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Care cancer patients last days

The majority of patients knowing their diagnosis of cancer have psychological bewilderment, fear, even depression and serious health. So, during this time, the care and motivate the sick person is extremely important to help patients psychological stability, improve health and feel the most comfortable in the last days.

1. The signs get to know a person going through life

The signs of death may be different for each person. No one can truly predict what can happen at the end of his life, the last stage of life will last how long, or death will actually happen when?

The last days of life, the health of bve cancer patients will gradually weaken and get tired more. Here are some signs to recognize patients who are entering the last days of life:

  • Body weakness and exhaustion
  • More sleep
  • Weight loss and muscle loss
  • Loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing
  • Decreased ability to concentrate and less talk
  • Increase confusion
  • United eye
  • Moaning
  • Uncontrolled urination
  • Cyanosis in the hands, feet, mouth
  • Dry mouth, lip
  • Restlessness, anxiety
  • Loss of bladder control and bowel
  • Urine output decreased

2. Palliative care for patients with end stage cancer

Palliative care is a method focused on helping patients alleviate the symptoms such as pain, physical stress, and spirit when diagnosed with a medical disease incurable. The goal of this therapy is to enhance the quality of life for both patients and their families.

Cancer is a disease, often cause many symptoms, and in the process of treatment can cause side effects undesirable. Preventing or mitigating the symptoms and side effects during cancer treatment is a step of paramount importance, regardless of age, type of cancer or stage of disease.

Can apply therapy palliative care for all stages of care for patients with cancer.

  • From when diagnosed with the disease: perform palliative care for cancer patients right from the start, help for the sick person and easy to approach, mentally prepare and plan care for patients as soon as possible.
  • Throughout the process of treatment: Helps to alleviate the symptoms, side effects of the drug and enhance the therapeutic effect bring.
  • When patients died: care, treatment, psychological and spiritual support for the patient.

3. The method of palliative care for cancer patients

People the patients can follow the instructions on after care for cancer patients:

  • Plan your time with patients when they are in a state of alertness
  • When talking with patients, remind them about the time
  • Continue for patients to take pain medication the rest of my life
  • If the patient is restless, anxious, try to find out if they have hurt not
  • If patients are confused and scared, just speak softly, calmly to reduce the likelihood of the patient being startled or frightened

For patients with changes in metabolic processes as less in demand on dining, dry mouth, the patient should:

  • Always keep moisture for the lips of the patient with lip balm to avoid dry lips
  • For the patient to drink fluids such as water or juice
  • Continue for patients to use the drug reduced pain, nausea, fever, seizures or anxiety to the patient feel comfortable

For patients who have problems with circulation and changes in body temperature, such as feet, hands cold; skin on the arms, legs dark, pale, and have black spots; other areas of the body may become darker or paler; tachycardia, irregular; blood pressure decrease…The home the patient should:

  • Keep warm for patients with a quilt or cushion
  • Do not use electric blankets, cushion heating

In the case of patients with cancer, end-stage see difficulty breathing, wheezing, throat, sputum, or could not breathe within from 10 to 30 seconds, people at home can follow the following ways:

  • Place the patient supine or slightly tilted to one side
  • Raise the patient’s head
  • Use pillows to support the head and chest of the patient
  • Help the patient sit up, if this posture helps patients breathe easier

4. The methods help control the pain effective for cancer patients

Bouts of cramping pain can make patients feel discomfort, pain, and health status days a weakened.

People the patient can refer to a number of ways to help control the pain of cancer patients: Use of pain medication depending on the health status of the patient. For the patient a warm bath, read books, watch movies or go for a walk to forget about the pain. Pressure use the method of acupuncture. Methods biofeedback help to relax muscles, reduce pain, effective…

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    Can recognize the symptoms previa?

    Typically, vegetable cake sticking in the bottom or body of the uterus. When vegetable cake sticking at the bottom of the uterus and partially covering or closed cervix, it is called previa. Previa can cause serious effects to pregnancy health of women.

    1. The vegetables striker

    Previa located in front of the path of the fetus at birth vaginally. Therefore, the majority of cases there are signs of previa often have to caesarean section.

    The type of previa more common in pregnant include:

    • Previa low grip: vegetable cake cling paragraph below the uterus.
    • Previa clinging to the edge: vegetable cake clinging to the hole in the cervix.
    • Previa seller center: vegetable cake cover part hole in the cervix.
    • Previa center: vegetable cake to cover completely the hole in the cervix.

    2. Signs of previa is what?

    Can get to know thai women is previa through the signs get to know the following:

    In pregnancy, especially the last 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women suddenly vaginal bleeding of unknown cause, with no abdominal pain, the blood is bright red, and when out had frozen into lumps.

    The amount of bleeding is usually less in those early times, then the condition vaginal bleeding may be repeated many times, the amount of bleeding in the next time more often than last time.

    If pregnant women advocacy goes back much, work heavy and have intercourse, … will be prone to bleeding more.

    Therefore, when there are signs of previa, the woman should immediately to the medical facility to be examined and timely diagnosis, avoid dangerous for both mother and fetus.

    Today, signs of previa can be detected early thanks to the method of ultrasonic even when no clinical manifestations.

    3. The risk of previa

    The risk of previa usually occurs for the following cases:

    • Each birth many times.
    • Each abortion and miscarriage many times.
    • Each is inflammation of the uterus.
    • Each device previa in a previous pregnancy.

    4. Expression previa dangerous for the fetus and the mother

    Previa can lead to the condition is haemorrhage in pregnancy and during childbirth, causing danger to the lives of both the woman and the fetus.

    • For women: signs of previa cause bleeding repeated many times throughout the pregnancy can make pregnant women suffer from anemia, easy to premature birth. Due to the lower uterus is lack sphincter should usually hemorrhage after birth and women can suffer from shock due to blood loss. In the case of previa cling close to the neck of the uterus, postpartum vegetables is dissection causing cervical openings, bacteria easily invade and cause infection. Severe cases may need hysterectomy if vegetable cake set tightly to the uterine body and not detached from the lining of the uterus.
    • For the fetus: signs of previa made the mother suffer from anemia in pregnancy should the fetus vulnerable to malnutrition or of fetal distress. When the mother is bleeding, the doctor wanted to save the mother, compelled cesarean section early, even when the fetus has not enough months. At that time, preterm pregnancy may cause the baby born prone to respiratory failure. In addition, due to vegetable cake, located in the lower part the uterus causing the fetus difficult to turn head down, lead to bad fetal backwards (breech or movie horizontal) can easily occur.

