation triggers skin inflammation, more severe patients may suffer from glomerulonephritis or sepsis.
    • When you have chickenpox, the disease should avoid contact with others to limit the spread of the disease, should rest in the room clean, breathable, implementation of the healthy living.
    • Should wear clothing that is spacious and airy, avoid rubbing up notes simulator
    • Adding vitamins and minerals to increase resistance for body, succumb to the disease. Should only abstain from those indigestible food, which causes scarring, cause itching…
    • When the consent of the doctor, absolutely do not buy medicine cure

    Timely treatment for patients with chickenpox is very important, especially when chickenpox grows too much by complications that it causes extremely dangerous. So, when the disease, the absolute is not subjective, not arbitrarily made according to the method of folk, oral tradition, or Italian, purchase of medicine without the instructions of doctor.


      What is anaphylaxis and often occur in any case?

      Anaphylactic shock is a complication severe allergies, can be fatal. Anaphylactic shock can occur after a few seconds or minutes after exposure to substance causing the disease is allergy, not those only seen in young children but also seen in adults if not diagnosed early and treated promptly.

      1. What is anaphylaxis?

      Anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction, acute, severe and direct threat to life if not treated promptly.

      With the sudden appearance of vasodilatation and the increased vascular permeability, bronchial excessive sensitivity, anaphylactic shock is a clinical syndrome recognizable.

      Anaphylactic shock is a condition of chemical is liberated by the immune system in anaphylaxis, causing a shock.

      Some cases can identify the cause of anaphylaxis but some others are very difficult to be able to determined by the cause is probably a combination of many different causes, the diagnosis becomes more difficult. About 20% of cases of anaphylaxis do not appear the symptoms in the skin or mucosa, some appear symptoms in the circulatory system such as reducing blood pressure.

      The interaction between antigen and antibody leads to the body appears a large amount of factors that cause vasodilation, blood pressure reduction that the body can suffer anaphylactic shock. Shock due to injection of penicillin antibiotics is the kind of anaphylactic shock or meet the most.

      2. Mechanism arose anaphylactic shock

      Mechanism arose anaphylactic shock go through 3 stages:

      • Stage 1 – stage hypersensitivity: When allergens enter the body, the condition anaphylaxis begin to occur. Allergens enter the body through the infusion or can be caused by diet, due to inhalation or exposure through the skin at the allergen encounter macrophages. Macrophages were activated, the information is passed through RNA and secreted high interleukin (IL-1). TCD4 were activated by IL1, with the participation of the complex transfer layers 1 and 3, the second layer of TCD4 is TH1 and TH2 is impact.

      The role of TH2 is expressed in a pronounced way in the case of anaphylactic shock due to drugs, with the participation of IL 4 and IL5 led to the production of IgE.

      IgE antibodies from plasma cells squeeze through the membrane the press and is mounted on the surface of the cell.

      • Stage 2 – stage biochemical diseases: allergens combine with IgE release type mediators: serotonin, histamine…
      • Stage 3 – stage pathophysiology: The active substance intermediate impact makes the arteries are dilated, blood pressure decreased, bronchial spasm, causing the pain in the abdomen, arteries the brain was made to feel headache, dizzy or may be in a coma.

      The consequence of this mechanism is increased permeability capillaries and the excessive sensitivity of the bronchi causing peripheral arterioles varicose, permeability of vessels increases, hypovolemia is reduced leads to a situation of hypotension, the activity of the heart muscle affected besides bronchi to spasm of the larynx is edema, the respiratory tract is narrow re-triggers the condition acute respiratory distress.

      Anaphylaxis occurs when the body has to the allergy, i.e. can happen with this person but can not happen with others.

      3. Cause anaphylactic shock

      To combat these substances when come into body, the immune system will produce more specific antibodies. For those harmful substances, then this is the effective response. However, a number of other cases, the immune system responded to a hypersensitivity to these substances as harmless as food…then the immune system will launch chain of chemical reactions leading to allergic phenomena.

