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How to care and disease prevention glomerulonephritis in children

In addition to complying with the treatments prescribed by the doctor, parents need to pay special attention to diet, rest and children’s activities to enhance effective treatment of glomerulonephritis levels, help restore health faster.

1. How to care for the young, glomerulonephritis acute

When child care is glomerulonephritis levels, parents need to pay attention to the construction of a mode of rest, nutrition science and prevention of complications for the child. Namely:

1.1 rest Mode

Young is fit many, little cottage, high blood pressure should rest according to the following modes:

  • Located stay completely in bed in stages of disease acute.
  • After 2 – 3 weeks pediatric patients can operation back to normal.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 3 – 6 months.

1.2 diet

Parents need to maintain diet glomerulonephritis levels for baby as follows:

  • Feeding pale absolute in the acute phase.
  • Child eating pale absolute according to the degree of edema, little cottage, high blood pressure in 1 – 2 weeks: all of their dishes are not for salt. Parents need to motivate and monitor carefully the child’s diet.
  • When pediatric patients most suitable can return to diet pale relative (amount of salt increase gradually: use 1g of salt/day in 1 – 2 next week; 1.5 g salt/day in 1 – 2 next week and 2g salt/day in 1 – 2 weeks late.
  • After 4 – 8 weeks eat light relative, the child can eat normal saline.
  • Limit for drinking water depending on the amount of urine and the disease state: amount of water taken into the body = the amount of urine of the day before + 200ml water lost not seen.
  • Limit foods rich in protein when young is oliguria or anuria, but to ensure to the body protein intake is 1g/kg/day (equivalent to 5 – 6g of meat/kg/day or 8 – 10g fish/kg/day).
  • Eat 4 – 6 small meals/day depending on age.
  • Need motivation, supervisory skills, diets of pediatric patients

The disease glomerulonephritis should not eat?

  • Do not eat salt and bread when expression match.
  • Limit your intake of protein, do not eat spicy such as onions, garlic, peppers.
  • Restrictions for taking food items rich in potassium such as oranges, bananas, coconut, bread, chocolate, cheese,…
  • Limit foods rich in phosphates when the amount of phosphate in blood ≥ 2 mg/dl.
  • Limit sugar, food rich in cholesterol.

The disease glomerulonephritis should eat?

  • Should eat food of plant origin, rich in nutrition such as potatoes, soybeans, lotus seeds,…
  • Should eat high-starch sugar derived from taro, yam flour, cassava, edible canna.
  • Should use of protein of animal origin such as fish, milk, eggs, lean meat,… with energy that is doctor recommended.

1.3 Anti-infective for young

  • Hygiene skin, ear, nose and throat of the baby daily in order to exclude the infectious foci.
  • Antibiotics Penicillin 100,000 units/kg/day or Erythromycin 30 – 50 mg/kg/day for 10 days when a child has a sore throat, or inflamed skin is progressing.
  • Taking diuretics Furosemide 2mg/kg/day for children glomerulonephritis and edema, high blood pressure, urine less. Parents should only give children medication in the morning or at noon to avoid insomnia for the child.
  • Taking antihypertensive drugs Nifedipin when young, have manifested high blood pressure.

1.4 monitor the health of the child

  • Blood pressure: measured for a minimum of 2 times/day, closely monitor if the patients have manifestations of high blood pressure.
  • The color and amount of urine in 24h.
  • Weight: check out to wake up in the morning.
  • The amount of water in – out: the amount of water taken into the body = the amount of urine in 24h + 200ml.
  • Kidney function: general urine analysis every 3 – 5 days.

Detect and react when met with complications: high blood pressure (for baby lying, taking drugs to lower pressure quickly and blood pressure monitor as directed by your doctor); heart failure level (for the child in knee-high 60 – 90°, suction of phlegm, breathing oxygen and medication to lower blood pressure as indicated); acute pulmonary edema (care, such as heart failure levels); acute renal failure (limit for drinking water, apply diet pale absolute and tracking water quality on – going day to day)

2. Measures to prevent the disease glomerulonephritis in children

  • Detection, diagnosis and timely treatment, effective bacterial infections of the nose and throat and inflammation of the skin.
  • Maintain habits of personal hygiene for the child, especially oral hygiene, and skin.
  • Keep warm for kids in winter.
  • Children with glomerulonephritis need to rest at home to avoid spread in the community.
  • Implement measures to improve physical condition and resistance for young.

Disease glomerulonephritis levels in children can be cured completely. Parents need good coordination with your doctor in the treatment and care of the young, to soon restore health.


    How to classify blood groups

    In humans, the blood group is divided into several types and each type has its own characteristics. If not the right blood type compatibility, it can break down the structure of blood vessels, causing danger to the lives of people receive blood transfusions. The following article will help you learn more about the characteristics of blood groups and blood group.

    1. How to classify blood groups

    How to differentiate the types of blood groups based on antigens on erythrocytes. Now scientists have identified approximately 30 systems different blood groups of erythrocytes with 300 antigens.

    2. The blood group

    In about 30 system in different blood groups are identified, the ABO blood groups and Rh D is the two main and very important because there are properties and immunity strong.

    2.1 System the ABO blood groups

    • Blood group A:

    Has antigen A on the surface of erythrocytes and antibody B in the serum. People with blood group A can donate blood to other people with the same blood group A or blood group AB. In addition, people who have type A blood can also receive blood transfusion from people with blood group O.

    • Blood group B:

    Has antigen B on the surface of erythrocytes and has antibodies A in serum. People with blood group B can donate blood to other people with the same blood group B or blood group AB. In addition, people with blood group B can also receive the blood transmitted from person to have blood group O.

    • Blood group AB:

    Have antigen A and B on the surface of the rbc and no antibody A, antibody B in the serum. This is blood group not popular. People with blood group AB can receive blood from any blood group any. However, because there are both antigen AB on cells should person with blood group AB can only donate blood to people with the same blood group AB.