    When you see signs of vegetables strikers mentioned above, pregnant women should go to hospital or clinic early pregnancy to be the therapist diagnosis and timely treatment.

    With the desire to bring services to best care for the mother and baby from pregnancy to childbirth, hospital, international Vinmec has the organization deployed the Package, Maternity care package. At this, the doctor track, counseling and attentive care to mother and baby from pregnancy, to ensure pregnancy occurs safe as possible. After birth, mother and baby will be resting, relaxing in the sick-room amenities, international standards for the care of dedicated and professional team of doctors and nursing in the hospital.

    Customers interested in the package, maternity care of Vinmec, please contact health System, Vinmec nationwide AT THIS.


      Hemorrhoids are common in pregnant women the last 3 months of

      Hemorrhoids in pregnant is the situation often encountered, especially the stage of pregnancy last 3 months of. Is hemorrhoids during pregnancy cause many pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, prone to stress, affecting the psychological and physical.

      1. Hemorrhoids in pregnant what is?

      Hemorrhoid is a frequent pathology in pregnancy, especially when pregnant 3 months late, as the uterus expands and puts pressure on the veins. Hemorrhoids are swelling veins in the anus and rectum.

      Is hemorrhoids when pregnant can cause itching, pain or bleeding during or after bowel movements, cause much discomfort for pregnant women. However, is hemorrhoids when pregnancy does not affect the health of the fetus as many pregnant mothers worried. In the process of labor, can force push will impact and do condition hemorrhoids more severe, however, this condition usually disappears after the birth.

      Some women suffer from hemorrhoids when pregnant for the first time. If you’ve ever suffering from hemorrhoids earlier, are more likely pregnant women will suffer back or gets worse during pregnancy.

      2. Why are prone to hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

      Pregnant are vulnerable to hemorrhoids because of the following reasons:

      • When the fetus grows, the uterus of the mother will be larger and cause pressure on the pelvis, especially veins near the anus and the rectum, making the veins this swelling and cause pain.
      • During pregnancy, the concentration of the hormone progesterone rises, also contribute to causing hemorrhoids as dilate the blood vessels and make them prone to swelling than.
      • Blood volume pregnancy increases causing varicose veins is also one of the contributing cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

      In addition, the following factors also impact on the anus increase the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnant:

      • Constipation, often pushing many when go out
      • Gaining too much weight during pregnancy
      • Sitting too long or standing too long in a long time

      3. Treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant

      Usually hemorrhoids will go away after birth. However, is hemorrhoids during pregnancy often cause itching and pain makes pregnant feel very uncomfortable, even if not cared properly can cause pregnant prolapse of the piles. To prevent this complication can apply the following ways:

      • Soak the rectum area in warm water, can soak several times a day
      • Cold compresses area is hemorrhoids will help reduce swelling and relieve pain can compresses several times a day
      • Always keep the anal region clean and dry. Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water, gently wipe the anal area after a bowel movement or after a bath and keep this area always dry. The excess moisture can cause the irritation in this area
      • Can drug use, lubricate the anus to bowel movements easier
      • Use baking soda wet form or dry to apply at the location hemorrhoids, help relieve the itching

      4. Prevention is hemorrhoids during pregnancy

      To prevention is hemorrhoids during pregnancyfirst need to avoid constipation. Some ways to prevent constipation can be listed as follows:

      • Regular use and provide more fiber for the body with fruits such as pear (can eat the rind), avocado and the juicy berries; vegetables such as broccoli, spinach; cereals such as whole grain oats, brown rice, popcorn; legumes such as lentils and chickpeas; nuts such as almonds, walnuts, …
      • Provide plenty of water for the body. Pregnant women should drink 3 liters of water per day
      • Limit the fast bowel movements when there is demand by can cause constipation, that causes hemorrhoids in pregnant
      • Avoid sitting or standing for too long during long time. If office work must often sit in front of computers, please try to stop after 30 minutes, the agitation is gentle body by walking (about few minutes) to reduce pressure on the anal area
      • When lie should lie inclined to reduce the pressure at the rectal veins
      • If you frequently suffer from constipation and this condition does not improve, consult your doctor about the types of laxatives that pregnant women can use

      Besides avoiding constipation, pregnant women should also carry and avoid the following to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

      • Avoid lowland calves or heavy lifting because it will increase the pressure on the abdomen and hips pots
      • If itching should avoid scratching the skin because that can affect the veins
      • Avoid eating foods that are spicy, because that can make the condition severe itching and constipation
      • Avoid eating foods high in salt, salty foods, because they cause water accumulation, increases the volume of blood circulation
      • Avoid gaining too much weight, causing pressure on the rectum, increases the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnant
      • Should exercise gently and regularly, like walking, Kegel exercises every day to increase blood circulation and improve digestion.

      Is hemorrhoids during pregnancy cause burning pain the anal area, making mom pregnant, very uncomfortable. To improve symptoms, besides the way above, pregnant women may use the drug, however, should go to see a doctor for advice, do not buy drugs on the user.

      Hospital international Vinmec is the address and treatment hemorrhoids, high efficiency, is more reliable. Here, the customer is examination and diagnosis hemorrhoids by modern methods and most advanced. The treatment of hemorrhoids are application of the latest advanced technology today, helps to minimize the pain, discomfort for the patient.

      Customers need advice and support about the examination, hemorrhoid treatment at Vinmec please contact put the clinic HERE.

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        Can reduce menstrual cramps drug?

        Article get expert advice by BSCK II Dang Van, France – Department of obstetrics and Gynecology, general hospital, international Vinmec Da Nang.

        Dysmenorrhea, also known as the, is the appearance of pain in the lumbar region or the abdomen in women during menstruation. System business is divided into 2 types: the primary and the secondary.

        1. Pills decrease menstrual pain

        The majority of women when to menstrual period often suffer from abdominal pain, if mild can tolerate or apply measures of treatment without medication. However, in case of severe abdominal pain, constant and prolonged, it needs the intervention of drugs to minimize the pain.

        In general, drug dysmenorrhea operate by 2 mechanisms. A is relaxes uterine muscles, causing spasticity reduced to lead to reduce menstrual pain. Two is to help inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins – cause contractions in the uterus in the body.