      Oral medication, injection, infusion, food or sting of insects as the cause to cause the condition anaphylaxis. A number of other causes that cause anaphylactic shock such as lost much blood, the body is broken to pieces when injured,….

      Drugs such as antibiotics, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, local anesthetics, anesthesia is the most common cause of anaphylaxis due to drugs. Bee venom is also the kind of the sting of insects or cause the condition anaphylaxis. Everyday foods such as eggs, peanuts, seafood is the common cause cause anaphylactic shock due to food.

      Need to have the guidance and the invitation promptly by your doctor when you show signs of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis can be fatal when not handled promptly, so if you feel the body has a sudden change when in contact with the author weird need to suspect the condition anaphylaxis occurs. If food allergies need to carefully read and pay attention to the food are taking.

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        Lithotripsy kidney through the skin: Non-invasive, high efficiency

        Lithotripsy kidney through the skin is a colonoscopy new, are being applied and brought to effective treatment of kidney stones, ureter stones good. Lithotripsy kidney through the skin without surgery, non-invasive, stones will crumble and be sucked out.

        1. Lithotripsy kidney through the skin is what?

        Endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin is a method of endoscope special to treat kidney stones and ureter stones , high efficiency. The patient will be given general anesthesia, then the surgeon will use 1 needle poked through the skin of the back into the kidney.

        Tunnel of metal, fisting detector will be farm-wide the farm to achieve the desired size, thereby allowing inserted into the endoscopic lithotripsy. Pebbles will be scattered into pieces and sucked out. Then, also through the tunnel, the doctor put a catheter in the kidney help taking test after surgery. The catheter will be drawn after 24 – 48 hours.

        In some cases, may need additional lithotripsy body to handle the piece of gravel leftover.

        2. Subjects indicated endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin

        With these advantages, lithotripsy kidney through the skin is applied for:

        • The pebbles larger than 2cm, including the gravel coral complex
        • Case contraindications for lithotripsy in addition to body
        • Case had lithotripsy in addition to the body, but failed

        Endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin are not applied to the case patients have blood clotting disorders, there are abnormalities of the blood vessels in the kidneys, there is the risk of heavy bleeding. With the case of high blood pressure, the contraindications endoscopy is also temporary.

        3. Advantages of endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin

        • Surgery gentle, less pain, short hospital stay (3 – 4 days), recovery and health back fast (7 – 10 days)
        • Avoid scarring surgery for patients, non-invasive, avoids the complications of open surgery on the kidneys take the gravel
        • Remedy the situation alive gravel. This is a special features of endoscopic lithotripsy through the skin thanks to its ability to allow check out the entire renal pelvis and ureter. Longer surgery conventional and lithotripsy in addition to the body is not always in control of the situation alive gravel
        • Minimize infection after surgery, far more superior than the method of surgery often
        • Less damage to the kidneys, the influence of endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin to kidney function is <1%, whereas methods of open surgery to remove a stone coral can cause loss of >30% kidney function due to the incision on the renal parenchyma caused

        4. Care after endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin

        Patients after endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin can sit up, go back in the room, taking the snacks from day one. On day 2, the patient will be taken pyelonephritis check through pipes hosted the kidneys, is also at the same time determine the last is not left gravel and drugs contrast good circulation down to the bladder. Then drain the kidney will be drawn.

        After the withdrawal of the ducts hosted the kidneys, in hole drain can leak a little urine, but often this condition will go away after 3 – 6 hours thanks to a bandage in place.

        Hospital stay is usually about 3 to 4 days. Patients can return to work after 7 to 10 days without the need to maintain a mode of treatment any special. Should drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

        In general, with the outstanding advantages of endoscopic lithotripsy through the skin, this method gives hope afford treatment to replace most of the cases of kidney stones has indicated caesarean usually. Endoscopic lithotripsy through the skin can also be economical in high health, when just brings the best results and good health, less complications, reduce treatment time and hospitalization.