    • Blood group O:

    No antigen A, antigen B on the surface of erythrocytes and has both antibody A, antibody B in the serum. Here is blood most common. People with blood group O can only receive blood transfusion from a person with the same blood group O, because the antibodies in the blood plasma of this blood group will attack the other. However, people with blood group O can donate blood to all other blood groups so the blood group O absolutely no antigen.

    2.2 System blood group Rh – antigen D (Rh D)

    Antigen D of the Rh blood group have immunity, the most powerful in all the blood groups in the ABO blood groups. So here is blood type important after the ABO blood groups.

    Most of the blood in them has antigen D on erythrocytes, often called the Rh D(+). On the contrary, do not have antigen D on erythrocytes, it is called Rh D(-). The percentage of people have Rh D(-) in Vietnam, only approximately 0.07%, should this be considered a rare blood type.

    People with blood group Rh D(-) can transfer blood to people with blood group Rh D(+), but can only receive blood transfusion from a person with the same blood type and be Rh D(-).

    3. People with blood group Rh D(-) need to note what?

    This is a rare blood group, the hospital or blood bank is usually not sufficient reserves, so when need a blood transfusion, it may be difficult.

    Test blood group testing and Rh factor is one of the blood test routine in pregnancy that pregnant women need to make. The purpose of the test is aimed at screening to detect the compatible blood in the body mother and baby. If the mother has Rh D(-) and baby is Rh D(+) then the mother’s body would have reacted with the baby’s blood as a substance outside. The mother’s body will create antibodies (proteins) against Rh blood D(+) of the child and can cause symptoms of hemolysis from mild to severe.

    Blood group Rh D incompatibility can cause the problems and other difficulties in subsequent pregnancies of the mother, the antibodies D in the mother (which are produced through the mechanism of the immune response in a previous pregnancy) can pass through the placenta and attack the red cells of the fetus, resulting in hemolytic anemia in the baby, or severe rather than can lead to a situation of miscarriage. However, modern medicine has helped early detection of this incompatibility, and can apply treatments before birth to prevent the above symptoms.


      The point of “favorites” of heat rash on body child

      Heat rash is an inflammation of the skin often seen in children in summer, when the weather is hot and sunny. Heat rash causes lesions in the skin in the form of blisters, papules, red focus into each array on the skin, or scattered, full body. Heat rash causes itchy, causing children to scratch easily lead to skin lesions, bacterial infection.

      1. Causes of heat rash in children

      Heat rash in young children often comes from the following causes:

      Due to the environment: Outdoor hot summer, airtight, non-breathable, children sweat more, environment pollution, the dust clings to the skin, stagnant on the skin or not get out, skin irritation, causing children is heat rash all over the, or each region, causing itching child scratching, which causes skin lesions and inflammation of the skin.

      Due to wear the kind of clothes does not absorb sweat, wrap too many diapers.

      The family has grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, can address allergies, especially young children under 2 years of age, often are at risk for heat rash over.

      Do not wash clean, clean the skin regularly, especially the areas between, such as the neck, armpits, groin, may lead to heat rash in the neck. Or bath too many times during the day as well losing high ceramide protect the skin, leading to itchy skin when scratching a lot, then the appearance of the blisters and papules red. If scratched with dirty hands, very easily lead to skin infections.

      Do use the milk bath or exposure to some chemicals such as soap have a pH not suitable, also can inflame the skin.

      Not drinking enough amount of water needed to help the liver detoxification can also born disease itching, especially when the sun became hot, then sweating as much, water needs are higher.

      2. The point of “favorites” of heat rash on body child

      Heat rash in infants usually appears in the forehead, head. In addition, in the areas between, such as the neck, armpits, groin area, if it is not clean, young activity back many, secrete sweat also create the environment for a heat rash in the neck emerged. A number of other cases, a child can get heat rash in the back, heat rash in the legs, or sometimes even the whole body.

      3. How to prevent heat rash for kids

      The whereabouts of the young need well-ventilated, cool. Avoid wearing too many clothes for the kids or wrap the diaper in a closed room all day, impeding respiration on the skin of the child.

      Regularly bathe the child with cool water daily (if the child is sweating, too hot, you can shower 1-2 times/day). When bathing note clean the area, folding the interstitial such as elbows, neck, armpits, groin, in order to avoid the floating heat rash in the neck. Note, do not use soap, the milk bath has a pH not suitable, irritate with young skin. Can shower gently rinse with diluted lemon juice, water, shiso leaves, leaves, training, crumpled, water melon bitter grind to a pulp. Gently scrubbed, wipe the skin with gauze or soft cotton scarf with small children should any of your palm, absolutely avoid taking grounds for the grounds of peach leaves or grounds bitter melon rub onto the skin young. Do not use brush, rocks states, loofah, or cotton towel scrub to symptoms of itching, will hurt the skin young, heavier, causing infection and inflammation of the skin heavier.

      Should wear for clothes with soft fabrics, cool, easy to absorb sweat, to avoid the floating heat rash in the back and other areas like the chest.

      For the child to eat foods that are cool such as: tapioca starch, black beans, malabar spinach, drink enough water, especially the water type, cooling the body and provides as much vitamin C as water pennywort, orange juice, lemon juice…to avoid heat rash for kids in the summer.

      When young suffer from heat rash all over the or each region, you can use talc apply 2-3 times/day, the composition of the talc is powdered talc and zinc oxide, suction effect, humidified, breathable skin. Should choose talc composition has antiseptic, astringent, because that can prevent infections of the skin. Avoid buying the type form of antibiotic ointment because the ingredients are vaseline, which clogs the pores, makes the skin little pumpkin, the sweat can’t get out easily lead to inflammation of the skin.

      Shouldn’t kill chrome because this is a habit not hygienic, making the skin prone to infections. When treating heat rash, it is necessary to use the right medicine under the instructions of the doctor.

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        Tests blood pregnancy: What you need to know

        Tests blood pregnancy is one of the tests of the first and most important. The purpose of the test blood in pregnant is to determine the blood group and prevent the risk of transmission of blood pregnancy childbirth.