        1.1 several groups of drugs reduce the dysmenorrhea

        • Antispasmodics geared motors: often contain ingredients dipropylin, alverin, drotaverine; has the effect of relaxing the uterine muscles resulting in pain reduction.
        • Hormonal pills in women: combined use of drugs containing estrogen and progesterone or dydrogesterone, lynestrenol (derivative of progesterone). Can use the pill as a painkiller very effective.
        • The drug inhibits prostaglandin: also called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Acid, Mefenamic). In addition, this drug is often the treatment of choice for women not to have sex.

        1.2 The drug reduces dysmenorrhea common

        • Cataflam: This is a form of non-steroidal analgesics, the main ingredient is sodium of Diclofenac. Medication menstrual pain Cataflam if used in high doses for long periods can lead to some side effects such as gastrointestinal ulcers, increased liver enzymes, reduced renal function. In the case of taking Cataflam to treat can appear dangerous complications, such as nausea, diarrhea, epigastric pain.

        Contraindications administered with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like Aspirin), anticoagulants (Heparin, Ticlopidin). Notes the gastric ulcers, duodenal progression, sufferers asthmatics, people with liver impairment, severe kidney, who have hypersensitivity to the drug not be administered this drug.

        • Mefenamic acid: This is also one of the type of non-steroidal analgesics with oral dose necessary to pay attention not used this drug more than 7 days. In the case of taking Mefenamic acid to treat can appear the symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, gastrointestinal disturbances, rashes, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia.

        Note be careful when using the drug in body condition, dehydration, people with a history of epilepsy. Contraindications administered with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like Aspirin), anticoagulants (Curamin). The stomach ulcers are progressing, who is asthmatic, people who are pregnant or have hypersensitivity to the drug absolutely do not use this drug.

        • Hyoscinum: This is one of the drugs, antispasmodic direction the. The mechanism of action of this drug is paralyzing the sympathetic and often used in the case of pain due to spasm, which is typical of dysmenorrhea. In the case of using Hyoscinum to treatment may appear the phenomenon of dry mouth, tachycardia, urinary retention, allergic skin. Contraindicated for people ill with glaucoma, the disorder the urethra the prostate gland, the pyloric stenosis.
        • Alverin: This is also one of the drug antispasmodic effect direction of the. The mechanism of action of this drug is made to inhibit the contractions generated by acetylcholine and is often used in cases of pain due to spasm, which is typical of dysmenorrhea. Contraindicated for people with low blood pressure.

        Note: People under age 16 do not use Cataflam, Mefenamic acid.

        In general, the causes of dysmenorrhea can understand is due to the increase in the contractions in the uterus. Cataflam, Mefenamic Acid is two types of pain relievers general should have many side effects; while Hyoscinum, Alverin is the drug special treatment antispasmodic direction the should fewer side effects.

        So Hyoscinum, Alverin are 2 drugs that reduce menstrual pain more secure, also easy to purchase as the original drug, just, economical medium with a high efficiency.

        However, it can happen with many life stages vary, for example children can cause other adults, with other causes, so best when there are manifestations of dysmenorrhea , the patient should go to the gynecologist for examination and most are not arbitrarily use the drug when no doctor’s appointment.

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          Pregnancy at age 30: What you should know

          Many people believe that age 30 is the time to do the best mom, by this time, work, income, the relationship went on steady. But in fact mothers in different ages will have advantages and limitations are different.

          1. Advantage pregnancy at the age of 30

          First child after age 30 is a great experience. The mother at this time still full of energy and vitality to be able to care well for your child. Though every individual has differences, but in general at the age of 30 women who had more experience of life, more maturity, more understanding about yourself than themselves when new 20 years old.

          Besides at the age of 30 not only the women but all of them also willing to do the father more than the age of 20. The couple had spent a certain period of time, had better understand each other, so that the general hand-built nest, as well as the decision to become parents will seriously and more maturely.

          In many respects, fiscal pressure and management skills financial at the age of 30 have much different compared with the time when new 20 years old. Career has gradually stabilized, the income of the women was quite over, there have been a cumulative number given, as well as the ability to manage finances is also better than the 20s.

          Because of these reasons, pregnancy and motherhood at the age of 30 will be easier, less pressure than when the woman is at the age of 20.

          2. Limited pregnancy at the age of 30

          Besides these advantages, pregnant at the age of 30 also there are many points to think about. The first is the possibility of pregnancy. According to time, age, pregnancy of women more and more high, the possibility of pregnancy as decreased, and there are distinct differences between women who’ve crossed the age of 30 with those women close to 40 years of age.

          The early years of the age of 30, the possibility of pregnancy decline only slightly compared with the last years of the age of 20, and the possibility of miscarriage or child with the genetic disorder (like Down syndrome) also increased only very slightly.

          When the women reach the age of 35, things will change very fast. The possibility of pregnancy is markedly reduced, the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, genetic disorders and fetal malformations increased faster. Therefore the age of 35 is a milestone that woman should note. If you intend to become pregnant in the latter half of the year 30 years old, woman should conduct prenatal screening (such as DNA testing acellular, fisting, amniotic fluid, villus,… and the screening the other).

          The rate of miscarriage, pregnancy complications, as well as the risk of ectopic pregnancy are increased after the age of 30, especially after the age of 35.

          At age 20, the ratio must be born by cesarean section about 30%, but will increase to 43% at the age of 35. The cause is the expert pointed out that when age increased, the risk of occurrence of problems maternity also increased according to (of fetal distress, prolonged labor,…).

          The possibility of pregnancy of each person is different, but in general, 35 is a milestone to keep in mind, especially with women who want to pregnant not just once. Advice given is if you want to pregnancy at age 30, women should think and decide soon, don’t wait too long.

          3. The possibility of a successful pregnancy at the age of 30

          Even after the age of 29 to 35 years old, there is a marked decline in the likelihood of pregnancy, but the majority of women at the age of 35 do not encounter problems. However, if the wait until 38 or 39 years old, the story will become more serious very much.

          In general, with each cycle of ovulation at age 30, the woman has the rate of pregnancy was 15%, and in a year, pregnancy rates will be at around 75%. Note that as time goes on, the likelihood of pregnancy decreases, and there will only be about 65% when the woman in the final years of the age of 30.