        5. Why should perform lithotripsy kidney through the skin at Vinmec?

        Method lithotripsy kidney through the skin in the treatment of kidney stones, ureter stones are now being applied very successfully in the international Vinmec Nha Trang. This method effectively treat over 95% of cases and the rate of complications just under 5%.

        Technical lithotripsy kidney through the skin are carried out at Vinmec Nha Trang with system modern machines and the doctors, specialist in urology, experienced, that is:

        • ASSOC.TS.BS Tran Le Linh Phuong, former Deputy chairman department of Urology University of Medicine and pharmacy ho chi minh CITY, Head of Urology University hospital of Medicine and pharmacy ho chi minh CITY. HCM is one of the top experts in Vietnam in the field of urology
        • ThS.BS Le Being Related, with more than 12 years of experience in the field of urology and urological intensive, the successful implementation of many techniques such as endoscopy, urinary tract, urinary, women, urodynamic, neurogenic bladder.

        With the strengths of quality experience, expertise of medical doctors and equipment system is superior investment, international standards, technical endoscopic lithotripsy kidney through the skin at Vinmec Nha Trang not only help effective treatment the disease but also minimize the complications after surgery, to help patients soon return to normal life often.

        Customers interested in engineering lithotripsy kidney through the skin and treat kidney stones, ureter stones at Vinmec Nha Trang, please contact our HOTLINE 0258 3900 168 for advice and support.

          Learn tests identify the virus HPV

          Not every woman infected with HPV genital which lead to cervical cancer, but infection virus stretching is arguably the most important factor leading to cancer. Therefore, the screening tests HPV plays an important in prevention of cervical cancer.

          1. The HPV test today

          The HPV test is very necessary to help affirm HPV infection and identify the type of HPV that cause infection.

          1.1. Pap (Papanicolaou) test spreads thin the cervix

          Smears obtained from the cervix onto a glass slide, dyed and examined under a microscope. Pap test helps in screening for HPV infection every year, if results are negative for three consecutive years, then just repeat every three years.However, Pap test sensitivity is not high and moreover this test does not help distinguish the HPV.

          1.2. Laboratory of molecular biology

          Methods in molecular biology to detect genes specificity of HPV (HPV-DNA) is considered the gold standard for the diagnosis of HPV in all stages of the disease, this test has a sensitivity and specificity than the Pap test, which allows the HPV, the group of HPV high-risk/low-and quantify HPV. Can use the following methods:

          • Methods PCR – laboratory of molecular biology

          PCR method allows detection of gene-specific HPV – DNA with sensitivity and specificity very high, widely used in the laboratory of molecular biology.

          • The HPV test real time PCR, what is?

          This is a diagnostic tool has high sensitivity, specificity and feasibility in the detection of HPV infection and the type of HPV.Technique real time PCR compared to PCR has simple operation and short time more, the sensitivity and specificity higher, avoid to be infected products PCR leads to false positive results. Swabs used are whole blood or serum is contained in a tube, no antifreeze. Kit real – time can be used for both purposes, qualitative and quantitative, identified a number of HPV (from 4 – to 5-tube) most frequently in the same test. This is the HPV test most frequently used today.

          • Method, Reverse dot blots (hybrid molecule) is what?

          This method identified dozens of HPV different in the same reaction. A person can be infected with a or co-infected with multiple HPV shown when reading the reaction results on patient specimens.

          • Method of Sequencing (sequencing)

          This method is still not a test for HPV is usually due to the cost test and does not detect the case of co-infection more HPV in the same reaction.

          2. HPV test now?

          Techniques HPV genotype Real-time PCR is one of the modern techniques are made routine at hospital international Vinmec Ha Long has so many patients trust use. Vinmec Halong equipped machine system Realtime PCR – 7500 FASTC Applied Biosystems – Life Technologies division of Thermo Fisher Scientific (U.s.), for test results have very high accuracy.