        1. Overview of blood group in pregnant

        Each person has different blood groups, there are 4 blood groups are A, B, AB and O. Each blood group is further classified based on the presence of the other protein on erythrocytes, one of which has Rh factor. If there is protein specificity this is Rh positive (+), if there is no Rh negative (-).

        Tests blood group in pregnant is very necessary and is always done in pregnant women. Tests help determine the blood group of the mother and Rh factor because this factor is related to the health of the fetus in the womb.

        Tests blood group in pregnant, can produce the results of blood group is:

        • Blood group A+: if you have antigens A and Rh.
        • Blood group A: if there is antigen A, but no Rh.
        • Blood group B+: if there is antigen B, and Rh.
        • Blood group B-: if there is antigen B, but no Rh.
        • Blood group AB+: if you have antigens A, B and Rh.
        • Blood group AB-: if you have antigens A and B but no Rh.
        • Blood group O+: if there is no antigen A or B but there Rh.
        • Blood group O-: if there is no antigen A, B or Rh.

        2. Why need to do blood group in pregnant?

        When testing the blood group in pregnant, for the result is Rh(-) in the mother, the father has Rh(+) then the son of this couple may be experiencing health problems.

        If there is no other abnormalities, the disagreement blood group Rh usually does not cause problems, nothing serious if the mother is pregnant for the first time. The blood of the fetus will not be mixed with the mother’s blood during pregnancy.

        At times pregnancy number 2, and the next time. Case, the fetus still has blood group Rh(+) then the Rh antibodies of the mother will recognize the Rh antigens are on the surface of blood cells of the fetus and attack them. These antibodies can attack and destroy the blood cells of the baby. Phenomenon any blood type Rh this reduces the number of red blood cells down too much, it will cause hemolytic disease in the newborn.

        In addition, when the mother has blood group Rh(-) also can contact with the Rh factor and is stimulated to produce Rh antibodies if blood group Rh(+), or when miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy.

        3. Treatment and prevention of any blood group in pregnant women

        With the progress of modern medicine, can prevent complications due to Rh blood group and treat hemolytic disease in the newborn.

        When testing the blood group in pregnant and result in the mother has blood group Rh(-), the doctor will specify injection of 2 doses of the serum immune Rh (Rh immune-globulin) during pregnancy.

        • The first dose: is administered in the 28th week of pregnancy.
        • Second dose: within 72 hours after birth.

        The resistance can be in 2 doses of the serum on will actively destroy, and prevent the red cells Rh(+) from the fetus pass through the blood mom, help reduce the exposure of the parent body with the erythrocyte Rh(+), prevents the production of Rh antibodies in the mother. So that subsequent pregnancies will not encounter the condition of any blood group Rh caused more.

        4. The note when blood transfusion pregnancy

        If in the course of pregnancy must have blood transfusion, blood group in pregnant will help determine the blood group to be transmitted is to be consistent and compatible with pregnant women. By if not the right blood group compatible will do agglutination of red cells together, causing a serious reaction or death.

        5. Other tests for pregnant women

        If know pregnant should start the schedule as soon as possible to get antenatal care periodically. This care includes blood group in pregnant, to determine the blood group. If diagnosed and treatment of any blood group, Rh, early, pregnant women can more peace of mind and focus on other important things to be able to welcome your baby healthy.

        In addition to testing blood group in pregnant, pregnant women also need to do some other tests during pregnancy to check the health such as:

        5.1 test blood sex

        To assess the content of iron in the body are missing or not, pregnant women have anemia or not. If any, will be assigned additional iron. In addition, this test also helps to detect the pathological disorders of blood cells (such as cell disease, crescent-shaped or hemolysis), causing anemia for both mother and fetus.

        5.2 infectious diseases dangerous to the fetus

        Rubella, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis…. Based on the results of tests to assess the level of risk for pregnancy and offer solutions to prevention in order to limit the damage to young at birth.

        src=”” v-zoomable=”34043″ title=”20190709_152406_713628_3″>

        5.3 test Double test

        To screening for some chromosomal abnormalities that cause Down syndrome. Tests are performed at about weeks 11-12 of pregnancy along with ultrasound measurement of the translucent skin of the head.

        5.4 test gestational diabetes

        To check the amount of blood sugar to evaluate the pregnant women have diabetes in pregnancy or not, by diabetes in pregnancy can affect the fetus. This test is performed at around weeks 24-28 of pregnancy.

        • Test GBS: to check the type of bacteria exist in the vagina and rectum, but most of it does not cause symptoms. The mother infected with GBS can infect your baby during pregnancy and affect the child. This test is done at around week 35-37 of pregnancy, by taking the translation from the vagina and anus to test.
        • Diagnostic tests other special such as villus, NIPT, amniocentesis is indicated when necessary.

        6. Any hospital test blood in pregnant the most accurate?

        Hospital international Vinmec Hai Phong is the only hospital in Hai Phong city owned machine, the blood group automatic fully Wadiana very modern from Spain, allowing technical implementation the blood group system ABO/Rh (D) on the automatic machine.

        Tests blood group in pregnant by automatic machine enables to minimize the errors can be compared with the manual method.

        Review process the blood group is performed by experienced doctors professional: Doctor Pham Thi Thuy Nhung the same team of technicians are licensed, trained help process, test, tight, strict discipline, compliance with regulations, help to ensure accuracy in absolute terms.

        Tests blood group in pregnant is one of the necessary tests and is done first to determine the blood group from that room to avoid the risk of any blood group can occur, affecting the health of the fetus.

        Customers can directly to Vinmec Hai Phong to visit or contact hotline 0225 7309 888 for assistance.

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        This article is written for the reader in Hai Phong.

          Psychological characteristics in patients with cancer

          The spirit of the patients can impact treatment progress, therefore, understand the psychological characteristics of patients with cancer have an important role in the treatment of cancer.