          The rate of miscarriage increases slowly in the early years of the age of 30, then increased rapidly in the middle years and late 30s (18% at age 35 and increased 34% in the year 40 years old).

          In the period from 35 to 39 years old have a special point, which is that the women have the opportunity to bring multiple pregnancy naturally (usually twins). In each cycle, ovulation will normally only have a cooked eggs. But when age increases, the hormonal levels of follicle-stimulating (follicle stimulating hormone – FSH) increased, leading to the ability to have more than one egg matures and ovulation (usually two eggs). So while older women difficult to get pregnant than young women, but had the opportunity to bring the multiple pregnancy more.

          4. What to do if you want to get pregnant?

          To best prepare for a pregnancy safe and healthy birth, keep in mind the following:

          • If under the age of 35, regular sex (about 2 – 3 times per week), do not use any contraception within a year that still has not brought pregnant, let’s go visit the doctor specialists to find the cause and have intervention methods.
          • If already from 35 years of age, frequent sex, not use any contraceptive methods in last six months without pregnancy, or a history of any problems, what makes pregnancy difficult (loss of menstruation, irregular menstruation, disease transmitted through sex, pain, pelvis,…) come and visit to see a specialist as soon as possible.

          5. If you want to postpone pregnancy, you need to do?

          If the woman is not really ready, want to delay having children, can refer to method of freezing eggs. Though the possibility of pregnancy decline with age, but with the help of measures to support modern reproduction, eggs “young” than will bring the success rate higher. Some women proceed with frozen eggs of yourself to the room situation difficult pregnancy after this.

          Center for assisted reproduction Vinmec is the modern center in Vietnam to be built and apply a treatment process coordinated visits comprehensive, combining both male obstetrics and gynecology to give the optimal scheme for each case patient.

          The center gathered a team of leading experts in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, domestic and international, is training at the top centers in the world such as in Usa, Singapore, Japan, Australia and the center for assisted reproduction famous in the world. With high professional level, with extensive experience, our team of experts of the center have the ability to implement uniform and comprehensive the techniques of assisted reproduction with today’s most advanced, help the family, infertility, infertility, pregnancy at the age of 40….help realize the dream of parenthood of hundreds of families all over the country.

          Customers can directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 to be supported.

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            Why has the status nephrotic steatosis?

            Nephrotic steatosis is a disease there are many ways to call, the most popular is to use the term “nephrotic syndrome” for with all the status nephrotic kidney weakness, causing inflammatory edema, urine protein, blood decrease protein and increase fat.

            1. Two groups of causes kidney damaged kidney weakness

            1.1. Nephrotic syndrome primary

            From long medical professionals in both Eastern and Western medicine has found out the disease develop in the kidney, do degraded and damaged kidneys. In other words, the hurt the exact place in the kidney because of many different causes, impairment of renal function. Common signs is inflammatory oedema of the whole body, the protein, protein in blood decreases, but the grease re-raise. Group this disease is best known as “nephrotic syndrome primitive”.

            1.2. Nephrotic syndrome secondary

            Not long after that, under the findings of the doctor, and is proven through electron microscopy, cells in renal tubules are more signs of steatosis, but glomerular back perfectly normal, also causes the similar condition as above. Disease groups not located in the kidney, but are related to the kidneys and cause bad effects for the whole body known as “nephrotic syndrome secondary”, or also known as “nephrotic steatosis” or disease Epstein – the name of a scientist has spelled out the mechanism of disease in 1937.

            The research has pointed out that, “nephrotic syndrome secondary” is a disease of the whole body, not just comes from the process of formation of fat in the own kidney. Patients with edema due to the protein and reduce protein in the blood may be due to systemic diseases such as lupus, diabetes, or disorders of the immune system, infections, and impact from a number of drugs for the treatment of certain cancers.

            2. Symptoms of nephrotic steatosis

            2.1. Physiological changes inside the body

            Although the kidneys are form lesions, primary or secondary, or for any reason, they are also result in loss of protein through urine. Albumin escape by the membrane glomerular filtration is the cause why protein is lost.

            Typically, the hole in the diaphragm kidneys are small in size than the albumin in the blood, so this substance can not escape through the urine is. Moreover, because both are positively charged, the same should follow the principle, the albumin is pushed away. However, when suffering from nephrotic syndrome nephrotic and renal failure, membrane, glomerular filtration is hurt and damaged, leading to the holes become larger and gradual loss of negative charge, which cause the albumin-to-easy escape out.

            When albumin is lost, the protein in the blood rapidly decreased to the level of the body could not produce protein new to clearing content wastage. The function of the protein is retained water is located in the heart blood vessels due to sustained pressure glue; protein in the blood reduce the drag under pressure, glue is also reduced, causing water from the circuit out to do the whole body disease be suitable.

            Besides, albumin is not protein only lost through the urine. The protein in the blood other also is excreted in the urine of patients, including blood clotting factors or IgG. This is the cause of the condition appears blood clots, impaired immunity, making patients susceptible to infections. In addition, protein in blood decreases, causing the liver to increase the function of synthetic lipoproteins to compensate the pull in lipid fats in the blood also increased.

            2.2. External manifestations

            Common symptoms and the most obvious of the condition nephrotic steatosis is the whole body. This process takes place very rapidly and serious risk of effusion in the peritoneal, pleura, testes, pericardium, or heavy rather than cerebral edema. Water escape from the blood vessels, causing blood volume is reduced, creating reflex blood automatically absorb the amount of water contained in kidneys. This condition makes patients with diabetes less than, often less than half a liter a day.

            A number of other symptoms that impact the whole body disease include:

            • Often feeling tired
            • Poor diet leads to complications malnutrition
            • Pale skin, insomnia, difficulty breathing…

            As the disease progresses, more severe can lead to kidney failure, infection, blood clots in the veins and lower calcium very dangerous.

            3. Treatment of kidney damage and kidney failure

            When patients fall into a condition fit body, parallel that is the primary protein with a volume of more than 3.5 g in 24 hours, it is accompanied by reduced protein in the blood, it will was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. However, if you want to know disease of any type it is necessary to conduct a biopsy glomerular very complex.