          The HPV test is done by Dr. Doan Thi Hong Hanh – one of the leading doctors, typical of the province in specialist microbiology. TS.BS. Doan Thi Hong Hanh has 30 years of experience in the field of clinical microbiology, consultant drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria. Is expert teaching and quality evaluation laboratories of the Ministry of health, expert technical review of the Office of recognized quality (BoA). Is the doctor Well-being department tests at hospital international Vinmec Halong.

          Client needs advice and learn more information, please contact hotline 0203 3828 188 (laboratory – hospital international Vinmec Halong).

          Uterine bleeding during pregnancy: When to treat?

          During pregnancy, the mother’s body produces hormones that help the fetus grow . Uterine bleeding when pregnancy occurs with approximately 25% of pregnant women, stemming from many different causes and should be examined accurately diagnose because can cause harm to the health of both mother and child.

          1. Causes blood flow to the genital area during pregnancy

          Phenomenon of uterine bleeding during pregnancy can appear at any stage of pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months.

          This condition may be due to changes of the endometrium in the process of preparing to welcome the egg on the nest. Accordingly, hemorrhagic phenomena occur from 1 – 2 weeks from the moment of conception, when a warning sign early pregnancy. According to statistics, there are about 20-30% of pregnant women is bleeding private parts during the beginning of pregnancy, can fall into the case as follows:

          1.1. Threatened miscarriage

          Some pregnant women see the phenomenon of bleeding, the closed pregnancy interval 4 – 8 – 12 week. The cause is due to the embryo not hang on the wall of the uterus. Bleeding is often accompanied by symptoms such as low back pain, heaviness in the lower abdomen…

          During pregnancy, the mother’s body produces hormones that help the fetus grow. However, sometimes the amount of hormone secreted is not enough, lead to vaginal bleeding, similar to menstruation. Usually this phenomenon will cease after the first 3 months of pregnancy.

          1.2. Thai hosted

          In the case of fetal development is not normal, will cause stillbirth. 1/3 in the number of cases derived from chromosomal disorders. Other causes are likely to cause stillbirth is concussion mechanics, infection… the Body women will reject the fetus begins with signs of uterine bleeding during pregnancy.

          1.3. Pregnancy ectopic

          Pregnancy ectopic is the status of the embryo outside the uterus. The signs of pregnancy ectopic include bleeding from the vagina during pregnancysharp pains lower abdomen. Cases if the ectopic pregnancy is rupture and not handled promptly, can be dangerous to the life of the mother. In addition, those who have a history of abortion, infection the genital area, had been pregnant, lost place likely to experience this condition more.

          1.4. Thai egg

          Egg after being fertilized will form the embryo and the appendages such as the amniotic sac, the placenta, lesbian each other… the development of The embryo and the component parts must correspond to each other. However there are cases, component parts grow too fast, leading to does not correspond with the embryo.

          This made for each other rapidly degenerate, forming the pocket contains translation, stick together like bunches of grapes. The hurt this causes for broken eggs but spikes remain nourished through the blood supply from the mother should continue to operate. This phenomenon is called pregnancy.

          Signs of pregnancy is women with uterine bleeding during pregnancy, bleeding can be brown, black, or red, blood persistent or massively.

          1.5. Placental abruption

          Placental abruption is a condition the placenta is separated from the position of the uterus when the baby is not yet born. Symptoms usually seen are pregnant women, abdominal pain, hemorrhage, genital area. When was diagnosis of placental abruption, need closely monitor the condition of the fetus, pregnant women, and the contraction of the uterus. The handle position will vary according to the level of each bubble, and gestational age. If pregnant mature, doctor will monitor the and can specify stimulate labor.