          1. Psychological characteristics of patients with cancer

          For many patients, being diagnosed with cancer as being brought on himself a sentence of death. When faced with cancer, patients will undergo the crisis psychologically as:

          • Fear of treatment or side effects of treatment.
          • Fear of cancer recurrence or metastasis after treatment.
          • Worried about the uncertainty.
          • Worry about losing the ability to self-host.
          • Worry about the change in the relationship.
          • Fear about death.

          The anxiety, fear can make the face of cancer treatment becomes more difficult. It can also interfere with decision making related to the care and treatment of you. So get to know and anxiety treatment is an important part of cancer treatment.

          2. Happenings in psychology cancer patients

          2.1. Stage visits, disease

          Many patients only think of cancer, referring to cancer that has alarmed lost. Read books and then shipping to the symptoms of the is worrying vicious. Besides, many subjective, although the disease has sores, lymph node metastasis new quit work to go hospital, it was too late. Patients with moderate anxiety, just hope the treatment has good results.

          2.2. Stage diagnosis of the disease

          Psychological knowing his cancer is common in patients:

          • Stunned/distrust. This reaction sometimes heavy to the point of not able to say anything more about the treatment plan.
          • Deny the truth don’t believe is sick.
          • Frustration and boredom: The frustration can appear at any time after cancer diagnosis. Patients can appear the symptoms of vegetative nervous system: loss of appetite, insomnia and psychiatric symptoms such as frustration, loss of concentration, paranoia, guilt for seeing is deep despair. Further, the patient can refuse treatment if they think is not to avoid death. In this case, patients need to consult psychiatrist for counselling, psychological treatment timely.

          2.3. Stage initial treatment

          Each treatment regimen cancer are brought to the psychological challenges separately. Patients are often anxious due to fear of pain after surgery, fear of material goods treatment has hair loss not, radiation treatment has hair loss not?

          • Surgery:

          The psychological state is often seen as a fear, anxiety of patients afraid of pain and death, or lighter is the change in body image after surgery. Patients also tend to evade the surgery. Some patients create every excuse to delay, deny surgery because too scared. Patients may also be disappointed after surgery, the response tormented after the surgery, the prolonged and heavy. The response tormented heavy can cause symptoms like frustrations, big labor requires the intervention of mental.

          • Radiation therapy

          Patients have the feeling of fear when facing the machines and side effects, fear of radiation. This expression is grossly normal. The explanation of the basic principles of the treatment of radiation will help repair be misconceptions that. Discuss in detail about the adverse effects will cause the patient less afraid. When many patients are afraid of the physician, family, or medical facility neglect “of responsibility”, or abandoned between the stages of treatment.

          • Chemotherapy

          The majority of patients were worried and dreaded the thought of chemotherapy can be hair loss. Fear of hair loss can cause the people around stigma, pooh reserved. Hair loss can occur but the chemo regimen new current does not cause hair loss. Can wear wigs during chemotherapy, a few months after chemotherapy the hair will grow back normally. Attention should be paid timely treatment of complications for many patients quit treatment due to the side effects heavy.

          2.4. The last stage

          Most of the patients aware of process force majeure of disease at the last stage, although there is explained or not. Some people fear may have to send psychiatric examination and psychiatric treatment support at the right time.

          • Fear of abandonment: often the patient or worry about cancer at a late stage will not be particular interest of the medical staff. When patients in the late stages, positive attitude and support of the physician relieve the grief of patients and families.
          • Worry deformed body and the loss of dignity: The effects on mental and physical of people who are dying cause much concern different.
          • Fear of pain: In the final stage of treatment, appropriate painkillers is paramount.
          • Fear of unfinished work completed: this concerns both the actual issues and psychological. This fear varies with the stage of maturity. For example, father, mother, young daughter, naive, whereas some patients worry about the family problems, the economy has not solved it… In case of illness, they always worry leads to depression, health disorders.

          The psychology of cancer patients have more negative phase, it is important to have a team of psychological intervention and timely help cancer patients overcome fear, depression, feeling guilty of themselves.

          href=””>clinic psychology – hospital international Vinmec officially went into operation from January 4/2019, with functions of examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and psychological health. With modern equipment, clinic, health Psychology Vinmec is collaborating with professors, experienced professionals:

          • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 7 years experience working with the position is lecturer, department of psychiatry – Hanoi Medical University, psychiatrist at hospital Hanoi Medical University & hospital Geriatric Central, at the same time is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
          • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 5 years of experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental faculties, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
          • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: 6 years as lecturer, Department of psychiatry – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central, along with experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental illness as: emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

          Along with the combined deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service of diagnosis and treatment, aiming to bring efficient patient care best.

          Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

          This article is written for readers in Ha Noi.

            Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer

            Article written by: therapist II Air Wall Order – oncologists – oncology centers – hospital international Vinmec Central Park

            Mortality for thyroid cancer day touch up thanks to the means diagnosis of thyroid cancer, such as ultrasound and biopsy of the goiter by aspiration needle growing, can diagnose the disease from the very early stages, the second is the treatment of thyroid cancer can be differentiated very effectively .

            1. Thyroid cancer has a cure rate very high

            Thyroid cancer has many types in which category the most common is thyroid cancer differentiation, including thyroid cancer papillary cancer and follicular thyroid. In the past year, according to data recorded cancer global incidence of thyroid cancer increased rapidly, however the mortality rate from thyroid cancer has remained little changed, still as low as before. Situation thyroid cancer in Vietnam is similar to the world. The cause of this phenomenon, the first is the means of diagnosing thyroid cancer such as ultrasound and biopsy of the goiter by aspiration needle growing, can diagnose the disease from the very early stages, the second is the treatment of thyroid cancer differentiated good is very efficient should the rate of death due to disease is low.

            Most cases of thyroid cancer differentiated good are not dying because of thyroid cancer. In a study summarizing the process of monitoring patients with thyroid cancer differentiated good after treatment in about 16 years showed the mortality rate in patients with thyroid cancer differentiated good no distant metastases is only 6%.

            The rate of cure thyroid cancer differentiated good in general, more than 90%, particularly for the thyroid cancer differentiated good the size is small, the rate of cure up to 98%.

