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Acute Coronary Syndrome

Coronary stenosis for a long time will lead to heart failure due to frequent heart muscle anemia and sudden occlusion will cause myocardial infarction that causes necrosis of a heart muscle, leaving many serious sequelae Masonry for cardiovascular health such as heart failure, heart valve openness, even arrhythmia is death.

1. Coronary narrowing easily leads to myocardial infarction

Coronary artery is a concept to indicate that the blood flow cannot fully reach the heart due to the narrowing of the blood vessels in the heart (coronary artery stenosis). Common causes of coronary artery stenosis are the occurrence of atheroma that attaches to the lumen, causes an inflammatory reaction, is likely to grow, causing narrowing of the arteries and when it breaks easily, it leads to myocardial infarction. , threatening patients' lives.

Left angina is the most common and common symptom of coronary stenosis , primarily occurs when exertion, emotion, or cold. Feeling the pain like someone squeezing, twisting in the heart, the pain can spread to the jaw, forearm, arm and along the left hand's little finger ... Pain manifests usually lasts 5-10 minutes , usually self-resting when taking a rest or taking an adjunct.

Some cases of the elderly, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with coronary artery disease may not show the typical symptoms of angina, but instead are signs of fatigue or difficulty breathing every effort. This is the reason why the patients and their relatives are less attentive, leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment, until it is too late to have a heart attack .

2. Patients with coronary artery need to be treated early

When coronary artery disease is detected , patients should be treated early with the following methods:

2.1. Treatment of coronary artery stenosis without medication

Patients with coronary artery stenosis should follow the doctor's instructions for non-pharmacological treatment:

  • Reality: Patients need to have a proper diet on the advice of their doctor, such as limiting the intake of too much energy, reducing animal fat (in egg yolk, animal fat).
  • Exercise regularly: The level of physical activity depends on your body, age and associated diseases. On average, exercise 30 minutes a day, regularly on weekdays.
  • Adhere to the treatment regimen, especially for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia.

2.2. Medical treatment with drugs

The use of the drug should be performed under the direction of the physician directly treating the patient:

  • Coronary medicine: Often used when the patient is in pain, before exercise (up stairs, uphill).
  • Antiplatelet: The drug is a regular treatment for coronary stenosis , when there is no peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding, prevents the occurrence of a heart attack .
  • Beta blockers: These drugs help reduce the risk of myocardial infarction but avoid using in people with slow heart rate (<60 times / minute), bronchial asthma ...
  • Statin blood fat reduction medicine: helps reduce blood fat and stabilizes atherosclerosis.

2.3. Put coronary stents

Coronary angioplasty is a treatment that causes less bleeding, usually indicated after coronary angiography. Through the catheter (catheter), the doctor will insert a small wire (containing a small balloon at the end of the wire) into the position of the narrowed artery. The balloon is then inflated to expand the lumen, and a stent is placed to keep the lumen from becoming narrowed. After placing the rack, the patient must adhere to the above medication for the rest of the time.

2.4. Aortic bypass surgery

This type of intervention is often used for multi-branch narrowings that cannot be heated or mounted. The doctor will perform a narrowing of the anterior and posterior segment with another vascular branch, to help the blood flow to avoid narrowing and continued circulation.

3. Interventions to place stents to treat coronary artery stenosis

Doctors usually prescribe coronary stenting in the following cases:

  • Coronary artery is narrowed from 70% on coronary angiography (CT scan) or interventional coronary angiography. It is necessary to conduct coronary artery stenting . However, sometimes during angiograms, doctors may use other techniques to further assess narrow lesions before deciding to place stents.
  • Stable angina can not be resolved despite optimal medical treatment.
  • Stable angina, accompanied by evidence of myocardial anemia (such as positive for myocardial perfusion or stress test) and coronary artery damage to a muscle area big heart.
  • Unstable angina or signs of acute myocardial infarction without heart failure.
  • Acute myocardial infarction has an increased heart failure.
  • Angina pectoris occurs after surgery for coronary artery.
  • Patients with symptoms of coronary stenosis after performing coronary intervention through the skin.



[Video] pathology the knee joint and how to prevent injury due to joints knee

The knee joint is a large joints of the body, bear the weight when we walk, work, exercise, sports… therefore all the traumatic pathology of the knee joint often occurs here. So how to avoid pathological knee joint and prevent these injuries occur due to arthritis of the knee? The questions will be dr. Nguyen The Hoang – Doctor, Trauma and orthopaedics, General surgery Department of general hospital, international Vinmec Nha Trang answered in the video below.