          1.6. Placenta previa

          Typically, the placenta clings to the front, back and bottom of the uterus. If for some reason, such as uterine scar incisions of old, deformed, have a history of regulating menstruation… then cake will cling low at the waist the uterus, covering part or the entire hole in the uterus, leading to hinder the path of the fetus during labor. Signs of placenta previa is hemorrhage of the uterus during pregnancy, which occurs when the bubble separation between placenta and uterus.

          1.7. Other cases

          Other causes can lead to bleeding of the genital area during pregnancy, including inflammation of the infected genital tract, tumors in the cervix… or after sexual activity, also have the ability to cause hemorrhage.

          2. What to do when pregnant is bleeding private parts?

          Pregnant women have vaginal bleeding is not a rare thing. Many cases hemorrhage due to these causes is small, do not need treatment. However, there are still pregnant women fall into dangerous condition.

          Therefore, when encountered signify abnormal bleeding, should inform the doctor to have treatment timely, special is on the duration of pregnancy. This is extremely necessary to determine the cause of hemorrhage can be dangerous for pregnant women.

          3. Any case need to treat?

          • Ectopic pregnancy: this case pregnant women often have to be emergency surgery to protect the hose eggs. However, if the developing fetus is not big, can apply drug therapy.
          • Bacterial infection: Pregnant women will be administered antibiotics suitable.
          • Threatened preterm labor: Sister needs a rest, accompanied by drug treatment against uterine contractions.
          • Other cases: the woman should be closely monitored during pregnancy.

          In any case, women are manifestations of uterine bleeding during pregnancy should be examined accurately diagnose the cause in order to have managed appropriately and promptly, avoiding the occurrence of dangerous complications for both the pregnant woman and the fetus.

          Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit the clinic or contact us here for assistance.

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            Menstrual disorders after therapeutic abortion to save

            After therapeutic abortion, the phenomenon of menstrual disorders appears, is the fear of no little sisters, especially the sisters, still desire to get pregnant. This is not the phenomenon rare, but most of the sisters who haven’t really understood the to find out the solutions to overcome this situation.

            1. Menstrual disorders after abortion note what is?

            Problems that many women are interested in, then maternity is maternity after how long then there is the back. Typically, after therapeutic abortion, menstruation of the woman going back in time from about 4 – 8 weeks. When that ovarian had time to restore the launcher function ovum in a normal way.

            However, there are many cases where, for some reason that is menstrual disorders after abortion for a long time.

            2. Causes of menstrual disorders after abortion save

            After therapeutic abortion to save the woman will face the effects of this, in which menstrual disorders. Most women will suffer from irregular menstruation, menstrual blood less and have a different color, strange and perhaps even lost business. There are many causes led to this unusual situation, specific as follows:

            • Case blood the less and can be black:
              • Due to sticky uterus: After smoking pregnancy, pregnant women have soiled the uterus by the process of suction, medical tools smoking pregnant help smoking the whole embryo, so the lining stick to the embryo. This has hurt to the lining of the uterus, the lining that has not timely re-create should the uterus stuck together. From that work has led to the impede operation push menstrual blood out, so menstruation is less.
              • Due to endocrine disorders: the endocrine System can be disrupted after smoking pregnancy leads to the hormonal changes that menstrual disorders appears.
              • Ovarian function decline: Smoking pregnant makes the functioning of the ovaries weak uterine hemorrhage leading to blood black.
              • Inflammation private parts: For the case of abortion, not safe, or after smoking pregnant women do not know how to clean enclosed areas will create favorable conditions for bacteria to grow, causing inflammation of the infected with genital area. If inflammation is prolonged can spread to the reproductive parts like uterus, fallopian tubes ovaries will cause menstrual disorders after abortion.
            • Cases loss of business: There are cases where after abortion has more than 2 months that still have not seen the return, which is due to:
              • Hormonal changes lead to hormonal imbalance in the body should be able to lose business.
              • Due to psychological fear of lost business should the to too late.
              • Complications of the abortion are not safe can will cause the principle of a part or the whole fallopian tube, at which time the women will have the risk of infertility.
              • Inflammation private parts: not only cause less blood the that a number of inflammatory specific can also cause loss of business.