            Cures the disease is also not very easy because of the need to select regimens suitable for each form of various lesions. Modern medicine for that treatment of the condition nephrotic kidney weakness consists of 2 parts:

            • Firstly is to focus on the symptoms or complications
            • The second tracking mechanism of pathogenesis in order to properly handle

            In that treatment condition suitable often be made a priority before. Diuretics are options to support reduce edema in patients a simple way. However it should be noted that lesions within glomerular true new concern and fears. If not in control of the root causes this disease is easy to relapse. There are cases of kidney damage develop silently and gradually cause kidney failure can not foresee. This is a disease varied, depending on can damage glomeruli is primary or secondary which applies the right kind of medicine appropriate, for example as immunosuppressive drugs or drug steroids.

            Traditional medicine also has treatments condition the kidney damaged kidney weakness. Song for syndrome nephrotic steatosis should be selected followed by Western medicine. Patients must necessarily comply with the treatment regimen and only use the drug due doctor kidney specialist school designation to timely handle the side effects if any.

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              Increased cholesterol in the blood in patients with kidney failure

              Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic pathology with the clinical symptoms include edema, in animals the blood decreased, while urinary protein, lipid, and blood cholesterol increases. In the early stages, manifestations of the disease primarily is the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

              1. Pathology nephrotic syndrome

              Nephrotic syndrome is a collection of expression by the state of kidney damage. The symptoms of the disease include: Appearance of protein in urine, the concentration of albumin in the blood lower, blood lipid increase, and patients with edema significantly. Other symptoms may be mentioned, including weight gain, fatigue, and have foam in urine. In addition, this disease can lead to complications such as blood clots, infection, and hypertension. The reason why cholesterol increased in nephrotic syndrome is mainly related to increased blood protein.

              The cause of the symptoms mentioned above originates from a number of kidney disease, such as cirrhosis of the bottle glomeruli localized in each region, the disease kidney membrane disease, minimal change. Nephrotic syndrome can also occur as a complication of diabetes mellitus or lupus. Disease mechanisms are mainly related to lesions in the glomeruli of the kidneys. Diagnosis is usually based on urinalysis and sometimes need to do kidney biopsy.

              Treatment nephrotic syndrome aim to solve the underlying cause. Besides, efforts are needed to control the condition related disease such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and limit the risk of infection occurs.

              2. Signs of hypercholesterolemia in nephrotic syndrome

              Abnormalities in the blood cholesterol level is the first sign often seen for patients with nephrotic syndrome. Hypertriglyceridemia appears secondary after that. Condition increase blood lipids so are more common when the blood albumin decreased below 20 g/l.

              The type of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), very low (VLDL) and intermediate type (IDL) signs are increased, while lipoprotein high density (HDL) remain in normal levels or is reduced. Abnormalities lipid the majority will recover when the nephrotic syndrome disappeared. The reason why nephrotic syndrome cause hyperlipidemia?

              3. Why cholesterol increased in nephrotic syndrome?

              3.1. Due to the increased synthesis of VLDL in the liver

              Increased synthesis of VLDL in the liver is considered the main mechanism, usually related to the severity of the condition decreased blood albumin (blood protein). When albuminami blood reduce drag under reduced pressure, the glue of the plasma, which leads to the stimulation of synthesis of apoLipoprotein B, thereby increasing the synthesis of VLDL. Besides, the increase of yeast HGM CoA reductase, mevalonic acid, a precursor of cholesterol and other fatty acids, is also the cause explanation for the problem why cholesterol increased in nephrotic syndrome.

              3.2. Reduced enamel Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL)

              Men LPL plays an important role in reducing degraded VLDL, which makes the concentration of this type of lipoprotein is high-rise. The fatty acids are factors that inhibit the activity of LPL. Deficiency apo C II and the heparan sulfate due to excretion in urine, also cause inhibition of the activity of yeast this.

              3.3. Reduce yeast Lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase (LCAT)

              Nephrotic syndrome caused condition to decline men LCAT. The consequences lead to abnormalities of lipids through reduced synthesis of HDL starts from the VLDL.

              3.4. Loss HDL and apo A1 through urine

              The cause why nephrotic syndrome cause hyperlipidemia also related to the loss of HDL and apo A1 through urine, but the concentration of HDL in plasma, the majority is normal.

              Impact formation of atherosclerosis of these abnormalities in lipid levels, this has not been proven one way really clear for those patients with nephrotic syndrome.

              However, the condition increased blood cholesterol the risk of causing the platelet aggregation, leading to thrombus formation, causing occlusion, reduces response of lymphocytes against antigenic stimulation. Hyperlipidemia is also likely to be a factor that causes fibrosis of the glomeruli.

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                Uterine bleeding abnormal

                Uterine bleeding in women often only occur when to the menstrual period. However, it is possible for a gynecological disorders that condition hemorrhage become other usually than every. When there is bleeding enclosed areas unusual sisters need to go to the clinic immediately to be diagnosed, tested and treated promptly.

                1. Uterine bleeding what is unusual?

                Hemorrhage, uterine anomalies (Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – AUB) is a term describing the abnormal condition of the menstrual cycle about the time of the menstruation duration of menstruation, amount of blood loss during menstruation… This is the cause gynecology the most common, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of cases to the hospital.

                2. Causes uterine bleeding abnormal

                2.1. Due to inflammation gynecology

                Cervicitis, inflammation of the lining of the uterus, pelvic inflammatory disease is 1 in a number of reasons lead to uterine bleeding is not normal. This expression usually occurs after sex. If not treated early, the disease has the ability to impact the reproductive function of women.

                Gynecological diseases such as Uterine fibroids, cervical polyps, cervical cancer also causes cases bleeding enclosed areas unusual. Accompanying symptoms are likely to experience is pain, immediately lower the, urination disorders, menstrual disorders,…

                2.2. Hormonal disorders

                Imbalance between the hormones estrogen and progesterone is the reason hemorrhagic genital organs abnormal. To know for sure, females should check endocrine, ultrasound evaluate the lining of the uterus to check.

                The women in menopause stage may have a menstrual cycle all but short gradually. If your menstrual cycle short back, but not all, need to assess the other causes.

                2.3. Due to abortion, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy

                After abortion or miscarriage, women will out, virgin, pussy, shaved in a few days to 1-2 weeks depending upon the gestational age when breaking or when going. Also similar to the case of postpartum, if the blood is abnormally stretched, more blood, or smell, even can’t, there is the risk of infection, survival, thai, alive vegetables or some other serious problem after an abortion.

                If bleeding when pregnant, sisters, should go to hospital to be examined. Out fresh blood in the genital area, pregnancy can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, threatening to miscarriage, previa…. Abnormal bleeding in pregnancy is signs extremely dangerous.