Master, Doctor Nguyen Cong Hoang has many years of experience in the field of orthopaedic trauma and is a Doctor of orthopaedics at the prestigious general surgery Department, hospital, international Vinmec Nha Trang.

Through the program, dr. Hoang has had its share revolves around the role and function of the knee joint. Accordingly, the knee joint plays a very important role in mobility, activities of daily living of the person, so that any problem of the knee joint can also negatively affect quality of life patients.

The doctor also mentioned some risk factors as well as signs of pathology the knee joint, the type of pathology the knee joint popular today, and outlined a number of methods of treatment of the knee joint, as well as ways of disease prevention a effective way.

This is the share extremely useful for those who often have to advocacy, labor, elderly,… to know how to protect the health bones and joints of his.

Source: Tv Khanh Hoa (KTV)


    Note that when CT scans lung

    CT lung diagnostic is required to detect the lesions in the lungs that the other devices could hardly accurate diagnosis is. However, there are also some points to note before taking a CT of the lungs.

    1. The CT lung

    1.1. Disadvantages of computed tomography pulmonary

    One thing of interest for those who tomography of lungs it is taken to incur an amount of X-rays enters the body, type this beam has a direct impact on health, is risk of causing radiation in humans.

    However, many people feel anxious don’t know CT scans lungs is not harmful. According to reviews from experts, basically the CT lungs is the Medical safety with the risk of low risk. However, you need to get the advice from the professionals, because if not really necessary, you should not abuse using the tomography.

    1.2. Group objects to avoid CT pulmonary

    Notices to the doctor if you are breast-feeding, women during pregnancy or suspected pregnancy. Pregnant and young children: is objects quite sensitive to the effects from X-rays, by that with respect to the tomography of the lungs is not recommended. It may cause the bad influence to the fetus.

    The subjects have symptoms or history of physical illness: diabetes, asthma, heart, kidney, drug allergies or are in the process of using drug treatment for any other pathological need to tell your doctor before performing CT pulmonary.

    People who are allergic to contrast material is a drug that is injected into the arm of the capture before proceeding with the tomography, with the aim to more clearly see a pattern or the hurt when shown on the picture. The allergic with drugs this will cause the human body birth to a number of reactions as itching, rash more serious can affect the network.

    1.3. Process CT lung

    The CT scan of lung were carried out in a procedure and have requirements of its own for implementation includes tasks such as:

    • Wear comfortable when shooting, remove the jewelry, items on the person.
    • Patients need honesty in the declaration before the process take on the history of their disease status, pregnant or not.
    • Some cases patients require injection of contrast dye at the request of a doctor before up the shooting. This case, the patient should fasting 4 – 6 hours if you have to inject the drug.
    • The patient on the table shooting, implementation of the requirements of doctor of posture, breath-holding,… to obtain quality images captured best. In this process, you will be alone in a room space taken.
    • After the shooting, attention should be paid to activity of the patient in order to timely handle those cases, unfortunately, happen.
    • Process tomography of the lungs will typically last over 30 minutes and not have to wait long because the images taken will be for the right place on the computer screen.
    • Doctors pay results, read and print out for patient.

    2. CT scan of the lungs that is not to eat not?

    According to the answer from the experts CT lung have required fasting not depending on the 2 following basic elements:

    Location done CT scan lungs

    Depending on the parts that need inspection methods CT scans, the doctor will specify should be fasting or not. Specific:

    • Head/ sinuses/ spine/ extremities: No need to fasting.
    • Neck/ chest/ abdomen/ pelvis: fasting for 4 hours before shooting.

    Yes/ No use of drugs photoresist

    • There is medication contrast: fasting 4 – 6 hours before CT universali.
    • No drug contrast: the Patient does not need fasting.

    So, to know exactly CT the lungs have need of fasting or not you should choose a prestigious address to be examined and advice directly from specialist doctor before making.

    3. Address CT scan lungs

    Should choose the major medical facilities, prestigious not only in the system of general hospital, but also must stand out, in the field of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

    In Medicine industry at present, the CT scan on the lungs is not the difficult problem, particularly for large hospitals equipped with the medical equipment in full. However, the inadequacies when to visit the clinic at the state hospital as the process cumbersome procedures, trouble, the number of people… cause costly time for patients. Therefore, we introduce to you address hospital international Vinmec.