            2. The treatments of thyroid cancer

            Treatment for thyroid cancer differentiated good includes the following methods: surgery, medication, endocrine, thyroid, drink radioactive Iodine.

            Thyroid surgery consists of cutting a part or the entire thyroid gland, sometimes accompanied by surgery lymph nodes neck if there is neck lymph node metastasis.

            Medication hormonal thyroid to inhibit cancer and reduce the risk of recurrence in the first time. After thyroid cancer stable will taking hormonal thyroid to supplement endocrinologist thyroid for the daily needs of the body.

            Drinking radioactive Iodine is only used for some cases of cancer the risk of recurrence is high. The treatment radiation by drinking Iodine 131 is relatively simple, less adverse effects than treatment radiation therapy machine radiation therapy in other cancers.

            Chemotherapy almost no indications for use in the treatment of thyroid cancer differentiated good. This makes the treatment of thyroid cancer differentiated good is relatively gentle, the patient does not have to agonize about the side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss, vomiting, anemia, ….

            3. Thyroid surgery is the preferred method and first in the treatment of thyroid cancer

            In the method of treatment of thyroid cancer differentiated good since method surgery method is required, use the first key in the treatment process. After surgery, other methods such as hormonal treatment, treatment with radioactive Iodine will be weighed use support after surgery to reduce the recurrence rate of the disease, increasing treatment rates from cancer.

            If neglected surgical method, using only methods drink hormonal pills or using radioactive Iodine, the treatment of thyroid cancer differentiated good are not effective.

            4. Reason should perform surgical treatment of thyroid cancer in hospital, Vinmec Central Park

            Hospital, Vinmec Central Park hospital is according to the international standards of quality and service with certified JCI to ensure safety for patients maximum. Hospital has full facilities for diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathologies of thyroid cancer.

            The most important thing is the team of medical personnel dedicated to the oncologists specializing in head and neck surgery and thyroid many years of experience.

            For the case surgery to treat thyroid cancer usually, patients only need to the hospital one night, the patients quickly recover health, to be discharged home safely.

            To learn more about Surgery for thyroid cancer at hospital international Vinmec Central Park, guests can contact the HOTLINE: 0283 6221 166 – 0283 6221 188 or book online AT HERE

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              Phimosis can affect the ability to blanket and pillow?

              Phimosis is the condition ring of the foreskin is narrow at the various levels, cause inflammation, limit the development of the penis. Narrow foreskin during sex can cause men suffer from premature ejaculation, pain, or even can not erection, impotence when your closer situation.

              1. Phimosis is what?

              The foreskin is the skin thin, easy, elastic, covering up the entire head of the penis. Phimosis is the condition ring of the foreskin is narrow at the different levels, so it was no mistake the foreskin out.

              The skin this all inclusive around the head of the penis when men are small and will usually be automatically dropped at the time from 4 – 5 years old. However, when come to age of puberty where the foreskin still haven’t slipped, it may be necessary to intervene surgically.

              Phimosis there are two types: narrow physiological and narrow secondary. Phimosis secondary easy to overlook but easy to leave the heavy. Phimosis secondary are the most common cause is due to inflammation. The this case ago still flipped the foreskin off the head but now the foreskin is sticky and can’t be flipped anymore.

              2. Phimosis can affect sexual ability how?

              Phimosis relationship, pregnant, not , or phimosis may be not is that the concerns of so many eyebrow whiskers or the parents when there child is phimosis.

              Fact, hcreaking foreskin when relations affect the ability to blanket pillow how also depends on the level is narrow, heavy or lightweight. Men suffer from phimosis mild can still have sex normally, ejaculation normal, so can still have children. However, many people are heavy, it shouldn’t be like that.

              Phimosis whether it is in extent, is still directly or indirectly affect the sex life:

              • Inflammation, swelling, pain: Men with phimosis are often faced with the risk of inflammation, most common is inflammation of the foreskin, inflammation of the foreskin. The inside of the thin layer of skin covering the outer first always secrete sebum with dead cells. Therefore, phimosis makes cleaning the penis difficult. In addition, the foreskin is narrow that urine does not get out still standing the in the foreskin, accumulation gradually into feet, dirty, creating conditions for bacteria, fungi develop cause inflammation, swelling, pain. This seriously affected not only to health but also cause pain, affect sexual life.
              • Premature ejaculation: Foreskin and the foreskin is parts are very sensitive. Therefore, when narrowing of the foreskin, the male penis will be more sensitive than usual, and very prone to ejaculation, despite only the slight irritation, this not only makes the people you love are not satisfied, that more severely can affect reproductive function.
              • Limit the growth of the penis: phimosis will make the penis somewhat stunted, difficult to develop, making the penis shorter and smaller head than normal. This affect sex life, even breaking up the happy family.
              • Cause pain during erection and sex: phimosis sex, can make men experience pain when the penis erection or pain during sex. Even the penis will not be erect, in the long term can lead to the risk of impotence.
              • Swelling due to blood not circulation: some extreme cases, the foreskin is chit too narrow the cause for the blood in the penis does not circulate, causing swelling of the penis. If to long, the swelling will lead to ischemia, affects sex life, can even lead to not sex is.

              3. Surgical circumcision

              When is phimosis, men can be appointed surgery circumcision to cut off the leather wrap the head of the penis. This surgery can be performed on adults or young children. For young children, surgical circumcision is usually performed if the baby is healthy. For adults, surgical circumcision is usually done when men detect disease, inflammation, large, narrow or stuffy foreskin.

              4. Cutting phimosis can affect the ability to blanket and pillow?

              Circumcision is proven to have many benefits including:

              • Reduce the possibility of inflammation in the head of the penis
              • Reduce the risk of HIV and other infectious diseases, sexually transmitted in adults.
              • Reduce the risk of penile cancer: circumcision can reduce the amount of bacteria and likelihood of infection, so the risk of cancer will be lower.
              • Hygiene and safe sex

              There will be many people worry that circumcision can decrease sexual pleasure because minor surgery this remove thousands of nerve endings in the penis. However, according to many studies, felt the orgasms in the world will not change significantly after circumcision. Added to that, the reduction was the risk of inflammatory diseases, enclosed areas will make the men more comfortable when in battle.