                2.4. As a product

                After childbirth, an amount of residual blood is called lochia. Lochia usually ceases after 3-4 weeks, the amount of blood is usually less gradual change gradually from bright red to brown, pale pink. If bleeding lasts more than postpartum period, blood clots or the number of suddenly more up, then need to go to the clinic immediately.

                2.5. Taking birth control pills

                Taking contraceptive pills does not follow directed by your doctor, medication is not regularly and in times of emergency is also one of a number of reasons that cause uterine bleeding abnormal. To see this phenomenon, the first thing is you should go to specialist clinic gynecology for advice as well as cure quickly.

                2.6. Due to the diseases of the body

                • Abnormal blood vessels the uterus congenital or acquired: this pathology causing the prolonged and the blood of many. This anomaly usually occurs after having an invasive procedure on the uterus earlier.
                • Pathology thyroid: Is one of the frequent causes causes prolonged seizures and out many, but not is a common cause.
                • Disorders launcher ovum: Characteristic of this situation is that the patient does not have the many months, which may then condition the blood drip or the blood of many. Syndrome polycystic ovaries and some endocrine disorders can cause uterine bleeding abnormal due to disorders launcher ovum.
                • Defective in scar caesarean section in uterus, chit, cervical stenosis, syndrome Asherman reduce the amount of menstrual blood is also the cause of hemorrhage, abnormalities in the uterus.

                In addition, people who suffer ovarian failure, primary diabetes mellitus, thrombocytopenia, hepatitis, dengue, lymphatic, stress, stress due to work pressure, life also has the ability to cause cases of menstrual disorders.

                3. Diagnose the cause of the disease

                3.1. Clinical examination

                • Locate uterine bleeding: the cervix, vagina, vulva, perineum, ureter, anal.
                • Identify any abnormalities in the genital tract: tumors, lacerations, foreign bodies, ulcers…
                • Abnormalities of the uterus: if the uterus can be do fibroids, endometriosis in the uterus or malignant diseases of the uterus. If the uterus is stick mobile poor may be due to endometriosis. Enlarged uterus and pain due to endometriosis in the uterine muscle.
                • Condition the blood: Determine the status of the blood with the amount of more or less, have blood clots, blood from, in the cervix or in the vagina.

                3.2. Test

                • Pregnancy Test or quantitative beta-hCG to identify or exclude a pregnancy.
                • Blood map: Reviews status blood loss.
                • Assess thyroid function; tests quantitative prolactin; test quantified the concentration of androgen in the blood; tests the amount of estrogen.
                • Test FSH and LH by the pituitary gland to secrete: If it is suspected that the condition of ovarian failure early, so the amount of FSH. If in doubt, dysfunction of the hypothalamus, need to the amount of FSH and LH as well as doing trials of estrogen/ progestin.
                • Tests of clotting function: this is the most common cause in women of reproductive age. About 15 – 24% of women with menorrhagia can have abnormal blood clotting. The case of the blood and prolonged when beginning business, you should suspect the patient has pathology blood clotting disorders, these patients often have signs such as easy bruising or bleeding lasts in the mucosa.

                At the same time, doctors can diagnose and eliminate the causes of bleeding from the cervix; a biopsy of the endometrium (if necessary); ultrasound vaginal probe unless there are contraindications (patient not related); MRI and CT-scan to track the status of metastasis of malignancies or those cases where ultrasound does not provide enough information; endoscopic hysteroscopy to help diagnose and treat lesions in the uterus.

                4. Treatment of uterine bleeding irregularities

                Process treatment hemorrhagic genital area very need the coordination of the patient. The doctor will specify a method of treatment suitable:

                4.1. Use of drugs

                When determining the cause of the uterine bleeding, abnormal, patients will be administered the drug. The medication and what doses how much is depending on the treating physician. The treatment used may include the following effects:

                • Contraception by hormonal, regulate the menstrual cycle.
                • Prevent the menstrual cycle and reduce the size of fibroids.
                • Treatment condition bleeding enclosed areas heavy.
                • Anti-inflammation, control bleeding, relieve dysmenorrhea.
                • Infection treatment if there is.
                • If with bleeding disorders, which may include medicines to help blood clots.

                4.2. Surgery

                In cases the drug can not solve the problem, the patient may have to need surgery. The choice of surgical method depends on the condition of bleeding, age and your decision with respect to the may want more children or not.

                The surgical methods used to treat uterine bleeding abnormal include:

                • Remove the lining of the uterus: Helps cease the bleeding, or reduced significantly. However, the possibility of pregnancy also no longer after the implementation. Serious complications to including hemorrhage, intense, life-threatening patients. If performing this surgery, it is best to use the contraceptive long-term to after menopause.
                • Do uterine artery embolization uterine: used to treat fibroids. This surgery helps to block the blood vessels to the uterus, thereby limiting the blood supply to fibroid tumors. A other treatments did not affect the uterus, which is the surgical removal of fibroids.
                • Surgical removal of the uterus: Used when all other treatments have failed. Hysterectomy is also surgery to treat cancer of the endometrium. After the uterus is removed, the woman will not have menstruation anymore, and also no longer the possibility of pregnancy.

                Patients when they see signs uterine bleeding should go to the doctor soon to determine the cause and condition of disease most accurately, from which it can measure, suitable treatment, avoid complications on reproductive health can affect the natural function of motherhood.

                Hospital international Vinmec is the medical facility top in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. With professional qualification of medical doctors, outstanding, facilities are modern investment, high technology, especially space patient, civilized, courteous, confidential, personal information for customers is always important,… all will help women peace of mind when health care here.

                Customers have needs, and medical consultation at Vinmec please put the clinic HERE.

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                  Note when treatment heat rash folk method

                  Heat rash is condition skin irritation, common in summer. Hot weather, high humidity, relaxes the capillaries on the skin, creating conditions for the invading bacteria create heat rash. Hot sun is also causing children to sweat a lot more, the substances sebum and dirt clinging to the body socks, sweat glands, children prickly heat rash.

                  1. Causes of child heat rash

                  Heat rash usually appears in the location such as the neck, chest, back of child with the manifestations such as pimples water under the skin, bumps redness this often cause itching discomfort to the child. Usually heat rash will go away these there are a number of extreme cases because scratching the itch cause wound infections long heal and damage to the skin of the child.