            3. Remedy menstrual disorders after abortion

            If encounter the phenomenon of menstrual disorders after abortion, the best way is, sisters should look to your doctor to know the cause is and treat accordingly. Because if not timely intervention, menstrual disorders, then stillbirth can cause those affected to health and life of themselves, especially the condition of infertility can easily occur.

            Besides, activities of daily living, sisters should pay attention perform the following instructions:

            • After smoking pregnancy the body is still weak, sister, you should spend more time resting, keep the psychological comfort, not stress, worry, because this is also one of the causes causing menstrual disorders.
            • Do not use the alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, by the drink, this will make the blood diluted, and directly affect the recovery time loss of sister after smoking pregnant.
            • Adding nutrients to the body, set the mode of nutrition science.
            • Toilet the genital area, and body daily with warm water, no douches.
            • Avoid sex at least 2 – 4 weeks after abortion.

            When you meet problems, hard to say about gynecology, you may contact the hospital international Vinmec to be examined by the methods of modern, efficient, under the conduct of the team of medical doctors rich expertise and experience, always best for the health of customers.

            You can sign up for examination and consultation online HERE.

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              Identification signs infection after childbirth

              Bacterial infection after birth or also known as bacterial infection postpartum is one of the obstetric complications most commonly encountered, due to the germs that enter the genital tract through the wounds when laying and shelter at the place of vegetables clinging in the uterus to cause disease in all parts of the genital tract or can spread out more.

              1. Bacterial infection following childbirth what is?

              Pathology infection after birth the child only occur in objects women after birth, caused by bacteria in the genitals caused. There are cases of patients with bacterial infection in perineum, vagina, vulva, cervix or in the uterus. A number of less prone to infection bleeding, very heavy and difficult to treat, this case has a high fatality rate.

              Currently, medicine developed, apply the methods of disinfection and sterilization in childbirth should rate products infested puerperal has reduced than before. However, this situation is still quite popular in mountain areas, remote areas.

              2. Causes bacterial infection after birth?

              Medicine has proven that all types of usual bacteria like staph, streptococci, anaerobic bacteria, bacillus Coli…all can be the cause of bacterial infection after sinh. The bacterium is often present in the living environment around us, when meet favorable conditions, they will penetrate into the body through lesions in the vagina, the vulva or the vegetable sticking at the bottom of the uterus to cause the disease.

              Some causes that mainly cause bacterial infections after birth can be:

              • Reason product is infested pussy, perineum, vagina, cervix in the process of cutting the episiotomy stitches does not guarantee sterility…
              • Due to infection after birth in the uterus (with the level as inflammation of the uterus, inflammation of the lining of the uterus, inflammation of the entire uterus.
              • Due to peritonitis after birth: In case of cesarean section that the woman is uterine rupture, bacterial infection of amniotic fluid, incision into the intestines or sterile, poor, forgotten gauze after surgery.
              • Bacterial infection of the blood after birth: This is severe infection most of the infection due to not detected and treated early.

              Bacterial contamination levels of heavy or light will depend on the toxicity of bacteria, according to the health of women and resistance to antibiotics of them according to disease is detected and treated early or late.

              3. Identification signs bacterial infection after birth

              When is bacterial infection after birth, depending on your place of residence bacteria that patients will have different signs, namely:

              • Cases of infection in the perineum and pussy, then the patient will show signs of swelling, edema perineum, vulva, stitches perineum pus.
              • If bacterial infection of cervix, vagina, there will be expression out a lot odor when conducted visits, it will cause pain.
              • Infections in the uterus are very rare happenings, often more severe, manifestation is the stench, maybe blood, uterus sharp pain when touched.
              • Infections postpartum in the appendages (ovaries, fallopian tubes, ligaments) are often prolonged, easy to become transformed into chronic disease if not treated definitively.