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                Diameter, bi, top what is?

                Diameter bi peak is very important indicator can result in pregnancy ultrasound. Through indicators in diameter, bisexual, top, the doctor can determine the child’s development and help anticipate weight as well as size of the baby at birth.

                1. Index diameter bi top what is?

                Diameter, bi, top BDP (the English name is Biparietal diameter, abbreviated as BPD) is the diameter measured at the cut, the largest (from forehead to nape) of the skull of the fetus or can understand is the diameter of the baby’s head.

                Note, diameter, bisexual, top completely different head circumference of the fetus. Head circumference is measured round the head of the fetus, longer diameter, bisexual, peak is the measured diameter of the fetal head, 2 this parameter is the same as the circumference and diameter of a circle.

                In ultrasound pregnancydiameter bi peak is used to estimate the pregnancy weight, calculation of gestational age is an indicator to evaluate the pace of development of the fetus.

                2. When you can measure the diameter bi summit via ultrasound?

                Index diameter bi top can start to measure via ultrasound images when the fetus full 13 weeks of age until approximately pregnancy week 20 is the best. This time, the head of the child is growing very fast. If to-thai has big new measurement, then the accuracy will not be high anymore.

                3. Diameter, bi, top BPD normally is how much?

                Diameter, bi, top BPD average of the unborn child from the 13th week – 40 of pregnancy to about 88 – 100mm, average is about 94 mm.

                If only the number of BPD is less than normal levels, have the ability to fetal growth retardation or the head of the fetus flatter than the normal case. Conversely, if the BPD is too large will mean with the ability to the fetus has the head large, can interfere with mother-in-ca normal, especially with the first birth. Thai has just the bi top big along with the only other number is in excess compared with the conventional can be the result of the condition gestational diabetes of the mother. If the pregnancy is too big, the doctor will encourage mother a caesarean section to ensure safety.

                If the index diameter, bisexual, top of the fetus is not located in the standard level, your doctor may ask mom to conduct ultrasound again or perform the test, check out more in depth (test amniocentesis DNA test) to be sure of the health of the fetus. However, in addition to indicators in diameter, bisexual, top, doctors will combine with other indicators such as length of femur, abdominal circumference, head circumference… to make an assessment of the level of development of the fetus, especially the development of the brain correctly.

                4. Index table diameter bisexual top

                Gestational age (weeks)

                Diameter, bisexual, top (mm)

                Gestational age (weeks)

                Diameter, bisexual, top (mm)

























































                5. Weight the fetus according to the diameter bi top

                Based on BPD, we can calculate the weight the fetus according to 2 the following formula:

                Weight (grams) = [BPD (mm) – 60] x 100

                • For example: BPD 90mm, then the fetus weight (90 – 60) x 100 = 3kg.

                Weight (grams) = 88.69 x BPD (mm) – 5062

                • For example: BPD = 90mm, fetus weight: 88.69 x 90 – 5062 = 2920g.

                6. How to make sugar glass bi vertices of the fetus develop normally?

                • When, pregnant, pregnant, need to eat weight for 4 components nutrition there are: protein, starch, fat, and vitamins (vegetables). Which protein should focus to strengthen more to the developing fetus well. For example, in shrimp, crab has more calcium and protein or can be combined with other types of fish, beef, chicken, eggs…
                • Pregnancy and management of pregnancy in full.
                • Iron supplements: prevention of iron deficiency anemia.
                • Calcium supplement: prevention of osteoporosis for the mother and help the child get enough calcium to grow bones, grow in height.
                • Synthetic vitamin supplement for pregnant women, help the body healthy.
                • Tetanus vaccination for mother and child when pregnancy from 20 weeks of age and older: injection 2 nose, nose 2 nose 1 minimum of 1 month and nose 2 to the injection before the time of birth at least 1 month.

                Diameter bi top have a very important role to thereby determine the gestational age, weight the fetus, evaluate the development of the nervous system and the development of the fetus. Pregnant women should go to antenatal clinic periodically to update the index diameter, bi, the vertices of the fetus and detect early abnormalities of this indicator.

                Pregnant are looking for a facility to quality health services, maternity care, prestigious, high responsibility, can choose hospital international Vinmec hospital leading in the field of Maternity services Maternity package, committed to bringing the absolute satisfaction for the pregnant mother.

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                  Depression before and after marriage: What you need to know

                  Depression before and after marriage is increasingly popular, due to the psychological pressure weighing from making life changes suddenly, busy preparing the wedding or psychologically ready.

                  1. What is depression?

                  Depression is the state of psychological disorder, giving the patient sad mood, restlessness, anxiety, fatigue, feeling powerless and not interested with everything around. Depression can affect thoughts, by action of the disease, long days lead to the health problems and severe mental.

                  2. Depression before marriage

                  2.1. Depression before marriage is what?

                  Many couples wedding preparation is falling into a state of depression before marriage. When receiving a marriage proposal, then extremely happy, have fun together preparing the wedding but then one of the two people feel depressed, tired, do not want this wedding take place, take inspiration with the enemy, always proved irritability, frustration with the husband or his future wife. The closer the wedding day, the mood becomes uncomfortable, the secret and restless. The change sudden emotion, he called state of depression before marriage.

                  2.2. Cause depression before marriage

                  • Stress from the wedding preparations

                  To prepare for a wedding decent, there is a lot of work that the bride and groom have to make, such as: shopping, furniture, wedding photography, wedding dress up, put the deck, thanks to the caskets, placing wedding cards, wedding invitations… and countless things no other name. The running around all over the place, anxiety, sort of work has become a pressure that makes the bride, groom future feel tired, stress, heavy lead to depression.

                  • Wedding decision so suddenly, not psychologically prepared, ready

                  Many marriages take place without departing from the deliberate volition of both that may be due to parents ordering, the word of urging from both sides of my family, or pressure age no longer small… Two people not really understand each other, not ready for the life change, become an home. That form the psychological pressure, even a crisis of the spirit that makes you feel crazy.