    Hospital international Vinmec has become a prestigious address top in lung cancer screening, current hospitals are deploying packages Package screening for lung cancer with the advantages below:

    • Our team of doctors are the leading experts in the treatment of lung cancer, high expertise, rich experience.
    • Collaboration, comprehensive expertise with hospitals in the country, international: Singapore, Japan, Usa,..
    • Treatment, patient care comprehensive, coordinated multi-specialty towards individualizing each patient.
    • Is full of media expertise to diagnose determine disease and it the period before treatment: endoscopy, CT scan, PET-CT scan, MRI, diagnostic histopathology, laboratory tests, gene – cell,…
    • There is full range of treatments home cancer: surgery, radiation, chemicals, stem cell transplant…

    Today at all the Vinmec hospital are applying the techniques, CT lung. Existing 07 base hospital Vinmec concentrated in the major cities across the country such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang…..

    Customers can directly to the health system, Vinmec across the country to visit or contact hotline hospitals in each area here for support.


      How to detect the disease thalassemia (hemolytic, congenital)?

      Article get expert advice by DR. Huynh Anh Tuan – Institute of stem cell Research – gene technology Vinmec.

      Diagnosis of the disease thalassemia (hemolytic, congenital) is made based on clinical features and clinical. The blood tests such as blood count, observing the blood under the microscope and electrophoresis blood pigment (Hemoglobin) help the doctor diagnose the disease thalassemia.

      1. Test total analyzed cells of peripheral blood

      If the amount of haemoglobin decreased, erythrocytes, small hypochromia, there are morphological and size diversity… With this result, the doctor may preliminary diagnosis patients are likely to be hemolytic, congenital or not?

      The abnormal morphology of erythrocytes or in hemolytic disease congenital

      • Erythrocytes teardrop (teardrop cell): Meet in disease, Thalassemia, tuberculosis, cirrhosis, spinal cord primitive…
      • Erythrocytes, abnormal morphological (ovalocyte, elliptocyte, spherocyte) common in pathological erythrocyte membranes due to genetics (pathology Minkowski-Chauffard, hereditary elliptocytosis…) disease, iron deficiency anemia, and the disease thalassemia.
      • Fragments of erythrocytes (schistocyte) due to rbc rupture, met in hemolytic congenital, clotting of blood scattered in the circuit-DIC, vascular injury, through artificial heart valves, diseases of the circuit, severe burns, after kidney transplant, glomerulonephritis…

      Test total analyzed cells of peripheral blood are basic tests, important, especially with the online medical facility. The parameters of erythrocytes, especially in Hb, MCV and MCH is considered the tests provided initial information in diagnosis of diseases of thalassemia in the community.

      2. Electrophoresis of haemoglobin

      Mobile blood pigment or also called cell hemoglobin is the method to diagnose the disease thalassemia.

      Patients should perform mobile blood pigment in the following cases:

      • Anemia and the doctor are doubt, the cause may be due to abnormal hemoglobin. Need to do tests mobile blood pigment to help guide the diagnosis for the disease thalassemia: Alpha thalassemia or beta thalassemia.
      • In case already suffering from the disease right, this is a test to help track the treatment is effective or not.
      • For those who are planning to marry, and know yourself is who carry gene mutations of pathological alpha or beta thalassemia, this test helps them determine the possibility of their genetic back disease thalassemia to the next generation when both parents are gene carriers.

      Normal results:

      In infants and small children, the concentration of hemoglobin in normal blood is:

      • Hb F (newborn): 50% – 80%
      • Hb F (6 months old): 8%
      • Hb F (over 6 months of age): 1% – 2%

      In adults, the normal level is:

      • Hb A: 95% – 98%
      • Hb A2: 2% – 3%
      • Hb F: Below 1%

      Range of normal values will be different in the different tests. A few laboratories will use methods different measurement or sample different. Patients need to talk with the doctor about test results cell haemoglobin mean what specific. If the concentration of abnormal hemoglobin, treatments will depend on the cause of the disease. If syndrome hemolytic congenital, the method proposed by the doctor depends on the nature and severity of the disorder.

      3. DNA test

      This is a technique that can accurately determine the characteristic lesions gene synthesis of globin chains in Thalassemia. This test is done to determine the healthy people carry the genetic disease thalassemia and the disease thalassemia. Gene mutation alpha globin and beta globin are detected thanks to DNA testing by the technique of gap-PCR, MLPA, micro-Array and sequencing genes.

      DNA testing can only be done at a number of junior medical specialist. Need to perform DNA testing for couples at risk, in prenatal diagnosis and in genetic diagnosis before embryo transfer.