              Peritonitis whole and peritonitis sub-frame is the warning signs when bacteria from the machine penetrated into the abdominal cavity and sub-frame. This case is very dangerous, need surgery to drain the pus and if not careful, it is easy to leave sequelae after caesarean section.

              • Signs of thrombophlebitis sub-frame for the leg is swelling, pain and heat. If the clot moves up to the heart causing myocardial infarction, move to the brain and cause cerebral infarction, it can cause the disease sudden death. This form can cause sudden death.
              • In addition, bacteria can be from the genital organs go straight into the bloodstream, causing infections of the blood after birth, leading to mortality is very high.

              4. What to do when infected with bacteria after birth?

              After birth, women often undergo the process of involution the uterus to expel the push lochia out, this process takes place in about 2 weeks. However, if after 4 days that women have manifested a high fever, uterine involution slow and lochia less, whose expression is stasis, it can stink, when in the uterus feel pain, then think of cases of bacterial infection after birth and need immediate contact with a doctor to be examined and treated promptly.

              Case products infested perineum and vulva, it can be treated by washing the vulva, perineum water, antiseptic, cut only early if you have episiotomy stitches and antibiotics topical and systemic. If bacterial infection in the cervix and vagina, then use gauze was fucking bacteria to wipe clean the vagina, cervix daily, put antibiotics in the vagina to kill bacteria. If product is infested postpartum in the uterus to scraping check for errors membrane vegetables, alive vegetables do not.

              To prevent bacterial infection after birth effectively, then, each products need to be conscious hygiene during pregnancy, especially the days close to laying. Absolute kong is a bath or dip in a pond with dirty water. If suspected bacterial infection in the genital area it is necessary to base medical clinics and cure right.

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                Sex and pregnancy after stillbirth

                After suffering a stillbirth, and women face many problems about health and psychology. Time sex and pregnancy after stillbirth need to comply with the designation of doctor of obstetrics and gynecology.

                1. Complications of pregnancy save

                Stillbirth is the case all the fertilized egg and nest in the uterus but does not develop is the fetus mature, which is dead and save the mother’s uterus on 48 hours. Typically, the maternity in the gestational age the greater the time saved in hysteroscopy as short as.

                Complications of stillbirth:

                • Pregnancy discontinuation of development if not early taken out of the mother’s body will cause a number of biochemical reactions and hematology, reducing the amount birth fiber blood in the blood and cause blood clotting disorders. Pregnancy the greater the risk of blood clotting disorders as high. When the pregnancy miscarried or procedure cesarean out, blood coagulation disorders can lead to haemorrhage – a complication of dangers can make pregnancy fatal.
                • Most dangerous complications for those who suffer stillbirth is breaking amniotic fluid early when there are no signs of miscarriage or labor. Through the membrane, amniotic fluid, tear, bacteria will enter the chamber, amniotic fluid and uterus, causing infection serious danger to the life of the mother.
                • The pregnancy is expected to influence the psyche of the couples, especially for those who rarely late.

                2. Note about sex and pregnancy after stillbirth

                The pregnant women should not be too anxious while being pregnant saved because this situation very rarely repeat in the first pregnancy after. Fact there are many women adhere strictly to your doctor’s advice and still birth to the healthy baby normal. However, if pregnancy is hosted on 3 times then the pregnant woman should conduct the test more intensive because there may be a cause of stillbirth worrying which has not been excluded.

                About the time relations after stillbirthafter cesarean saved out, women need to have a recovery time physical health and mental. With thai hosted more than 15 weeks, pregnant women need to rest within 30 days. When was feel healthy completely, thought comfortable, have sexual desire, the couple can activities, blanket and pillow normal.