                  • Worry about life with her husband

                  After marriage, many couples will live together with the husband’s family, particularly obsessive about the relationship law. General live long day, sure not to avoid as scuffle, quarrel. Always worried about her husband’s parents will be like? The harmony is not?… is also causes depression before marriage.

                  • Worry about home work

                  As if from a small family, is pampered, not have to do anything, then when married, the pressure from having to do all the work from: cooking rice, washing dishes, sweeping, laundry, garbage… also makes many people worry. That word led to thoughts afraid to get married, just want to be at home with mom and dad to be cared for, sheltered.

                  • Worry about happy family

                  Today, the media of mass communication, social networking often brought news of the affair, family violence, or separation or divorce… makes many people feel fear, does not want to marry because of the fear will fall into the same situation.

                  • Worry career will be affected

                  The employment issue is always pressure for the young. It’s not easy to find a job like that. Marriage can affect work due to time constraint, reducing their ability to compete. Women after marriage, pregnancy longer to maternity leave for a long time, even have to leave work.

                  • Lost beauty charm

                  Who want to be enjoy the feeling of having people pursue. But when married, it would not be that. Women when single is always the most beautiful time.

                  • Not sure about his feelings and the enemy

                  Wondering about the privacy of his affection. Does that person love me really? If you really love that person? After a time, love each other, still not sure is that two people have together not, have empathy, tune to go to the marriage? Day get married to close to make feel restless, fret, worry, long days create stock depression before marriage.

                  2.3. What to do to avoid depression before marriage?

                  Depression before marriage is caused by psychological disorders money marriage. It is important to know weather the feelings. Psychological preparation it’s good with the following advice:

                  • Let’s get married when really ready, don’t for one reason or another but forced myself to get married early.
                  • Marry someone you love and who love her
                  • Spend time chatting with each other about marital life to be able to understand each other better
                  • Psychological preparation adapting to new family life
                  • Acquainted with the family of her future husband, especially her husband’s parents not to be crestfallen when about living
                  • Arrange preparation work, wedding, reasonable, should not embrace too much work, can ask you friends and relatives around.
                  • Join the class money marriage.

                  3. Depression after marriage

                  src=”” v-zoomable=”33372″ title=”20190620_105201_244966_benh-tram-cam-la-be”>

                  3.1. What causes depression after marriage

                  There are many causes of depression after the marriage, such as:

                  • Not ready for marriage life both physically and mentally makes many people shocked, do not get used to the new life.
                  • Two people don’t love each other. Wedding not by the will of ourselves that do the installation, many factors impact the outside that the marriage is not happy
                  • Married due to circumstances required such as: pregnant…
                  • Two people has not yet self-financing, dependent parents, family sides
                  • Do the wedding ceremony too grandiose, beyond the capabilities of yourself and your family makes married life becomes stuck, to worry too much about money, material
                  • The quarrels, conflicts in the family makes family life fatigue, become hell
                  • Conflicts with parents family sides, especially the relationship between mother – bride
                  • Hope too much about life, romantic wedding, about happy family like in the movies, but after marriage there are many things not like make themselves feel frustrated, inhibited.
                  • After marriage, one of the two people reveal the bad computer as: alcohol, gambling, jealousy, living indiscriminately..
                  • There is the third appearance in the marriage…

                  3.2. Manifestations of depression after marriage

                  Manifestations of depression after marriage also similar to the depression the usual: sadness, fatigue, boredom, loss of interest in things, appetite, sleep no sleep, insomnia, frigidity, don’t want sex. The condition worsens there is self-expression isolate themselves, have suicidal thoughts.

                  The psychological pressure, conflicts, discords in married life if not addressed soon will create major contradictions, leading to fatigue, boredom, family life stressful as hell, long gradual inhibition, separation, divorce or family violence. Suffer too much hurt, heartache, scandalous about her marriage is not happy or always hide, proved to be still and quiet, doesn’t reveal his true feelings is the source of the lead to a depressive state after marriage.

                  If you have the psychological problems before and after marriage, the patient should to psychological examination at the central clinic, reputed to be the chat, advice and timely treatment.

                  Clinic psychology – hospital international Vinmec officially went into operation from January 4/2019, with functions of examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and psychological health. With modern equipment, clinic, health Psychology Vinmec is collaborating with professors, experienced professionals:

                  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 7 years experience working with the position is lecturer, department of psychiatry – Hanoi Medical University, psychiatrist at hospital Hanoi Medical University & hospital Geriatric Central, at the same time is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
                  • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 5 years of experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental faculties, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
                  • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: 6 years as lecturer, Department of psychiatry – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central, along with experience in research, examination and treatment of patients under specialist mental illness as: emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

                  Along with the combined deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive service of diagnosis and treatment, aiming to bring efficient patient care best.

                  Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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                    Why gaming can be addictive?

                    Addiction to electronic games is a very real problem for many people. This disorder can cause significant consequences, but the signs of the disease is sometimes very difficult to get out.

                    1. What addictive arcade game?

                    Many different causes addictive game. However, one of the main reasons why the game can become addictive so that they are designed in a way attracted to the players.

                    The designers of video games, like any one else is trying to make a profit, always looking for ways to get more people playing their game. Them towards this goal by creating the game challenging enough to cause you to play more, but not too hard to make people give up.

                    In other words, gamers often feel every victory is never is enough. In this regard, addiction to electronic games are very similar with a disorder is recognized more widely: gambling addiction.

                    2. The signs of addiction to electronic games is what?

                    Like any addiction, any other addiction, video games have the warning signs. It is important to know how to recognize these signs if the player or ai which are of interest as a gamer. These symptoms can include both mental and physical.

                    2.1. Symptoms mental of addiction to electronic games

                    A number of signs or emotional symptoms of video game addiction include:

                    • Feeling restless and / or irritable when unable to play
                    • Bother about the operation of the previous game or predictions about the next turn
                    • Lie with your friends or family members about game time
                    • Isolate themselves with others to spend more time gaming than.