      4. Other techniques

      However, the method of diagnosis of the disease thalassemia ago student traditional aspiration amniotic fluid, biopsy tassel vegetables for high accuracy help accurate diagnosis can be hemolytic, congenital thalassemia, to the prognosis for the fetus and counseling for the family, however, invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and villus can increase the risk of miscarriage (0.5% when conducting amniocentesis and 1% for villus), leak amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding, infections… besides, for small children, if that a child may manifest with anemia, jaundice, yellow eyes, deformed face… need to bring them to a medical facility specialized in Pediatrics to be examined and do the test, get advice and timely treatment. The case tests the blood count are manifestations of anemia hypochromia should be indicated diagnostic test accuracy of mobile blood pigment and diagnosis carries the gene disease hemolytic congenital or not when the result cell haemoglobin abnormal.

      5. Prevention of hemolytic disease congenital

      Preventive measures hemolytic congenital, best is to raise awareness of the community, limiting birth children who carry the gene ill or sick. Therefore when determining the carrying case gene disease, the patient will be testing and counseling for the whole family to prevention for the next generation.

      Come to the health facility to hospital when:

      • Have any one of the following manifestations: fatigue, weakness, shallow breathing, yellow skin, dark urine, bone deformities, slow physical development, splenomegaly.
      • Risk factors such as in the family who have ill – hemolytic, congenital or living in regions with the rate of disease high.

      One of the methods being deployed at the hospital international Vinmec to diagnose the disease hemolytic birth crumbs (Thalassemia) which is a method of prenatal diagnosis hemolytic disease congenital (Thalassemia) for families with parents that carry the gene mutations, the case after doubts hemolytic disease congenital need to do diagnostic molecular genetics to confirm the diagnosis, prognosis, and genetic counselors.

      In addition, in the upcoming time, diagnostic methods, money making organization for pathology hemolytic congenital, will be carried out at Vinmec, this method has the advantage of helping the couple carry the gene mutations known can proceed to the choice of casts heal (casts not carrying mutations) and therefore exclude the disease-causing gene to the next generation without the need to perform invasive procedures in prenatal diagnosis such as amniocentesis and villus.

      For more information about diagnostic tests, hemolytic disease, congenital can set examination AT THIS or call 0899.648.761 to be supported.

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        Stillbirth: what Should prepare for pregnancy the next?

        Stillbirth is the case of the fertilized egg and the nest is in the uterus but does not develop is the fetal, mature, die and save the uterus on 48 hours. So to pregnancies next safe, the mother should do? Let’s find out the knowledge necessary to limit the risk of stillbirth in the following article.

        1. Stillbirth how long after should take pregnancy leave?

        Stillbirth is all the case of pregnancy is death that remains in the uterus on 48 hours. Pregnancy in the uterus, despite having been the mother protected but can still die at any time. This situation cause to the mother the risks as bleeding due to blood clotting disorders, infections, and also affect the psychological, emotional of the mother, especially those mothers who rare children.

        After you have taken maternity out then, the parent body need a time to recover health physically and mentally. Thai hosted the greater you need to rest as much. So, what exactly are obstructed how long it can pregnant again? With the case of stillbirth more than 15 weeks, the mother should rest within 30 days. When the mother felt in healthy people, thought, have comfort, have sexual desire, that’s when can intercourse be but must avoid pregnancy for at least 3 months should get pregnant again. In the few short months this should apply contraception with condoms or ejaculation outside the vagina.

        The appropriate time to pregnancy back is from 3 – 6 months after taking , maternity, after which the uterus and other parts in the reproductive organs was reinvented as at first.

        2. The necessary tests to prepare for pregnancy after stillbirth

        Before want to get pregnant again, the mother should take the general examination before pregnancy to ascertain the cause of the stillbirth. From there, the doctor will give the treatment measures suitable to limit the risk of death in subsequent pregnancies.

        To check out the causes and the control of risks may occur, the doctor will prescribe only the mother made a number of tests before pregnancy:

        • Testing chromosomes to detect these genetic abnormalities in the couple.
        • Blood tests to check hormonal, see have happens case of resistance does not (one of the causes leading to stillbirth).
        • Ultrasound of the abdomen to check the parts in the reproductive organs have deformity or abnormality.
        • Clinic of internal medicine and the functions of heart, liver, kidneys, lungs,…
        • Tests sperm to consider the quality of the sperm if the husband is over the age of 40.
        • Check the Rh factor in the blood to timely processing of cases, any blood group mother.

        3. Some note when preparing for pregnancy after stillbirth

        • The first important thing in the preparation phase pregnancy after stillbirth is a mother should have a diet healthy and a full complement of group of substances: starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Mother should eat more vegetables and fruit will help to strengthen resistance to the body.
        • In addition, parents also need to absorb for the body about 400 mcg folic acid for pregnancy the next time safer.
        • Remove bad habits such as smoking, drinking, beer, cafe,.. to reduce the rate of stillbirth; exercise daily, join the healthy games.
        • Try to keep the spirit of fun, comfortable. If mood the mother, sorrow, fatigue, affected by the stillbirth ago, the process of conception can also be affected.