                  Causes heat rash is mainly due to clogged sweat glands clogged. This blockage is due to the pipes sweat glands of children has not been complete, so there is no way out. This phenomenon is common in hot sunny weather, but sometimes is also due to the mode of parental care is not the right way. Specific as toilet not clean or due to wearing too tight clothing cause deprivation, hot.

                  In addition, children with heat rash, also occurs in the case of children with high fever cause clogging of the pipes sweat glands, so the body movement with high intensity, due to tropical climate is hot and humid in our country, or of those agents such as bacteria inhabit the skin cause clogged sweat glands.

                  Manifestations of the disease under each category:

                  Chrome crystal form, type of heat rash is not there is inflammation, the acne extremely shallow water in the horny layer, often occur due to high fever, and when cured leaving the array flaky skin thin, does not leave scars.

                  Chrome red or appear in the torso, the back , the clothes rubbing into the skin. Lesions are red papules, into the thick, sometimes occupy the whole area of the back, chest. This type of cause discomfort to the child with feelings of restlessness, itching. Be chrome red or cause complications multiple infections all over.

                  Chrome deep usually occurs when heat rash, red is going to be back many times. Lesions are papules 1-3mm, pale, stiff, usually in the torso, but can also meet in the limbs and no itching or stinging sensation unpleasant as in chrome red. Chrome deep there is the risk of permanently damage sweat glands.

                  Usually heat rash is not serious problems for the young, but it shows the young body is hot too, and often encourage children itchy discomfort. Parents need to have interventions for this condition does not affect the health of the child.

                  2. Treat heat rash by the method of folk

                  In the case of children with heat rash, parents should consult a paediatrician or a doctor specializing in dermatology to have assigned the appropriate treatment. Disease edge that parents can refer to the method of folk to bathe the baby, some kinds of leaves contain antibiotic substances, which help antiseptic, antibacterial can be used to boil water for bath treatment of some skin diseases.

                  Green tea

                  Parents can perform the following: Rinse tea leaves, fresh green and place in pot of water boiling. Water green tea bath for the baby helps the child’s skin abated, at the same time with antibacterial function good.

                  Bitter melon

                  Parents can be made as follows: pound or grind small fruit bitter melon. For a little extra filtered water into and filtered water taken bitter melon pure, then peace in the water bath for the child. Depending on the amount of bath water for the child to take the rate of effectiveness bitter melon. Usually parents take 2 results/times.

                  Marjoram leaves

                  Marjoram has a pleasant aroma, spicy and warm, contains up to 1% essential oil which has many bioactive substances have a healing effect. This kind of leaves there are many natural antibiotics should have an antiseptic effect good, clean skin.

                  How to use as follows: Wash the leaves, marjoram leaves and peas to the pot, boiled water, and bathe the baby daily.

                  Leaves khe

                  Star fruit has a sour taste, are effects of canopy heat detoxification, is used to treat kinds of pimples, urticaria, itching due to allergies…

                  Parents can grab a handful of leaves star fruit, removing the part of tendon bone excess of leaves then bring them washed and put in the pot to boil with a little salt. After boiling for about 5 minutes, then remove the pulp and water grandchildren out big pots mixed with cold water according to the proportion of moderate to make sure the temperature of warm water suitable for bathing children.

                  Shiso leaves

                  The mother can get shiso leaves washed, ground in a mortar crushed to obtain the juice go up the entire zone is heat rash a few times per day. To juice shiso in about 10-15 minutes for drying the surface and then take a shower or wipe with warm water for the child.

                  Mulberry leaves

                  v-zoomable=”33419″ title=”20190621_040555_237930_dau”>

                  Mulberry leaf has the effect of heat dissipation. The mother can perform the following: mulberry Leaf after brought back, soaked with salt water and then rinse to remove the composition of dirt. Then, for all leaves in a large canvas bag, put in a pot filled with water. Waiting for water to boil, then turn down the heat to reach 15 minutes for water transfer into the form of warm or diluted with cold water and then bathe the child

                  3. Note when treatment heat rash folk method

                  But in young, have sensitive skin or have the money the allergy, then anything in contact with the skin also should try before, as if a few hours after the test before in the arm not seen allergic rash, then the mother can use for the child. Along with that the mother also should note a few things:

                  • The need to identify the children belonging to the skin type what should there be indian or not to be able to choose to be type of leaves suitable for bathing.
                  • Although taking any type of leaf to bath for young parents also have to make sure to soak feet in salt water or potassium permanganate thoroughly before grinding, pounding or cooking. By the type of leaf contains a lot of dirt, harmful bacteria, can even be pesticides on the leaf surface. Moreover, a number of leaves have the fuzz can irritate the skin of the child.
                  • Need a bath for baby with milk bath dedicated ago because of the type of this card cannot dissolve sebum on the skin, they can only cooling, or provides prohibited natural antibiotic.
                  • After the bath,parents should rinse with warm water for you to wash away the flour of the leaves can also deposited on the skin, causing a bacterial infection.
                  • Do not add too much salt or lemon juice into the water bath of the child, this can cause the child suffering, mercy, easy to make irritation of the skin of the baby. Also not water the leaves too, especially because of the amount of starch of the leaves can be deposited on the skin, causing infections, inflammation, skin allergy.
                  • No water bath the leaves for when a child has signs of abrasions, festering, swollen, red, inflamed. By when the skin was in this condition then the skin has lost protective film, bathing the leaves even after cooking can still increase the risk of invading bacteria, making the condition, the infection increases and can cause dangerous complications.

                  4. Prevention of heat rash for the young, not the hot season

                  Prevention in principle is for the body to cool, breathable, limited sweating, anti-inflammation of the skin.

                  • For the child in a cool place ventilation. Avoid crowded places, stuffy clothing, and diapers using fabric, yarn, thin, sweat-absorbent.
                  • Often bathe the children, help the body clean, the pores is not sealed.
                  • Use talc also makes the skin is dry, anti-inflammatory and airy.
                  • Drink enough water, if can choose the type of heat such as: water, tapioca starch, water, saigon land, air, black…

                  In addition, parents should note shielding for hats, when going out, avoid to direct contact with the sun. So adding the the food and heat as orange, tangerine, tea park, black park red powder, tapioca starch, water pennywort…case, the child suffers heat rash, heavy, need to take the child to a medical facility to doctor specialist the diagnosis and assign treatment accordingly.