                About the time of pregnancy after stillbirth, doctors recommend that the couple should not be pregnant be right back. Best women should wait about 3 – 4 menstrual cycles (equivalent to over 3 months) should get pregnant again. Before that, the couple can apply the methods of contraception by condoms or ejaculation outside the vagina.

                3. What preparation is required for subsequent pregnancies?

                After 2 weeks rash , maternity, women should re-examination in the faculty to be re-evaluated health status. In addition, the couple need to pay attention to the following issues to prepare for a healthy pregnancy coming soon:

                • The husband should limit the use of stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol, beer,…
                • The husband should do test of semen to check for sperm quality.
                • The wife need an ultrasound examination of the uterus, the lining of the uterus, ovaries and eggs.
                • The wife can test quantitative hormonal, if low, can be just the use of drugs hormonal support.
                • The 2 husband and wife should drink more vitamin and mineral synthesis to increase resistance, improve your health; eat weight for 4 nutritional composition is protein, starch, fats and vitamins.
                • Testing Rh factor for the pregnant women with miscarriage in a row.
                • Test chromosome map.

                Best when to get pregnant again, pregnant women should look to the medical facility reliable to be monitored the pregnancy closely and should inform the fetal condition save times ahead for the doctor to be examined more thoroughly.

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                  Should circumcision for adults?

                  The foreskin should only be cut when directly affect the quality of life. The case is narrow or long, the foreskin should be examined and selected solutions timely treatment. Because if not, will cause dangerous complications, including cancer of the penis.

                  1. Should circumcision for men has reached adulthood?

                  Phimosis is the leading cause of penile cancer in adults. When is phimosis or foreskin long, the urine usually remaining inside leather-wrapped, encrusting, which causes difficulty in keeping personal hygiene. Over time, the disease can cause inflammation rules head affects health as well as quality of sex life.

                  The wife of the narrow foreskin is also susceptible to inflammatory diseases in gynecology, which is the danger of cervical cancer. In the case of foreskin, narrow medium, when the erection will cause constriction stuffy head, make the penis swollen, need to handle the emergency.

                  Conversely, if the foreskin does not have signs affect health and sexual activity, then you may not need surgery. It is important to always pay attention clean.

                  Precisely because of these reasons this should be an adult as must to visit, and thanks to advice circumcision as soon as possible the most serious consequences for health.

                  2. The risks of circumcision

                  The surgical circumcision helps in keeping the genitals, limiting the risk of inflammation of the penis. However, depending on the workmanship and experience of the surgeon, if not satisfactory can lead to reduced pleasure during sex. Because the skin has been cut off, she sometimes has links with a number of nerve orgasm.

                  3. Duration of hospitalization after surgical removal of the foreskin

                  Circumcision is a minor surgery not too complicated, the patient does not require hospitalization after treatment. Total clinic time, perform tests to surgery and treatment in just a few hours. After the surgery, the patient is prescribed drugs and can be discharged now. Sick people should change the bandage at the medical facility for about 5 days. The wound should not be cut simply and completely healed in about 2 weeks.

                  4. Time can sex after surgery

                  After cutting the foreskin from 2 – 3 weeks, then all activities can return to normal. However, this is enclosed areas, sensitive organizations under the loose skin so the sex can make the penis hurt. Especially when the penis stimulates erection, the wound will be easier to crack out causing hemorrhage and inflammation, edema, and slow healing. So the circumcision should take a little more time to ensure safety, about 1 month after surgery might be.

                  However, to ensure certainly, patients should re-examination by appointment and comply with the instructions of the doctor before take the decision.

                  5. Care after circumcision

                  Patients should choose matching panties, preferably should be spacious and airy to minimize friction, avoid hurting the head of the penis.

                  Hygiene of the foreskin daily according to your doctor’s instructions. Limited wetting the area of the wound dressings, especially when pissing by prepared blotting paper. When a bath can avoid wetting the dressings by wearing a condom.

                  Do not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, beverages with gas, alcoholic beverages…because they slow down the process of recovery of wounds.

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