        With the desire to bring services to best care for the mother and baby from pregnancy to childbirth, hospital, international Vinmec has been implementing the Package of Maternity care. At this, the doctor track, counseling and attentive care to mother and baby from pregnancy, to ensure pregnancy occurs safe as possible. After birth, mother and baby will be resting, relaxing in the sick-room amenities, international standards for the care of dedicated and professional team of doctors and nursing in the hospital. Customers interested in the package, maternity care of Vinmec, please contact HERE.

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          The danger of acute glomerulonephritis

          Glomerulonephritis levels primarily seen after patients with infections in addition to skin caused by streptococcus or bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract. If not timely treatment, the disease can turn into chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic

          1. Acute glomerulonephritis is what?

          Glomerulonephritis is acute inflammation, diffuse non-purulent in all units of the kidney of the two kidneys. Diseases to appear after a patient is exposed to the bacteria group A streptococcus (S. Pyogenes), staphylococcus (Staphylococcus), pneumococcus (S. Pneumoniae) or some type of virus such as hepatitis B, measles, mumps, chickenpox,… or parasites.

          In addition, the disease can also form due to patients with systemic lupus, inflammation around the micro-capillaries, poisoning, heavy metal salts or hypersensitivity to certain drugs such as sulfamid, penicillin,…

          2. Disease symptoms glomerulonephritis acute

          The danger of glomerulonephritis main level is the disease often progresses quietly, no clinical symptoms should the sick person does not know himself sick (unless detect when to go to the clinic the other diseases). However, in some cases, the disease can also develop quite frantic and sick people should pay special attention when you have the expression as:

          • Fit: The disease glomerulonephritis levels often have heavy feeling face, two eyelid swelling, both legs edema (especially around the ankle). Patients are often fit much of the morning, until evening fell in line. However, this sign usually only met for about 10 days and decreases rapidly when the diabetes many. Urination is an indication that the patient begins to recover: reduce edema, reduce blood pressure, body feeling more relieved, more tasty.
          • Minor bleeding: Patients with diabetes out blood, urine is red opaque. Every day the patient will be the 1 – 2 times. This symptom usually appears in the first week of illness and may relapse after 2 – 3 weeks. Then, the number of times urine, blood thinner, 3 – 4 days is a time that’s all really. This sign does not influence the general condition of the body, but can cause anemia in inflammatory glomerular level.
          • Little cottage (oliguria, anuria): Patients have manifestations urine, little urine output under 500 ml/day, usually meet in the first week of the disease and lasts for 3 – 4 days, is not increase of urea and creatinine in the blood or increase is not significant. Status little cottage may recur in 2 -3 weeks later.
          • Change in urine: the patient’s urine is yellow, little weight, have proteinuria (protein in urine).
          • Hypertension: Is symptoms common, accounting for 50% of cases of glomerulonephritis levels. Hypertension in children disease is 140/90 mmHg and in adults is 160/90mmHg. Some cases of increased blood pressure is paroxysmal and lasts for several days with a blood pressure 180/100mmHg.
          • Other symptoms: mild Fever (37,5 – 38,5 oC), sore news kidney area, renal colic, abdominal pain, slight abdominal distension, anorexia, nausea, go liquid addition,…

          3. Complications of glomerulonephritis-level

          If not detected and treated timely, patients can be confronted with the consequences of glomerulonephritis level extremely serious. It is the complications:

          • A number of cases of severe edema can fit whole body cause effusion pleural, peritoneal, acute pulmonary edema,… dangerous to life.
          • When is hypertension paroxysmal, the patient may suffer from stroke or brain edema or brain disease, high blood pressure, manifest as headache, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, and may be coma, convulsions the whole body and can lead to death.
          • A number of cases of acute renal failure, urine little or anuria, prolonged, increased urea and creatinine blood. If acute renal failure, recurrent installments can lead to glomerulonephritis rapidly developing, glomerulonephritis, chronic,…
          • Heart failure: Often accompanied by increases in blood pressure, paroxysmal due to increased volume of circulation suddenly and can be due to disease of the heart muscle in acute glomerulonephritis. People who suffer acute heart failure can manifest difficulty in breathing, not lying is, which can lead to pulmonary edema (shortness of breath, intense sweating, breathing fast and shallow shrinkage pits on whipping pit on the brisket, shrinkage cavity, intercostal), coughing and spitting out pink foam. If not timely rescue the disease will be fatal.