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                    Warning symptoms stones bile duct

                    Stone disease bile duct – biliary stones is a fairly common disease in our country when amounting to more than almost 90% of the total number of patients with gallstones. If not detected and treated timely, the disease can cause many dangerous complications such as biliary obstruction, inflammation, acute pancreatitis…

                    1. Stones bile duct

                    Stones bile duct, is a disease quite often seen in Vietnam. If the gallbladder stones only make up about 8-10%, then there are the time stones bile duct accounted for nearly 90% of the total number of diseases gallstones. Today, the rate of disease, gall stones is growing strong, making the rate of stone disease bile duct tends to decrease significantly only at about 60% on the total.

                    Other than stone disease bile duct at the countries of Europe, America, disease symptoms stones bile duct in Vietnam, most complex, mainly in the composition of stones bile duct is the bile pigment, it is the egg or the ascariasis. The ability of worms to creep into the biliary tract causing infections lead to form gallstones.

                    2. Symptoms stones bile duct

                    2.1. Warning symptoms clinical

                    • Pain under the right rib

                      • The pain is intense, rolling, pain, ass.
                      • The pain spread up his right shoulder or spread out behind his back.
                      • When finished eating, the sensation of pain more aggravating (the policy is to stimulate contractions many and strong).
                      • Prolonged pain, pain long, sometimes up to 2 to 3 hours
                    • Warning symptoms whole body

                      • Fever: a fever comes at the same time or just after a few hours when you feel pain. Have when high fever up to 39 – 40 degrees C accompanied status, shivering, tứa sweat.
                      • Infection manifests on the face: tongue, dirty, dry lips, fatigue; rapid pulse, skinny body kick; yellow skin, mucosa, eyes of gold.
                    • Warning symptoms entity

                      • Yellow skin, mucosa gold: is most clearly manifested, appearing usually later than the original will only slightly yellow in sclera, then gradually will gold dark green than in both the skin and the mucous membranes of the eyes.
                      • All three symptoms such as fever, pain, or jaundice will out, then lose gradually according to a given process. If you’ve ever been sick long, then sure you have a history of patient had exacerbation fever, pain, or yellowing of the skin or use as the worms burrow into the biliary tract or surgical policy.
                      • The gallbladder to stretch: have to feel gallbladder floating up just under the shore of the right rib like an egg, and when touched feel round, regular, smooth when touched, feel the pain, it moves with each breath. Can you feel the gallbladder to stretch to 35%.
                      • Liver to the bottom of the ribs 2 and 3, pain.
                      • Pain points: the region of the gallbladder, the edge memories right or nurse pancreas pain and often happens the reaction of the abdominal region below the right ribs.
                    • Warning symptoms other

                      • Vomiting accompanied by pain sensation.
                      • Little urine and the urine dark-colored, bold look like the robusta and usually detected early.
                      • Due to complete biliary obstruction should sometimes stools silver color transitions.
                      • Due to bile salt toxicity should occur itching of the skin (case less noticeable).

                    2.2. Warning symptoms clinical

                    • Results of blood tests

                      • Leukemia risk increasedand leukemia group multi also increased.
                      • Blood sedimentation rate increase of 50 to 100mm just first hour.
                      • Results Bilirubin increased (high threshold in normal < 17 µmol/l), especially high Bilirubin leads directly.
                      • Index SGOT dimension increased slightly.
                      • Only of Urea to creatinine in the blood increase when risk affects the kidneys.
                    • Results urine tests: Appearance much bile pigment, bile salts in urine.
                    • Results X-ray

                      • Shooting results the abdomen without preparation: see ball leaves enlarged liver, can sometimes find gall stones.
                      • Take the biliary tract have high contrast (orally or through injection of the veins): the resulting low index of about 40 to a maximum of 50%, and now rarely used this method.
                      • Take the biliary tract through the skin: the Doctor will specify the conduct for patients with biliary obstruction, there are biliary tract relax to.
                      • Capture the biliary flow retrograde through the soi division of the duodenum: results images of the biliary tract, the pancreas and determine the position of the pebble, accompanied by that survey ampulla of Vater, and distinguish transform cancer of the ampulla of Vater, to be able to perform the combined process of cutting the body remove the stones. The rate of successful implementation of up to 95%
                    • The results of ultrasound

                    The ultrasonic method, results bring high-value to determine the position and size of gravel pebbles, indicating the size of the gallbladder, biliary tract; and to know the result accuracy to 95%, is conducted to apply the scope widely to support the diagnosis for the pathology of the liver bile. Through photos results ultrasonic, stones the bile duct, often bearing dark, glossy appearance barrier and located in the bile duct.

                    • Results take a computerized cutting class

                    Shooting results computerized tomography shows is images of the gallbladder, biliary tract, liver and pancreas; they are especially bring high value helps to detect lesions in the liver, pancreas. CT scan spiral shape support diagnosis achieve higher accuracy.

                    • Results magnetic resonance imaging the nuclear

                    Results resonance support clearly define the type of pipe appear in the tree of the biliary tract and the pancreas. This method has many advantages more prominent with shooting humbly – take policy upstream through the endoscope duodenum at the site do not interfere, do not take pills radiopaque; however, this method merely to confirm the diagnosis result image.

                    3. Treatment of stones bile duct where is it good?

                    Each address will occur the reaction or expression, symptoms of various diseases. When you see the symptoms of stone disease bile duct, you should go to the clinic in the prestigious hospital facilities modern and qualified medical doctors as hospital international Vinmec Central Park.

                    Here are applied the treatment of bile duct by the method of laparoscopic surgery to remove calculi, bile duct can be led hosted Kehr, is advanced methods today are many countries in the world apply. This method uses the anesthesia machine Avance CS2, ventilator R860 of GE and endoscopy, with a success rate after surgery of up to 95%.

                    Methods laparoscopic surgery take bile duct can lead hosted Kehr is done by our team of doctors skilled expertise and many years of experience as therapist II Nguyen Quoc Thai and therapist II Phan Thanh Nguyen. Along with that, Vinmec investment a system, equipment and facilities dark tan help the treatment to achieve the best results.

                    Customers need advice and support about the treatment of stones the bile duct, please contact the HOTLINE number 0283 6221 166.

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                    This article is written for the reader at Ho Chi Minh city.