                    2.2. Real symptoms of game addiction electronic

                    A number of signs or symptoms of addiction to electronic games include:

                    • Tired
                    • Migraine headaches due to intense concentration or eye strain
                    • Carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive use of controller or computer mouse
                    • Poor personal hygiene.

                    3. Impact short term and long term of addiction to electronic games

                    Like any other mental disorders, addiction to video games can leave serious consequences. The symptoms listed above have short-term effects, however, they can lead to long-term consequences more serious if not addressed promptly. For example, a person addicted to video games will often avoid sleeping or eating the meal right now to continue playing the game. Although the short term effects of this can include hunger and fatigue, at last it can lead to sleep disorders or health problems related to diet.

                    Similarly, those who isolate themselves from other people to play video games may miss the healthy functioning with family, relatives and friends. However, if the player continues the action in such a long time, will probably feel themselves no friends.

                    The long-term effect other of the addictive arcade game to consider is the financial consequences, learning, and career-related. Game and game equipment electronic can be very costly, especially when the payment of recurring charges such as connection high-speed Internet required for the online game with multiple players. These games can also be very time consuming, makes gamers addicted do not have much time to focus on school work, or their work.

                    4. Changes in the brain when play video games excessively

                    Dopamine levels (a hormone that increases feelings of euphoria in the brain) doubled when people play video games, that means the game is addictive, well addictive on the chemical. There are neural pathways in the brain to maintain dependence on the high – ability reinforce the disorder obsessive compulsive.

                    Therefore, the simplest way to create an addictive game is making it challenging, interesting and many benefits. Any game also can create a pleasant feeling in a short period of time, but the exact game is potentially addictive, although the level of addiction is different for each person.

                    5. The addictive elements of video games

                    5.1. Many video games at no cost

                    Many games use a model for free to play online. The majority of players will be instructed to perform a number of simple tasks, all of which are rewarded with colorful graphics and positive message.

                    Once the player concerns, is also at the level of play becomes more difficult at that time users will be asked to pay a few dollars to have more opportunities to try higher levels or remove barriers from the game mechanics.

                    5.2. Waiting to play

                    More free games money by forcing players to wait to complete the action, unless they pay to skip the delay this.

                    Other games allow the player a number of times to try certain by providing for them a number of lives certain. Once those lives have been used, they will be reloaded more network over time, with the speed of a network per hour.

                    Seems counter-intuitive that a game will make players wait to continue playing, but the wait this serves two purposes. It requires the player to continue to open the app, this become habit. More importantly, it is an effective way to earn money from players.

                    5.3. Always updates to upgrade level for player

                    The reason is that in game people role-playing in character, have fun, interact with friends and almost can’t win.

                    Even if players can complete all the goals, the founders will also be releasing an expansion to the game never ends. The new missions help the game exciting, but founders of the game also refused to create the game help the player feel completely winning.

                    5.4. Suction power of the progress bar in the game

                    Many modern games come with a visual representation of the level of proximity of a person when completing a goal, is called progress bar of Google. This is usually a rectangle lying horizontal, slowly fill up when near goal more.

                    When a person is close to achieving level a skill, it’s easy to justify playing a few more minutes to reach the next level before quitting.

                    Right when it levels up, the ability to use spells of the player is also willing to increase the level, so they decided to play until the increased a higher level. As soon as the progress bar is filled, the ability to block attacks is also better. The player resumed play. It is an endless cycle.

                    5.5. Played with you

                    The ability to share the gaming experience with others is a great way to create and maintain friendships, especially for those who shy. However, play with other people comes with certain risks.

                    When playing a game together, often players will spend time and energy to support others. It will become problem while want to do homework or go to sleep but your friends managed to get into play.

                    5.6 sense of escape from reality

                    In the game, the player is comfortable living according to your interests and personal style, is to experience complete freedom, not bound about responsibility, family, culture, even law or ethical standards.

                    However, once guided by their curiosity and mental stimulation, can make them very easy to be drawn about the negative side of the game leads to the desire to experience climax or more extreme.

                    5.7. Attractiveness of rewards

                    The Game also creates attractive by linking tasks assigned to the 1 rewards attractive. Rewards can be points of skills, or items, beautifully designed with effects.

                    Players often accept “quests” and completing them unconsciously along with the increase of difficulty. This requires players to focus and take the time to play more new can complete assigned tasks.

                    More serious, it creates the illusion for gamers that are sure they will be rewarded, causing them to “plow game” in amorphous and blind. About the mentality, the hope for a virtual reward, this is motivation to them to continue to play.

                    5.8 satisfying upgrade skills

                    The game is successful, or in other words, the addictive game with levels of difficulty in the game levels. The game becomes more complex through the ranks makes the player want to complete the challenge.

                    Clinic psychologist at hospital international Vinmec Times City go into operation from January 4/2019 with functional examination, consultation and outpatient treatment of psychological problems and mental health, especially with regard to psychological problems in children and adolescents by the deployment of psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive.

                    The clinic has modern equipment and a team of doctors is the lecturer at the Hanoi Medical University, there is the possibility to implement the psychological test, psychological therapy, intensive.

                    • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Van Non – Specialist Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: experience, 07 years of work at the position is faculty, Hanoi Medical University is a member of The psychiatry in Vietnam.
                    • ThS. Doctor Pham Thanh Luan – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 05 years experience in research, clinic, cure diseases, department Psychology, trained at the prestigious University, to practice in-depth expertise in the Republic of France.
                    • ThS. Doctor Nguyen Trong Hien – specialist Doctor, Psychological, hospital, international Vinmec Times City: with 06 years as lecturer, Department of Psychology – School of Hanoi Medical University and hospital Geriatric Central same experience to research, discover curing diseases department Psychology such as emotional disorders, related disorders stress and disorders body shape, the developmental disorders in children, youth & the period of childbearing….

                    Customers can directly at Vinmec Times City to visit or contact the following hotline number 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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