          4. Principles of prevention and treatment of acute glomerulonephritis

          4.1. Principles of prevention

          • Disease glomerulonephritis levels usually seen in young children 3 – 8 years old boy or more expensive than girls with the ratio is 2:1. Therefore, parents should not be subjective when a child is sick. When the baby have signs of respiratory infections, infections of the skin or the symptoms of glomerulonephritis, the parent should take the child to the medical facility examination and adhere strictly indicated for the treatment of to disease fast.
          • Adhere to principles of hygiene in living and dining. Need toilet throat mouth daily by rinsing the mouth after meals, before bedtime and after waking up. Cleaning the body by bathing feet, clean daily, avoid disease, acne, boils, impetigo, head,…
          • The cold season should keep the neck warm, don’t drink the water too cold.
          • Avoid contact with infected people.
          • Patients need to limit salt intake because it is easy to cause edema. When there are manifestations of the kidney patients need to reduce protein, potassium in the diet and absolute rest when suffering from hypertension.

          4.2. Principles of treatment

          • Treat the original infection with antibiotics.
          • Treat symptoms: fever, edema, increase in blood pressure by drugs is indicated by the therapist.
          • The case after it has been treated from the disease glomerulonephritis levels need checking periodically as directed by your doctor about kidney function.

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            Smoking pregnant hosted: pregnant mothers need to know

            Stillbirth is the case of the fertilized egg and the nest is in the uterus but does not develop is the fetal maturity that is dead or saved in the cervix. Fetal easy to die in 3 months early or 3 months late.

            1. Smoking pregnant saved is a what?

            With cases of gestational hosted from 6 – 12 weeks old often used abortion methods abortion vacuum. This is one of the methods of abortion is quite safe and most effective today.

            Abortion vacuum be performed using instruments suction abortion, vacuum to put into the uterus and suck the pregnancy out. Methods of abortion this is review is methods, safe abortion, causes less complications and is highly efficient up to 98%.

            2. Smoking pregnant hosted have affected anything?

            These complications can occur after smoking thai hosted include:

            • Infection

            Happens if tool perform abortion are not guaranteed sterile or health care provider after an abortion is not the right way. The external signs of infection are: fever, uterine sensitivity or can pain due to infectious complications.

            • Alive thai

            The case abortion is not successful, will cause rong blood, the uterus does not shrink. Alive pregnancy can detect when performing the ultrasound and need to cure in a timely manner to not affect the status, health and fertility later.

            • Hemorrhage

            Hemorrhage several days without signs of diminishing, this is a million eggs are very dangerous. If like sisters, not timely treatment can lead to anemia and can cause death.

            • Perforation of the uterus, perforation of the fallopian tube

            In the process of abortion doctor to impact too strongly on the uterus, causing uterine perforation. This complication in severity from mild can cause inflammation of the endometrium, inflammatory adhesions of the uterus, can cause infertility, severe degree as to cause infection bleeding can lead to death.

            • Infertility

            A number of cases after processing, thai hosted the ability to make blockage of the fallopian tubes, 2 sides or cause ectopic pregnancy lead to infertility.

            3. Smoking pregnant how soon can I expect the return?

            Usually after abortion the menstrual cycle will return after 4 – 8 weeks (from date of abortion). This is just enough time to act on the body’s hormonal stability back, then the lining of the uterus will be reconstructed. the menstrual cycle takes place normally if the egg is not fertilized.

            However, a number of cases menstruation appear late more longer depending on the nature of business cycle earlier as menstrual cycle sparse or uneven.

            Stick please the uterus on the clinical manifestations minimum experience amenorrhea accompanied by abdominal more when to any business. If in case of doubt need to capture the heart, the uterus has a radiopaque or endoscopy hysteroscopy to determine if there is sticky please the uterus or not.

            4. How to take care of health after abortion saved how?

            After smoking, maternity, women’s health is very weak, so to restore health and ensure health after birth, sisters need to make abstinence a lot of things. Need to eat more foods containing protein such as: Meat (especially beef), fish, eggs, kinds of dairy, legumes, and animal liver,… to strengthen the immune system of the body and help recreate the amount of air lost when performing abortion.

            Additional water and vitamins, especially vitamin C and E through the eating of the green food and fruits such as Vegetables, tomatoes, sprouts, pumpkin, apples, grapes,… this is food just provide vitamins, just supplement the amount of iron and phosphorus help the process of recovery happen faster.

            To strengthen the content of folic acid in the body, you should eat foods such as lettuce, asparagus, watermelon, wheat flour, cereals, cashew nuts,…

            At the same time, women also avoid foods stimulate uterine contractions such as: purslane, bitter gourd, apples, cats, junk food, fast food, food, tomatoes, water, beans, wine, beer, carbonated soft drinks, Because these foods hinder the process of recovery of the uterus.

            In addition, after smoking, maternity should not eat the spicy food hot and the food can welding such as: chili, pepper, ginger, vinegar, snails, crabs, shrimp, seafood,… because these foods stimulate the blood flow in the genitals and causes cold natured, not very good with the recovery of the uterus.

            In addition to eating and drinking in private mode and logical, women need to pay attention to the following points:

            • Hygiene body and private parts clean, change the tampons frequently.
            • No sex until the body to recover completely ( at least 1 month).
            • Rest, full not heavy work and sports activities strong.
            • If the body has signs of any unusual thing to meet medical facility immediately for examination timely.
            • Should re-examination the right to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

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              Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors And Tests

              Gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) is a condition of impaired glucose tolerance in pregnant women that can lead to complications for both mother and fetus such as malformations, miscarriage, stillbirth, amniotic fluid, ...

              1. Two tests to diagnose gestational diabetes

              1.1. Assay for quantifying fasting blood glucose

              With a quantitative test of fasting blood glucose, pregnant women are indicated to take up to 50g of Glucose for 5 minutes and take blood from their fingers after 1 hour to test the body's sugar metabolism. After that, pregnant women need to do more glucose tolerance tests to get the most accurate results.

              1.2. Glucose tolerance test

              Oral glucose tolerance test of 75g (75 g g OGTT) was conducted as follows: Measure blood glucose concentration at 1 hour, 2 hours after taking 75g glucose.

              This test is performed at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy for women who have not been diagnosed with diabetes before. Oral glucose tolerance test must be done in the morning after fasting overnight for at least 8 hours.

              Diagnosis of gestational diabetes is based on the results of a glucose tolerance test. Pregnant women will be given oral glucose tolerance test 75g (75-g OGTT) as follows:

              Target users : All pregnant women 24 to 28 weeks have not been tested for gestational diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance.

              Contraindications : Pregnant women have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and have impaired glucose tolerance.


              • Step 1: Guide patients to eat normally 3 days before.
              • Step 2: Before taking the solution, take at least 30 minutes to rest
              • Step 3: The test is done in the morning after fasting for 10-12 hours. Take blood for a fasting blood test and then take 75g of Glucose and test it after 1h, 2h.

              Glucose tolerance test is a simple technique but very good for pregnant women in order to detect early gestational diabetes in order to prevent and treat early adverse effects during pregnancy such as: Lack of amniotic fluid, premature birth, stillbirth, miscarriage ...

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              The treatments for effusion of the testes

              Effusion the testicle is not a disease in medical rare, this disease can lead to infertility in men. Early detection and choice of method of treatment suitable it is extremely necessary. There are two types of hydrocephalus testicles frequently there is effusion, the testes do not communicate and effusion testicular communication.

              1. Effusion testicles

              Effusion the testicle is the condition seroma in one or both the scrotum. Is effusion the testicle will almost only happen at a party, but can sometimes occur in both 2 sides of the testicles, causing the testicles to swell or is abnormally.

              2. Classification of hydrocephalus testicles

              There are two types of hydrocephalus testicles frequently there is effusion, the testes do not communicate and effusion testicular communication.

              2.1 hydrocephalus testicles do not communicate

              Sac that contains the testes still plays as normal, but the body does not absorb nutrients inside and get the pocket size translation does not subside.

              2.2 effusion testicular communication

              Sac that contains the testes is not closed leads to fluid can go in or come out.Can notice the child is swelling of the scrotum in the daytime when the baby is standing or sitting but swelling can be reduced when the baby is sleeping at night.

              3. Symptoms of hydrocephalus testicles

              To find the area of the groin of intense pain, sometimes there’s cramping pain of each stroke. One or two testicles are swollen, distended and sa at. The top skin of the scrotum to stretch the ball, the testicles were pushed to the bottom. This is a dangerous phenomenon that causes major influence on the reproductive health and lives of men.

              4. Diagnosis of hydrocephalus testicles

              First, the physician conducting the examination department of the testes. Lights are shining through the scrotum help in the diagnosis of hydrocephalus testicles more accurate. If the amount of free fluid doctor, if you can’t perform an equal light, they will keep steve out by injection, remove the liquid out, the visits would be easier.

              Test ultrasound parts the testicles make the check the status of the testes easier, ensure will not happen cause I want to.

              5. Treatment effusion testicles

              5.1 From nature

              In babies suffering from hydrocephalus testicles can disappear automatically in time about a year, also do not need treatments what. Effusion testicles in adults will usually go away for about six months.

              5.2 Led traffic services in the testicles

              Amount of free fluid in the membranes of the testes are led out easily only by syringe. But free fluid can will go back a few months right after that. The method leads traffic free in the fit than if the body does not meet the surgery or you do not want to proceed.

              5.3 therapy fibrosis

              This is also known as take a amount of prevent effusion testicles back right after the moment guide service in the group. This method is not common, but be applicable for a number of individuals do not respond surgery.

              5.4 Surgery

              In young children, if the fluid bag in the scrotum is too large or not small improvements gradually over time, some cases need to surgery. In adults, measures surgery is performed when the kind of effusion, communication is likely to lead to inguinal hernia.

              At general hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang, when performing surgery effusion testicles, the doctor will combine technical anesthesia cavity the same , or also known as epidural anesthesia over the sacrum.

              Anesthesia makes style standoff with the roots of nerves belonging to the spinal cord indicated at cavity tits and anesthesia for the regions dominated; at the same time, reduce the pain for parts of the testes in the process of implementation and after surgery, this technique interventions most of the abdomen as well as lower limbs. Technical anesthesia cavity the same is only made during surgery effusion testicles in young children, those children under 20kg. .

              Besides anesthesia techniques cavity area is performed by a team of medical doctors prestigious, has a long experience as:

              Therapist I Le Trong Binh – Head of general surgery department, hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang. Doctor Normal been trained in anaesthesiology -resuscitation at Universite de Descartes, Claude Bernard – France and The university of Sydney – Australia

              Therapist I Tran thi Ngat – anesthesiologist general surgery Department – general hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang, with experience of 15 years do anesthesiologists resuscitation.

              Customers can directly to Vinmec Da Nang to visit the clinic or contact the hotline 0236 3711 111 to be supported.

              READ MORE:

              This article is written for the reader at Da Nang.

                Cryptorchidism in children: Should early surgery ago 1-2 years old

                Cryptorchidism can be seen in 3% – 4% of children when born. Many families see a child affected testicle hide, but to until the new maturity examination and surgery. This is completely wrong because the testicles to long in the belly is not good. So the surgical cryptorchidism for the child at any time?

                1. Why have testes hidden in a child?

                In the period of the embryo, the testicles move from the abdomen through the abdominal wall in the groin area into the normal position is the scrotum.

                If in this process the testicles encountered a breakdown of what of that which is left in the abdomen, in the groin it is called cryptorchidism.

                There are about 30% of the premature baby suffers from cryptorchidism and 3% for the full-term infants. About 70% of cases of cryptorchidism in young going down to the scrotum in the early months. After 1 year of age this proportion is very less.

                Cryptorchidism is one of the diseases, defects of development most common in men.

                2. When should surgery lower the testicles for kids?

                Surgery lower testicle hide should be conducted as soon as possible. For kids with testicle hide should be discovered and treated early, before age 2, proceed to surgery early from when the baby is 1 year old.

                By a later age, the testicles hidden can’t move down into the scrotum is that begin to have the change of structure and function in the direction deteriorating. The testicles will begin to atrophy away and occurrence of complications such as testicular torsion, cancer, aging and male infertility for the case of cryptorchidism both sides.

                If the patient to come after the age of puberty a new go medical examination at the time of this testes hidden often has shrunk. When that method of treatment is surgery to the testes because the testes have lost functions and to prevent the risk of testicular cancer, then place the testicles artificial.

                3. Surgery testicles hidden for now?

                Cryptorchidism can be solved by methods of surgery, i.e. surgery down the testicles hiding at fixed in the scrotum. This method is indicated in case of method medical no results.

                In surgery, cryptorchidism, anesthesia techniques cavity together are highly effective treatment and is applied more today. This method is quite safe, simple, easy to implement; in addition, also help reduce pain for patients during surgery.

                Hospital international Vinmec Da Nang is one of the top hospitals successful treatment of cryptorchidism for children using the technique of anesthesia cavity the same. Besides system, modern machinery, advanced techniques are also performed by our team of medical doctor reputation, long experience and always wholeheartedly devoted to examination and treatment as:

                • Therapist I Le Trong Binh – Head of general surgery department, hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang. Doctor Normal been trained in anaesthesiology – resuscitation at Universite de Descartes, Claude Bernard – France and The university of Sydney – Australia.
                • Therapist I Tran Thi Ngat – anesthesiologist general surgery Department – general hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang, with experience of 15 years do anesthesiologists resuscitation.

                Customers need advice, support more about surgical problems of the testes for young, please contact HOTLINE number 0236 3711 111.

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